You Think You Can Live Without Internet? Think Again!

Cut Internet Connection

People living in Flagstaff and other parts of Northern Arizona discovered just how much they depend on technology. A fiber optic cable was cut, supposedly cut by vandals leaving close to 70,000 residents without Internet, ATM services, cell service, cable television and not to mention the disruptions in 911 services, transactions at supermarkets, gas stations and the list goes on.

Stores immediately posted signs saying cash only, but people could not withdraw cash from ATM machines, and banks suffered as well because nearly every institution today relies on communication technology, which by the stroke of an ax or shovel was severed in the small town. It ended up a vicious circle of disruption that lasted for hours.

Students could not access online college courses and the so-called Internet Cafes suffered financial losses because people could not access free Wi-Fi, so why stick around and just drink coffee. It is not just about the coffee anymore.

Joseph Hobbs, an information technology consultant and contractor in the area explained why cell phone customers were experiencing problems as well.

“The information from a cell phone call is collected by cell towers and concentrated from low speed to high speed fiber optic carriers at various points” (Associated Press, 2015).

A person familiar with the situation stated that typically fiber optic cable is buried just two to four feet underground. Anyone knowing where to dig, and with a few rudimentary tools could uncover the cable and create an outage without much effort at all.

There seems to be no doubt in most people’s minds that this was an intentional act.

Next time it could be a larger city and regardless of size, disruptions in certain services such as 911 could create a life or death situation.


Was this situation a dry run, a test to gauge the response by the authorities, to see how long the services were disrupted? Did someone think that by cutting the services to the city that they could then waltz in and rob a bank or store and not have police respond, or was this a prelude to something bigger.

Did whoever cut the cable have a grudge against the provider or the city, was it an employee of the service provider, or was it an employee of the city for that matter. Was someone’s bill too high so they decided to cut the cord so to speak, or was this just a random act of vandalism.

It is hard to imagine someone or more than one person were out driving around and just decided to start digging, and then come upon a buried cable, and then deciding just hack it in two while they are at it, very hard to imagine. Someone had to know where to dig and had to know it was not a high voltage line before cutting it, it seems some planning went into this. Someone had prior knowledge and planned to cut the cable, someone set out that day to create havoc.

What is apparent is that we all are much too dependent upon technology. Store clerks are so accustomed to their machines that they may not have been able to do the simple math required to count change back when people pay with cash. People were literally in tears because of the disruption.

In today’s age of technology it defies logic that a person with a shovel and/or ax or even with a large knife could create such havoc for 70,000 plus people. It makes one wonder what could be next and will it be my town or your town, will it be my place of employment or my child’s school.

You Have To Be Prepared For Anything

Of course this will not be the last time. Until service providers whether they provide gas, water, electric or high speed Internet decides to step up their security it will happen again and possibly on a much larger scale with deadly consequences.

Next time it could be water main break, or someone could poison a water reservoir or decide to shoot up a power station and turn the lights out.

You cannot put all of your eggs in one basket. Even though debit cards are widely used as you can see they are no good however, when there is a disruption in communications. You cannot pump gasoline, cannot buy anything anywhere, and if you do not have cash then you go without until, and if the problem is fixed. Next time it could be days or even weeks.

Have enough supplies on hand so you do not have to rush to the bank or ATM machine to try and get cash only to find out they have failed as well. Make sure your vehicle is always topped off with fuel, and that you have enough food and water for short and long-term outages.

Some people if not many people simply cannot communicate without cellular service because they do not have landline service in their homes. People do their banking on smart phones, control their home security with smart phones and many alarm systems for homes and businesses today rely on cellular networks to alert the authorities when an alarm is triggered. Some people even control their entire businesses over the Internet and with cell phones and tablets. Even a short disruption creates major headaches for many people.

Be prepared to get along without the Internet, and cell service, and learn to carry some cash so when debit card transactions cannot be processed you can still put fuel in your car, and put food on the table. You know how to do it, but everyone is so accustomed to reaching for their phones, tablets and debit cards they have forgotten how to do without them, but you can, and you may have to in the very near future.

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Ebola Is Here: Was There Ever Any Doubt It Would Arrive

Ebloa in the USA

It Is Here and Likely Here To Stay

Headlines: “Health officials on Tuesday announced the first case of Ebola diagnosed in the United States. A man is now isolated in the intensive care unit at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas Texas” (MARCHIONE, 2014).

