How to Build a Bear-Proof Beehive Fence

Bear Proof Beehive Fence

So, you’ve got yourself a little apiary. And bears. Everyone knows that bears like honey, just ask any four year old. So how does the average bee keeper go about separating bears from the honey? Ask anyone with a bear that resides close by how destructive they can be, and that is just with garbage cans. Your bee hive is a very delicate structure, and bees can be quite temperamental. Better yet, how can you keep your bees safe and not spend an absolute fortune?

For those of you who are bee keepers, would be bee keepers, or folks just looking to be entertained, you need to check out this article. has built a nice little bee fortress. What I find interesting is this little fortress can be applied for lots of different purposes, not just keeping bears from your honey. Maybe keeping raccoons away from the chickens? Got a Coyote problem, not anymore! In short, this is a great tutorial on electric fences.

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