Caching Firearms Ammunition Food and Gear

Caching Firearms

We have delved into this subject a number of times in previous articles, but like anything else attitudes change or a situation arises that makes one stop and contemplate their actions thus far.

Common sense tells us that a cache should be such that if you arrive with nothing but the clothes on your back you would have what is needed in the cache to survive going forward. Survive and defend yourself, so this means firearms in each cache along with sufficient ammunition.

A cache for an individual or even a family is a personal stash if you will, a collection of items that the family or that the individual needs for survival.

When working with a team or group, however, you have to consider the needs of the team, mission requirements and consider unforeseen and somewhat predictable situations that may arise, and not just the needs of an individual. This particular article, though, is only going to focus on caches for individuals or families.

The Question Is Not Always, What Goes in the Cache

The question is, rather, do you put the best you have in the cache. Imagine that you just purchased a new AR-15, and then modified it to suit your needs. It’s a good weapon, solid and dependable. Is it then, one that would go in the cache or stay by your side while some less worthy, considerably less expensive firearm gets buried.

Some may wonder what difference it makes. There are a number of things to consider when choosing what to leave out and what to put in your cache, however. If you have all of your best weapons in your home, close by your side and you get robbed, overrun, your house burns down or a natural disaster blows or floats it away, then all of your best is gone. On the other hand, if something happens, you want your best with you, right by your side.

If something happens and you have to leave most of your supplies behind and you make it to your cache, then you want the best available in your cache so you can survive. A conundrum for sure and there may not be any easy answers unless money is no object.

The dilemma is that most people cannot afford to put thousands of dollars worth of firearms in a cache. Besides firearms and Ammo, you need food, water, medical supplies, clothing, tools, and other necessities, which in and of themselves could cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Typically, people have one or two good weapons and then several that get the job done but would not be considered top of the line firearms. Any firearm you have is a good firearm, but when you have choices, you have to choose wisely.

A firearm is a tool that has to be ready for use at all times under any conditions. You need a reliable firearm on you, and you need a reliable firearm in a cache so if you have to resupply you can maintain the same security status as before. Make your cache as equal to or better than what you have close to hand and this includes, food, gear, medical supplies and so on.

Forget about the first tier second tier firearms mumble jumble on the Internet. Leave all those flow charts to military units. You are a family trying to survive, and to do so, you have to overcompensate by having the best available at all times, less training means more equipment, gear, and firearms.

You have to be able to assess your own capabilities realistically. You cannot pad your Resume when it comes to training, knowledge, and experience. Understand you will need every tool and piece of gear available to survive. You don’t carry a cheap, get by handgun for home defense, so what makes you think it would okay to bury one in the ground, your need for personal defense will only increase during a crisis.

If you have to find your way to your cache then that means the SHTF and you will need everything you can get your hands on to survive, and those things that you get your hands on better be reliable and ready to go once your hands touch them.

No, the question has not been answered, and it cannot be answered by anyone but you.