Now that it is here, however officials state, “no doubt… we will stop it here”. Seems we had heard this same statement about stopping it in Africa. It is accelerating at a rapid pace instead of being contained in Africa (Lupkin, 2014).

The number infected according to most experts is under reported so the actual number of infections is considerably higher than what is being officially reported. Many people in the countries where the outbreaks are occurring have a mistrust of their government, and doctors, so many are simply not coming forward to seek care. Additionally, in some if not many cases when they do seek care in some areas they are turned away because of a lack of medical staffing and other means of treating the patients.

Anyone paying attention would have realized it was just a matter of time before it did arrive in the United States. What is disturbing is the high percentage of health care workers in Africa being infected. They supposedly have the training, equipment and support structure to prevent infection, and yet they are still contracting the disease. This does not bode well for the average person that does not have the training, support structure or “medical gear” needed.

Even more alarming is the fact that the individual in Dallas apparently went to the hospital showing symptoms of Ebola on Friday, and was sent home only to return Sunday September 28 2014 by ambulance when the disease had worsened. He was admitted and isolated on Sunday.

Literally, nothing is known of this person other than the fact the patient is a male. Privacy for the patient is preventing the hospital from revealing the name, age, and nationality to the public at large. This means that those that may have had contact with the patient will not be aware of it. What restaurants he ate at, did he attend any churches, public gatherings, and where did he stay at are all questions many people want answers too so they can determine their own risk.

Obviously, the question is why he was not admitted on Friday, and whom did he have contact with at the hospital once he showed up with symptoms on Friday. They did not realize he had Ebola because they did not test for it on Friday. This means that any health care workers that might be infected could in turn possibly pass it to other patients, to their own families and to their friends.

The workers treated other patients for two days before they realized that they might have been exposed to the virus. The patients of course would have had contact with others as well. The number of contacts originating from just one person infected entering a hospital could be in the hundreds if not thousands.

Will the health care workers be put into isolation for 21 days? The health care system in this country will collapse if every nurse, doctor or paramedic has to be quarantined for 21 days when it is suspected or known there has been contact with an infected person. What about all those in the hospital waiting room what is their risk?

The experts tell us that the disease is not communicable until symptoms appear, but no one should stake their life on this. Remember he did have symptoms on Friday when he went to the hospital, but he was sent home with antibiotics.

Did the patient himself not stop and think, “Hey I was in Liberia, maybe I have Ebola because it is out of control there”. What were the medical professionals thinking when he walked in with symptoms. Did they not initially ask his travel itinerary, did he refuse to answer, did they not inquire of his nationality, and if they did, did he lie or refuse to answer.

What does it tell us if the hospital did receive the correct answers, the truth in other words, and they still sent him home? The public does not know the answers yet, so this is all conjecture, but they are reasonable questions that need to be answered.

It is troubling, how a person with Ebola is sent home with antibiotics only to be rushed back two days later in an ambulance. Do you really think the health care system in this country is ready for Ebola?

The Fallout

It is here and it has to be dealt with. How does it affect you however, is the big question? Your risk of contracting the virus is low, but not impossible. You do have to take precautions especially if you live in the community in and around Dallas or any community where there is a known or suspected risk. You simply do not know at this point whom the patient may have had contact with.

He was showing symptoms for days and was presumably in public during this time. Public restrooms, apartment buildings, restaurants, malls, grocery stores and the lists are endless of the places he could have been in contact with the public.

Basic precautions include washing/sanitizing your hands after touching any surface while out in public. Carry hand sanitizer with you wherever you go, and do not mingle in crowds or use public restrooms unless you absolutely have to.

Do not let children use the restrooms by themselves to prevent them from touching all the surfaces like children are apt to do, and to make sure they wash their hands thoroughly before they leave. Then after touching the restroom door handles as they exit you may want to consider using sanitizer on their hands as well.

You may want to curtail or stop having your children sleep over at others’ homes and not let sleepovers occur at your home. Draconian maybe, but you simply have to do what you have to do to protect everyone in your family.

Do not get engrossed with all of the conspiracy theories and focus on the reality. The virus is here, and how do you protect yourself. You can expect a slow dribble of information from the government. They like to dole out information in small doses so people have time to absorb the bad news. Expect this and do your own research so you can be ahead of the curve.

