10 Everyday Items with Uncommon Uses

10 Common Items

Once the grip on technology has been broken, you will still have to survive. Just because the tether to the Internet is broken does not mean that certain task do not have to be accomplished. The problem being of course is that in today’s world people need technology to survive, or so they believe.  However, this is not the case, so start now learning a few simply life hacks that can make your life easier in a post disaster world.

Who Knew Right

1.) Apples cut up will remove wood and cigarette smoke from confined areas. Smoke in your tent or shelter, then slice some apples and place around the area. The apples will immediately turn brown but this is ok. Change out as often as needed.

2.) Powers out and your refrigerator is damp and smelly? Cut an orange in half, scoop out the pulp and save for eating, then fill the two hollowed out shell halves with salt and place in the refrigerator. Once the salts have become damp change out, and do this until the smell and dampness is gone. Use this method for coolers and other small confined spaces to eliminate dampness and odors.

3.) Do not throw away the water from your fish aquarium when you change it out. Use the water to provide much-needed nutrients to your house or garden plants. The waste produced by the marine life is still in the water and it contains phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium, fertilizer in other words.

Aquaponics is a well-established method of raising marine life and plants together. The wastewater is automatically pumped to the plants, which in turn extracts the needed nutrients, and then the water is filtered as it passes through the soil to be used once again by the marine life.

4.) Sour milk will clean your live houseplant leaves helping to rejuvenate the cells in the leaves. Plants of course extract carbon dioxide from the air and expel oxygen. Household dust and dander and cigarette smoke as well as other contaminates will collect on the leaves inhibiting the plant’s ability to perform the much needed photosynthesis. 

Sour or stale milk contains “Casein” which is a protein that helps the cell walls in the leaves to become more efficient. Fresh milk would work but why waste it. Milk goes sour rather quickly, and probably no one can say they have never had milk go bad on them, so next time put it to good use instead of rinsing it down the drain.

5.) House and garden plants love starch and starch (used as a sugar fuel) is important for plant growth particularly if they receive limited sunlight. Houseplants often times do not receive enough sunlight throughout the day. Getting the much-needed starch is easy, simply allow the water that you boiled potatoes or pasta in to cool and then use to water your plants. Potatoes and pasta of course contain starch, which is left in the water after boiling.

6.) Fresh coffee grounds placed in the refrigerator in an open container while it is running will absorb odors and surprisingly enough leave a rather pleasant smell behind. Use fresh coffee grounds to remove damp musty smells from your cars’ carpet or any carpet by spreading the grounds evenly over the area, let set and then vacuum up after a few days.

7.) Deer eating your fruit trees and other plants hang deodorant soap bars around and run the free loaders off. Clothing you have worn can also repel deer and other animals because the smell of humans means big trouble to some chomping varmints.

8.) Crush an aspirin and mix with enough water to make a paste to stop the itch and pain from chigger bites. Aspirin paste works on a variety of other insect bites as well.

9.) Rubbing alcohol and regular hand soap applied to mosquito bites will almost make them disappear. Use sparingly and dab on with a cotton swab.

10.) Store your batteries in the refrigerator to make them last longer and for an energy boost before using let them warm up by placing them in direct sunlight.