8 Checks You Should Do Before Firing Your New Gun

Firearms Checks

Sometimes the excitement of unboxing a new firearm makes us giddy to get the gun to the range to lob a few rounds at a target. We assume, and assuming is something you should never do with a firearm. We assume the gun will be in perfect working order right out of the box. This isn’t always the case and is doubly true with a used firearm. Making assumptions with firearms can lead to injury or worse.

Upon receipt of a new to you firearm, whether it is new or used, you need a safety regiment to follow. A set of checks to make sure that something wasn’t missed at the factory. Even the best quality assurance procedures are not 100% perfect. On used firearms you must also add the worry of integrity to the list. So before you pull the trigger on that new or used gun you have never fired here are 8 checks you should preform.

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