Carry Concealed Legally In 29 States

Carry Concealed Handgun

You did the right thing, you received the training you filled out all the paperwork. You followed the law. After all that, you then received your concealed carry permit, a permit from the state you live in, and now you exercise your constitutional right to carry, in the state you live in.

However, can you visit another state, can you go on vacation across country and still carry legally. Can you protect yourself and family in another jurisdiction, are you legal outside your state of residents, the state that issued your concealed carry permit.

Every state has their concept of what constitutes concealed carry. In some cases, concealed carry means having a firearm in the car while driving. This is considered “close proximity”. Typically, jurisdictions have arrangements previously established, so other states may, or will honor permits or licenses issued by other jurisdictions. This is called reciprocal recognition of concealed carry privileges and your rights to carry will vary state-to-state. The laws are based on the U.S. Constitution’s “full faith and credit” provision.

It would take more than a few pages to list all of the provisions and exceptions, in other words it is baffling, and you could easily get sideways of some provisions. There is legalese wording, which is confusing to say the least, and the last thing you need is to get jammed up on a technicality when all you want to do is have the ability to protect you and yours while in another state. There is a simple answer and you do not even need to leave your home to solve this sometimes-complex problem.

Arizona Concealed Online Concealed Carry Certification Is the Answer

They have already broken it down for you so you know exactly what the laws are and what states will honor you certification. You will know what your rights are and you can be certified to carry in 29 states and in some cases, (read the provisions carefully) up to 35 states depending on certain criteria. All this can be accomplished online, and in some cases, it can take less than an hour to certify.

Everyone knows that the piece of paper, your permit or license, does not make you an expert, it does not give you experience, but what it does give you is protection to some extent and peace of mind if you will. You will travel to other states at some point so why not have “all of your ducks in row’ before you do decide to travel.

You may even travel to more than one state as you venture along. You want your firearm with you and you want to know it is legal to carry it concealed. This is not a “well maybe I should” situation it is a yes you most defiantly should situation.

Protection of your family has always been the number one priority. Traveling is stressful enough, so no need to add to it by not being able to carry your firearm. Take the test and relieve the stress.

Travel from state to state knowing you have done everything you can to protect yourself and those you love, and even in some cases protect others around you. No one has to tell you how dangerous the world is, get yourself set up now, get protected and gain some peace of mind because in today’s world you need all you can get.

You know the reasons why it is important, the list is a long one, but the major reason is one, protection, and two it is your right as a citizen. You went through the process to do it right, to do it the legal way. Now is not the time to “become illegal”, which may be the case if you are not certified, so you know what 29 or 35 states you can travel in legally with a concealed firearm. No hassle, no having to make phone calls, and more importantly, not having to hide your firearm unloaded in the trunk or back of your vehicle.

Really, what good is a firearm out of arms length, unloaded in a locked trunk? The only person that would have use of the weapon is the one breaking into your vehicle.