A Prepper Group Is Not Necessarily a Democracy

Prepper Group

Not everyone in a Prepper group would have an equal say and in some cases, the rank and file would not have a say at all. If everyone had equal billing and standing then nothing would get accomplished, because everyone would have a different opinion on how something should be handled. Decisions have to be made that benefit the group as a whole, and not ones that benefit just one or two people. Typically one or possibly two people would be tasked with making a final decision.

Essentially groups are formed because of safety in numbers, and so the group as a whole can benefit from the collective knowledge as well. Groups need a leader that can gather information and input from experts within the group and from information outside the group, and then make a decision on how to proceed. Not any one person can do it all, so a good leader should encourage those with knowledge and certain expertise to be part of the group.

Group Needs

Security is a main factor so all groups will need people experienced in security such as those with prior military and law enforcement experience.

Medical personnel are important as well. Everyone at some point will need medical attention, and during a crisis diseases will be more prevalent because of contaminated water and food products. Medically trained personnel will likely be as important, if not more so than security personnel during an extended crisis.

People with bush craft training will be an essential part of any group. Groups may have to abandon their area as a group to seek safety in a wilderness environment. You will need people that can teach others how to survive in this type of environment.

Groups will need people that have agricultural experience. Groups may have to begin raising crops and animals. Along with raising animals comes the need to treat those animals, so veterinarians would be needed as well.

Groups will need people that can cook and process wild game, mend clothing, and tend to children. To survive long-term, food surpluses will have to be preserved and stored so people will be needed to oversee the preservation and storage of foods. Camp chores will have to be performed, and some of the tasks will be mundane and general in nature, but they must be done for the health and welfare of everyone in the group.

Leaders can appoint themselves and then others can join up or small ad hoc groups can form and then a leader can be appointed by the group.

Most successful leaders know how to take advantage of talent from within an organization. The leaders themselves may not have any specific skill (s) other than being able to manage a group of people and their various levels of expertise. Leaders or managers should have a working knowledge of certain things, but they cannot be expected to be a doctor, cop, and chief cook and bottle washer all rolled up in one. A leader’s talent lies in getting people to perform at their peak and to perform the jobs they were trained to do efficiently.

There should be a second in charge or command if you will, that can make decisions in the absence of the leader, or if the leader becomes incapacitated. As stated earlier not everyone gets a vote, because it would be too confusing, and would simply take too long to make decisions. In some cases a decision to bug-out may have to be made quickly, and there is simply no time to consult with everyone in the group to get their opinion on the matter.

If a person is not willing to accept this type of situation then a Prepper group is not something in which they should be involved. There are those that believe they can do it on their own and some can but many will not be able to survive on their own if the crisis is an extended one.