Turn an Inexpensive Carport Into an Awesome Barn

Carport Barn

Photo Credit: MulligansRun.com

What do you do when you need lots of space and don’t have a boat load of cash? You turn an inexpensive carport into a barn of course! Carports are sturdy, inexpensive, and built to last for years, they are perfect for budget conversions. Best of all, since the basic structure is already there, they cut down significantly on build time. Check out how this South Caroline farm turned a carport into a horse barn:

Turn an Inexpensive Carport Into an Awesome Barn

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Primitive Bow

How to Make a Primitive Bow

Do you want a new bow? Well, just head out to local sporting goods store or order one online, it’s as simple as that…until the sporting goods stores cease to exist. This 4 part video series can help, should that ever happen. It details, and I mean details, the creation of a primitive bow. From selecting the proper tree to the finished product. If you watch the whole thing you may just skip the sporting goods store altogether and build your own.

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Handgun shooting with Eyes Open

Learn to Shoot with Both Eyes Open

Before you can become an accomplished shooter you have to know which eye is the dominate one. You may naturally assume that if you are right handed then your right eye is the dominate one; this may not be the case however. If you are right handed but left eye dominate then this is called cross dominance and you may not even be aware of it.

The dominate eye looks directly at an object and you can easily determine which eye is dominate. Extend your arms palms out and form a triangle with both hands by overlapping your fingers and thumbs. Pick out an object in the distance and now close your right eye. If you can still see the object you are left eye dominate. If you cannot see the object then of course you are right eye dominate. 

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DIY Plumbing Pipe Firewood Holder

Plumbing Pipe Firewood Holder

Photo Credit: TheCavenderDiary.com

Looking for an excellent way to store a small amount of firewood that can easily be moved around on wheels. This awesome DIY plumbing pipe firewood holder lets you roll it close to a door so you can easily load it up and then roll it closer to your stove or fireplace.

Why spend a fortune on a comparable store bought stand, when you can easily do this awesome project in a few hours on the weekend and save a little bit of cash. So head on over to TheCavenderDiary.com to learn how to build this plumbing pipe firewood holder.

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How To Field Dress A Turkey

Field dress a turkey

When hunting in a survival situation you want to maximize the amount of meat that you can get from your kill, every calorie counts. In this excellent video below Reality Survival shows how to field dress a Turkey out in the woods, no kitchen sink, no garden hose, no trash bags for feathers, just the way you would have to do it if you had to hunt in a survival situation. So check out the video below to learn the method he uses to save as much of the meat as possible.


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How to Tie The Four Strongest Fishing Knots

Fishing Knots

If you’re like me and you love to fish then you know a strong knot can mean the difference between fish on the plate or going to bed hungry, especially in a survival situation. So being able to master a set of the best knots will definitely reduce the risk of break-offs and increase your chances of landing that fish.

Field and Stream has put together this excellent article to show you how to tie the four strongest knots in four major categories (terminal knots, line-to-line splices, light-to-heavy line splices, and terminal loop knots). So check out the article below and make sure to practice them and if you’ve never been fishing now is the time to learn.

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How To Sharpen A Chainsaw More Efficiently

Chainsaw Sharpener

If you have ever sharpened a chainsaw freehand then you know how time consuming and difficult it can be, in fact very few men can sharpen a chainsaw properly. In this excellent 2 part video Wranglerstar demonstrates Granberg’s simple but effective 12 volt sharpener that provides precision and more efficient sharpening. So check out this excellent video below to see how easy sharpening your chainsaw has become with this this handy little sharpener.

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PVC Projects

8 PVC Projects for Your Outdoor Gear

PVC has a variety of uses, besides being able to move water there are a lot of cool projects you can do with it. One of the great things about PVC is that it is relatively inexpensive.With just a little imagination it’s possibilities are endless, there are tons of things you can make with it.

With that being said here’s an excellent article with 8 examples of how people are utilizing this great material to organize the storing of their outdoor gear. So check out the article below and maybe it will give you some excellent ideas of your own.

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How to Build a Canned Food Storage Rack

Canned Food Storage Rack

Photo Credit: amy-toby.blogspot.co.uk

Rotating your food stock is of utmost importance. You don’t want to find yourself in the middle of a disaster with a rotten can of peaches. Traditional shelving requires that you manually put new cans in the back and bring the old ones to the front. This article changes all of that, not only does it rotate the cans for you, by nature of design, but it also takes up far less space than a traditional shelf. This is a relatively easy project that nearly everyone can tackle in a weekend. Check out:

How to Build a Canned Food Storage Rack

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How to Skin and Clean a Rabbit

Skin Rabbit

Rabbits are common all over North America. While you might think hunting one with an air rifle might be easy, just point and click, what happens after you harvest it? Would you know how to tell if the rabbit was diseased? Would you know the proper and easy way to skin it? What about butchering? If you want to know how to skin, clean and even one way to cook a rabbit, than this 2 part video is for you. It covers everything, rabbit soup to nuts.

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