You may have to change the way you live for awhile. Concerts and malls may have to wait. You can expect quarantines and you have to be prepared for them. Your children may not be able to go to school and certain businesses may shut down for short or even for extended periods. Certain business may shut down for a few days to decontaminate their business if they suspect an infected person visited their establishment. Expect to see some stores closed when you try to go shopping.

You may be required to stay in your home or community for short or extended periods. You need enough emergency supplies on hand to see you through this period. Personal hygiene is paramount in combating the spread of the deadly virus, so make sure you have the essentials on hand, such as bar soap, paper towels, alcohol wipes or liquid, and hand sanitizer.

The bar/social scene may become a death scene for some, so think about this as you plan a night out on the town, especially in places where you would expect international travelers, Bars, hotels and restaurants near major airports will have travelers in them from all over the world.

You can only react to the information on hand and react you must, but stay calm and think your way through the problem. Paying attention to the information being put out is important.

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Ebola Reaching the U.S. It’s Not Just a Matter of If Anymore

Ebola Reaching United States

Taking the temperature of travelers is not controlling anything and doing so at airports certainly will not stop anyone infected with the virus from traveling. The incubation period can be up to 21 days, with no symptoms appearing during this time.

Taking temperatures is doing something, however ineffective it may be, and the authorities must look like they are at least responding, but a person can be infected and not have a temperature so where does that leave us all.

Seventy-Five Thousand patients die each year in U.S. hospitals from infections spread patient- to-patient, this according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This lack of proper hygiene in American hospitals will allow the Ebola virus to spread to others once it reaches America (CDC, 2014).

No one it seems bats an eye at the number of deaths caused by the spread of infections in hospitals. What would the reaction be if the CDC announced 75,000 people are now infected with Ebola in the United States however? Panic would ensue is what would happen.

Do you think that health care workers are purposely-letting people die from infections spread from patient to patient? No of course not, but a lack of procedures, incompetency and bureaucratic red tape allows it, and things will not change just because Ebola is on the loose. If they wanted to change, if they had the ability to change, they would have already.

Health care workers will be the ones infected first, and will likely be the ones to die first once the virus spreads to the U.S. because they would have some of the first contacts with the disease. Yet, health care workers would supposedly be the ones most prepared not to contract the disease. In West Africa health care workers in the outbreak areas are becoming infected, and are dying from the disease.

It is not so much you have to worry about becoming infected, but what it means when there is an outbreak in a large city in your state. How will this affect you and your community? Just the fear alone will cause many businesses to come to a grinding halt, maybe even the business you work at.

One of the things not talked about that much in Prepper circles is what to do about unemployment during a crisis. Of course, some may believe the entire country would collapse and everyone would be out of work, but this is not the likely scenario. The Ebola virus will not only kill over 50 percent of those infected it will also kill certain jobs and businesses once there is an outbreak in this country.

There would be pockets of unemployment due to the outbreak, large pockets in all likelihood, but there would still be a substantial number of people still working and drawing wages somewhere. This in and of itself would create a crisis. This is something you would have to prepare for.

Truck drivers may not deliver goods to restaurants and grocery stores in any town where there is an outbreak. Airlines may stop flights in and out of infected areas. Buses and other forms of public transportation may cease to operate for the time being. People will not leave their homes, schools will shut down and law enforcement along with other first responders may not respond as quickly, and if they do, they may show up with a thermometer and a questionnaire. They may demand to know where you have been, with whom have you had contact with, all before they even begin to render help of any sort.

Local responders may not be equipped or are unwilling to handle any suspected cases of Ebola and may very well call in federal experts, and thus, you will have to wait for medical care even if you dialed 911 for a broken limb.

You Cannot Depend On the Government

Friday evening an intruder scaled the north fence, at the White House, darted across the lawn and into the presidential residence (Associated Press, 2014).

Probably one of the most heavily guarded residents in the world, and apparently, the gatekeepers were asleep at the switch. This is not a swipe at the security detail, but when the most heavily guarded residents in the world apparently leaves its doors wide open, how well do you think the average citizen will be looked after during a crisis.

If they cannot keep someone from rushing into the presidential residents then who or what do you imagine is entering this country without anyone noticing.

This incident is merely presented to show that bureaucracy can get in the way of common sense, and when an organization gets too big it cannot be controlled and people’s lives are put at risk because of it. When it literally takes an act of Congress to get anything done, this country is in trouble, and its leaders are ill equipped to handle any crisis of any magnitude.

