20 Bug Out Location Considerations

Bug Out Location

Photo Credit: TinHatRanch.com

A dream for some, a reality for others, owning a bug out location is on every prepper’s list. When the prepper twinkle first lights in your eye you begin to access the situation, for most, statistically speaking, we live in the cities or suburbs. These might not be ideal locations in which to find yourself during a grid down scenario. As we learn about being prepared, put together our first 72 hour kits and bug out bags, our plans begin to turn more long term. We start to think about a safe place for our families during crisis and that eventually leads us to the “Bug Out Location”.

Bug out locations can range from a fully stocked rural fortification to just a piece of land. Taking things one step farther, the mind begins to postulate that the bug out location can someday be a homestead, off the grid and self-sufficient. The problem is, even with careful forethought, costly mistakes can be made when choosing the location. One simple mistake, such as purchasing land in a 500 year flood plain, can lead to disaster if the 500 year flood occurs post apocalypse. There are many considerations in purchasing a bug out location, here are 20 to think about:

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