Build an Inexpensive Quality Cabin in a Weekend

Inexpensive Arched Cabins

Lots of us have dreams of owning our own off the grid cabin, yet when adding up the costs we are often dismayed. The costs of new construction can be astronomical. We could go into debt, but that would be against our basic tenants as preppers. Good news, there is a company that can get us well on our way to successfully living off the grid in a cabin that doesn’t break the bank. Arched cabins specializes in economical, durable, and attractive shelters. Their buildings can serve as off grid homes, animal shelters, or even a shop!

All you need is a piece of land, the cabin can be placed on a few different foundation options. You can use a traditional poured foundation or you can build a pier and beam foundation using either wood or steel. Once you have your foundation the Arched Cabin kit can be built in as little as 4 hours. The costs of the Arched Cabin kits are actually very reasonable depending on the size you want. All kits include all structural components, sheeting, insulation and construction instructions.

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