It is up to you, to prepare, to make plans and understand the ramifications of any crisis. Think about how it will affect you. The crisis itself may not kill you. It may be the days after and the response to the crisis, the response from other citizens and the government that does the most damage.

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ISIS in Mexico Means ISIS Is Here In the United States

ISIS in Mexico

Recent statements by the administration that the southern border is secure is disputed by the fact that an investigative reporter dressed up as one of the most recognizable terrorist in the world, Osama Bin Laden, was able stroll back and forth across the border, undetected by border agents.

The crossings by the journalist disguised, as a terrorist was to demonstrate that individual terrorists and groups are able to gain entry to the United States from Mexico quite easily. Many experts contend that drug cartels in Mexico are linked to a number of terrorist organizations to include ISIS.

This means that these terrorist organizations already have a support system within Mexico, a base of operations in which to work from, in other words. They can plan attacks virtually undetected just miles south of the U.S. Border, and cross over into this country seemingly at will to carry out those attacks.

Those tasked with tracking terrorist organizations’ social networks have discovered numerous messages referencing the porous Southern Borders of the United States. In fact, ISIS has called for operations to commence along the U.S. Southern Border. You can only imagine what type of operations they have in mind.

Messages from the terrorist group include calls for individuals to cross over from Mexico to carry out attacks. Several messages even referenced the recent video by James O’Keefe (referenced above) disguising himself as Bin Laden and crossing over.

It is not surprising that any group or individual(s) wishing us harm would use the Southern Border as a pathway to the United States. It seems that some security experts within the government do not realize that terrorist can watch the news as well as the rest of us can (Winter, 2014).

The more cynical among us will naturally assume that ISIS is already here in the United States, and it is just a matter of time before they create death and destruction. Inflict terror, and that means more than just killing people. What makes it terrifying is that they can essentially attack us at will, at a time of their choosing, and this is terror in and of itself, knowing but not knowing when or where. It affects us all psychologically, and for some this can be debilitating. We will all have to live in a heightened awareness mode, which is very stressful, and it cannot be maintained for long.

What Can You Expect

Like any crisis, you may be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Some will be targets of opportunity. A so-called lone wolf terrorist may decide to walk into a shopping mall with explosives strapped their chest. Organized attacks may be against bridges, tunnels, elevated highways, power stations, airports, rail stations and even against financial institutions or governmental offices.

Other targets will likely be soft targets, ones with a higher probability of being successful. In other words, some targets will be those unable to thwart any attack against them, which may include schools, churches, restaurants, sporting events and even along streets by use of car bombs.

You can expect utility disruptions, blocked roadways and areas off limits. You may not be able to get to work for several days or even longer. Your children’s schools may closed out of an abundance of caution. You will need to have plans for childcare if you are still able to get to work and the schools are closed, and daycares may close as well. Business and stores may close in the area or be forced to close by the authorities, because they are deemed a target. You may be denied access to any number of places because of heightened security.

Attacks regardless of their size and scope will have the attended consequences, and that is a disruption of your life, and the life of everyone in the area and the nation as well. You will change your habits, and your life will become more difficult and more stressful. This is what terror does to people.

Keep It Together

You cannot let the fear of an attack paralyze you and force you into seclusion. Life has to go on, and things have to be done, but this does not mean you let your guard down. Look to your supplies and make sure you have what is needed to sustain you if the roadways are damaged or destroyed and you cannot get out of your community.

Make sure you have what it takes to shelter in place for several days or even longer. Bugging-out is probably not your best course of action if a small-scale attack happens in your city or community, because you could easily evacuate into another area that could be attacked as well. It is not very likely that individuals or their homes would be targeted specifically, but some will become collateral damage.
Pay attention to your surroundings and check and double check your supplies, because it is not a matter of if anymore, but a matter of when an attack happens.

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A Terrorist Organization Suggests Terror Targets Within the United States

Terrorist Organizations

Your Personal Safety May Be In Your Own Hands At This Point

How-to instructions are now in magazines published by terrorist organizations. The instructions include “recipes” for making car bombs among other improvised explosive devices, specifically for car bombs, and other devices that can be put together and detonated within the United States.

The publication even suggests specific targets to strike within the United States. This means anyone sympathetic to their cause can create death and destructions by following the instructions published in the magazine (s). With global reach because of the Internet and Twitter, the organization can reach out to those bent on the destruction of the United States anywhere at any time.

