16 Uses for Old Newspaper

Newspaper Uses

Yesterday’s Newspaper Its Still worth Plenty

1.) Newspaper had for years been used as insulation in homes. Shredded and placed in the walls it acted just as the insulation of today does. It was even used to wrap water pipes to help keep them from freezing.

2.) Stuff balls of newspaper in damp shoes or boots to help absorb moisture. Once dry, stuff more paper balls in to retain the shape of the shoe or boot.

3.) Wet squares of newspaper and form around a tennis ball, baseball, or similar object and let dry. Make them as big or as small as needed. The dried container can then be used to start seeds. Just plant the entire container when ready to transplant outdoors.

4.) Shred newspaper and dip in wax and then stuff in paper towel/toilet paper tubes and cut into small sections and use as fire starting aids. You can even roll up newspaper, secure off with ties and then dip into wax, let dry and cut into sections, or use whole for fire starting, or use as fire logs.

5.) Use as toilet paper, because newspapers can do more than entertain you during your morning constitution. Separate into small sheets and hang where it’s handy.

6.) Weed killer. Lay newspaper over those pesky weeds in your garden in the early spring to kill off the early growth. Leave the paper in place when tilling up because the newspaper will break down and help the soil retain moisture for a period and encourage worms.

7.) Cover your windows for privacy and for insulation. We already know newspaper is good insulation so if you have a drafty window stuff newspaper in the cracks or tape over the entire frame to keep the warm air in and cold air out.

8.) Window cleaning. White vinegar and newspaper are ideal for cleaning glass without streaking, and it doesn’t leave lint behind.

9.) Wads of newspaper saturated with white vinegar and placed around the home/shelter will absorb odors, to include smoke from wood fires, cigarette/cigar/pipe smoke, cooking other odors, as well. Smelly shoes soak some balls of newspaper in white vinegar and stuff in smelly shoes.

10.)  Shred the paper and place in worm beds to encourage more worms and provide food.

11.)  In years past, sheets of newspaper were added to diapers to add an absorbent layer and to help cut down on the laundry requirements.

12.) In an emergency use newspaper as blankets or ground cloth.

13.) Cover your seedlings and other delicate plants with newspaper if there is a fear of frost. The paper prevents the frost from settling on the plants.

14.) We are going to mention that rolled up newspaper can be used as a battering device. It is not ideal of course, but anything you can get your hands on can potentially be used as a weapon. However, do not set out intending to use a rolled up paper as a weapon. If you, have a choice and are thinking about what you can carry as a weapon, then leave the newspaper home and gather up weapons that are more substantial.

15.) Use as serving dishes or plates. Simply wrap the hot food in newspaper and serve. Newspaper will make a temporary tablecloth that can be eaten off.

16.) Use newspaper to absorb spills. It will absorb liquids and helps to keep them from spreading, use to absorb spilled cooking oil, motor oil, and water and so on.