Advanced Survival Quiz

 Advanced Survival Quiz

Being able to survive any situation that you find yourself in takes knowledge, certain skill sets and the right frame of mind. Knowing the answers to certain questions is only the first step however. Once you have knowledge you must then be able to apply that knowledge. This means you need practice and real world experience to develop the necessary skill sets.

Something to keep in mind, Mathematicians have calculated that you can only rely on luck 33% percent of the time so mathematically speaking how does this apply to the rule of threes for survival which states that.

You can only survive 3 minutes without air. You can only survive 3 hours without stabilizing your body’s core temperature and this applies whether you are in a cold or hot climate. 

Shelter in frigid temperatures, is needed to raise your core temperature and in extreme heat you must lower it by seeking shelter from the heat/sun and winds that evaporate your sweat too quickly. This means you need shelter regardless of the situation within three hours or even less in some cases. 

You cannot survive longer than 3 days without water and no longer than 3 weeks without food according to the rule of threes. 

What this all means is you cannot rely on luck for survival. Take the quiz below to see if you have the knowledge to survive.

Advanced Survival Quiz

Do you have what it takes to survive?
Take this advanced quiz to see if you have the knowledge that it takes to survive.