The current strategy is containment. Cage the beasts and the problem will go away is essentially the plan, which is not a plan at all, but merely a reaction to the situation. However, beasts get loose, or are let loose because people believe they are no longer a threat.
Before a beast can be caged, it must be identified as a threat. Some in this country however, want to downplay any threats certain organizations may pose.

Terrorists want to create as much havoc and instill as much fear as possible and this means, creating a higher body count. They want to be on the evening news. They will use news organizations as a means of recruiting followers, because they know their message will be broadcast to millions. Their barbaric acts inspire other like mined individuals from around the world.

What Can You Do As a Prepper or As an Individual or Family?

Begin practicing situational awareness. You have to know what is going on around you. You cannot stop an attack probably, but you may avoid possible injury or death by paying attention to details.

Avoid areas when you expect large crowds such as malls or shopping centers on the weekends. Banking institutions and governmental offices along with military recruitment stations are potential targets as well. These will be prime targets as well as any symbolic locations such as New York City, Washington D.C. and various other locations across the country.

You may be wondering how you can possibly avoid these areas. For now, it may be a matter of life and death, so begin doing as much as possible online, as far as banking and other routine business. You should avoid actions that may take you into areas that could be targets. The Boston Marathon was targeted because of its symbolism, and what it means to the people of Boston and to the country.

This article is not advocating you barricade yourself in your home, but only to think twice about where you are going, and do you really need to go anywhere. Start thinking about what is really a priority and what is not. Of course, an attack can come at anytime or anywhere but for maximum impact, it will be when and where people congregate for sporting events, religious events, recreation, shopping, and for business reasons.

Las Vegas was mentioned as a potential target and why is Las Vegas popular. It is popular for its recreational gambling and other entertainment. Tens of thousands of people everyday are on the streets of Las Vegas, and in the casinos and hotels. People gather there from all over the country and the world. Military bases are obviously a target as well.

Many experts claim that ISIS is not strong enough, or does not have the capability or coordination to launch an attack(s) similar to 9/11. This does not mean however, that a suicide bomber would not devastate a community if they walked into a shopping mall. The point is that an attack (s) will likely be localized, and may not have the same effect on the country, as did the attacks on 9/11 according to some analysts.

The communities affected however will think differently though. A car bomb going off in downtown anywhere will create terror in the minds of all Americans, and people will have to alter their way of life for a short period, or even forever.

Unfortunately, you will have to pay attention to vehicles that appear to be abandoned. You will have to sit by an emergency exit in every restaurant, at ball games or in a movie theater. You always have to be thinking about an escape plan no matter where you are, and this means paying attention to the smallest details. Plan your trips, know the roads and do not be afraid to turn around and leave if things simply do not look or feel right.

Above all, be prepared for extended utility outages and lack of safe drinking water if you live in an urban/suburban area. You have to be aware of the possibility that your city’s drinking water could be purposely contaminated, power grids could be hacked into, and air travel may be disrupted, as well as, rail and even public transportation because of deliberate attacks on these systems.

You cannot become so distracted by your everyday routine that you do not have any idea of what is going on around you. Do not walk into light poles as you text, keep your head up and know what is happening around you.

The world and this country have changed. It suddenly became even more dangerous than it was just a few years ago. The enemy could be living within your very community. An enemy that is willing to die for its cause is not an enemy you can reason with. There is only one thing they understand, and this country must understand what needs to be done.

Daftari, L. (2014, August 28). Retrieved 2014, from

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ISIS Is Beyond Anything That We Have Seen and the U.S. Must Get Ready

ISIS Threat

This from Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel

The terrorist group or army, if you will, has now executed an American citizen. The group also has proclaimed to be coming after America, essentially where we sleep. Our homeland is under constant threat from this group. American soil is a target yet again of some rouge organization that apparently rose from the ashes of another conflict that was not stifled in the early days.

Of course, America has heard this type of proclamation before from other groups and even from countries, but this time things are different, this group is different and we all need to pay attention.

The group is well funded because they control oilfields and now refineries, and they have no problem with robbing banks for a little extra cash half a billion in cash in one bank alone. They now receive millions a day from the sale of oil and they do not shy away from any barbaric act.

The group revels in the fear they instill, there is simply no hesitation in their actions. They are not fearful of anything, and so far, they have gotten away with essentially everything they have done, no one it seems can stop them or are willing to stop them. They are a standalone army of barbarians and they are at the gates.

According to General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff “this is an organization that has an apocalyptic, end-of-days strategic vision”.

What Do We Do

The fear is that members of the group or those sympathetic to the group will carry out attacks here in the United States and in other western countries. Individuals, groups, or even cells could orchestrate attacks here.

The attacks can come from so-called lone wolf operators using suicide vests and hand grenades or homemade explosive devices or they could simply begin mass killings in malls, or on crowded streets using firearms.

The attacks can be more sophisticated and planned, as well, such as were the attacks on 9/11. The group has the desire and the funding and it certainly would have no problem, recruiting individuals or groups to carry out the attacks.

We as individuals do not have the ability in most cases to thwart an attack. All anyone can do is to prepare for the aftermath such as what happened on 9/11. Businesses closed, the stock market crashed, transportation especially air travel and delivery was disrupted and people essentially secluded themselves for a time.

ISIS currently controls a large amount of oil in Iraq, oil every country on the planet needs. This is quite the bargaining chip, and it will have an effect on every one of us if something is not done about it and quickly.

We can talk for days or even weeks on what brought us, brought America to this point. Thousands of articles have been written on the why, and some want to place the blame on various people and policies. The reality is however, they are here and we have to deal with it, fair or unfair, like it or not, this is the cold hard facts. Prepare for it.

A person walks into a crowded mall and detonates a suicide vest. What do you suppose would be the effects, aside from the horrific deaths and trauma to the victims and families? One reaction would be a rapid decline in shoppers at every mall in the country and even in smaller shopping venues. The micro economy especially in the area it happened in would suffer greatly and soon it would have a macro effect on the economy and on you as an individual.

The police would be on high alert, and confrontations with civilians would rise, curfews may be enacted and National Guard troops may be called out once again. People would demand the government do something, anything, just do it. When the government is perceived as dragging their feet however, then people become even more fearful.

This type of an attack would require a military response that most people according to recent surveys do not want. However, those that proclaim to let the groups fight it out over there will have a different perspective once they are over here.

People’s attitudes will change, their buying habits will change and some will fear going outside their homes. The country will suffer from an attack and it will be in part, because of the way people react to terror.

The group can be defeated if the full strength of the U.S. military was brought to bear. However, this cost lives and money, and people back home while they see the need at some point, do not want their sons, daughters and other loved ones going off to war.

You as an individual, as a Prepper must be ready for the fallout from an attack here in the United States. It is no longer a matter of if but a matter of when. When a group has the desire, the means, the funding and the people to do their bidding, then it will happen, and it will be horrific. Are you ready? (2014, August 22). Retrieved 2014, from

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Gunfight in Milwaukee: Calling 911 May Not Be Your Best Option

Gunfight Milwaukee

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr. who happens to be a staunch supporter of Second Amendment rights is in a reelection bid for the county sheriff’s job. His opponent is a police lieutenant who seems to have an opposite view about the Second Amendment.

Sheriff Clarke was roundly criticized for telling citizens to arm themselves and to shoot for the center of mass after a round of budgets cuts. Budget cuts that could or would slow response times by law enforcement personnel, in other words you may be on your own and so calling 911 may not be the best option in Milwaukee County.

The sheriff also encouraged everyone to take firearm classes to ensure they could safely handle a firearm.

The sheriff stresses that protection is not a spectator sport and that everyone essentially needs to have some skin in the game. In other words, you can, and should look to yourself, as well as look to local authorities when it comes to defending yourself, family and possessions (, 2014).

The Milwaukee County Sheriff realizes that police cannot be all things to all people and that we all need to take responsibility for ourselves as much as possible. This is not just a discussion about gun rights it is about being responsible citizens in every sense.

There is no point in going over the law. It has been settled by the Supreme Court, and more than once the courts have reaffirmed the rights of most American citizens to bear arms and use lethal force in self-defense. Where the lines are blurred is outside the home and an immediate threat versus not so immediate, and who can know for sure if their life is really in danger or is it simply fear for your life. Stand your ground laws are murky at best.

If someone smashes in your door, you have to assume the threat is real and your life is in danger. The Sheriff realizes they cannot respond fast enough because of limited resources if someone kicks in your front door. They could not respond fast enough even if a deputy was parked across the street. Home intrusions are quick and you must react quickly, there is no time in some cases to call 911 anyway. You may have to deal with the threat yourself.

What is disturbing is that the Sheriff’s reelection is not guaranteed, he is struggling in the polls, and it should be a slam-dunk. Where are the gun rights activists that live and vote in the district? Who is there standing up for the sheriff, and ultimately for the Second Amendment. Why is what he said so strange to so many people? Has everyone simply given up and turned him or herself over to be cared for by the local authorities.

The point of all this is to remind people that you and you alone in many cases are ultimately responsible for your own well-being. The cavalry charging over the hill to rescue you may just be wishful thinking if the nation keeps going in the direction it is now headed.

People wander off on hikes ill prepared and end up getting lost or stranded. One of the reasons for this is that they know in the back of their minds that they can expect help to arrive at some point. If you knew no one was available to help you in any situation, you would prepare differently, so why not prepare assuming no one is there to help you.

Of course, everyone sleeps better at night knowing the police and others are out there ready to help, but how will you survive if they are no longer out there or the 911 calls go unanswered because of budget cuts. Cities are going broke and some may not be able to afford to have a full time police force, so whom do you call. Look to yourself first.

People are preparing for major disasters, super volcanoes, magnitude 10.0 earthquakes, and even a comet strike. However, a catastrophe is unfolding slowly before our very eyes, so slow in fact; no one is paying attention and some will not know about it until it all stops. Until the cops stop answering the phone, until homes burn to the ground because the fire department is broke, until cities stop existing. Until there is, no one left to call for help.

People will not understand until there is nothing but boarded up homes and cracked sidewalks with weeds poking through in the cities in which they live. The money will stop flowing when people are taxed beyond what they make. People will stop paying, and local governments will stop operating.

You will not know it is here until you are the only one left standing. When it is, only you left to defend it all. (2014). Retrieved 2014, from


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It’s Strange We Haven’t Heard From Our Government on How to Prep For Ebola

Prep for ebola

Right after 9/11, the federal government strongly suggested that Americans prepare for another attack. Duct tape, plastic for windows, flashlights and stock up on emergency essentials.

Why is the federal government not making suggestions on how Americans can protect themselves against Ebola? They state the obvious of course, do not travel, do not get close to people that appear sick, tell your doctor where you have traveled, and oh by the way wash your hands.

Two experts on Ebola were infected, and they were supposedly wrapped up tighter than an astronaut out for a space walk. Wash your hands indeed.

It is very troublesome, that a doctor and a nurse or aid worker were exposed to the virus despite their best efforts and years of training along with state of the art protective gear. They, more than anyone, knew the dangers, and knew how to protect him or herself. This does not bode well for the rest of us.

By admitting, that the two Americans needed to be brought to the U.S. to survive the virus, essentially told everyone left behind that they are going to die. This is not a discussion on whether they should have brought back or not, that is left up to you to decide.

The point is the United States essentially admits that the virus cannot be controlled and treated successfully in the countries where it started. If it cannot be controlled it will spread, and eventually will be worldwide.

What should concern you is that it cannot be controlled here either. Of course, Emory Hospital after 12 years of building an isolation ward can handle two patients with Ebola. What happens however, when dozens start streaming in daily with fevers and rashes?

Not many hospitals have spent the last 12 years and millions of dollars building an isolation floor. What happens when hundreds across the country start filling up emergency rooms, even if they do not have the virus, just the mere thought of hundreds having it will cause the medical system to stumble badly.

It will take days to test just a few patients in any hospital, and even if they test negative, others left waiting may test positive. The system is not set up to do this, and this is why the government does not want to tell you how to prepare, because this would be an admittance of sorts.

One other thing that is bothersome. Airport security screeners simply ask if you have been in a country that has had an outbreak. If you really want to get to America or back to America you are going to lie and of course say no, never have been anywhere near an outbreak. On one hand, the experts state this is the worst outbreak in history and then turn around and say no need to worry, which makes it even more worrisome.

The serum seemed to appear as if by magic as well. It takes years to develop drugs to combat diseases and the process for approval is a long and grueling affair. Understandably, in dire emergencies rules and regulations can be sidestepped, but still, it seems peculiar to say the least. The FDA has had plenty of opportunities to approve or fast track other so-called miracle drugs, which could possibly save lives. They did not in most cases.

The government thinks that just because they have isolation rooms or so-called quarantine areas in airports they can stop the spread. Impossible, someone, even dozens of people will slip through that have the virus. There have been hundreds of incidents where contraband and even explosives have slipped through airport security. The security screeners are going to be scared to death to get near anyone let alone haul them off to some isolation room. Ebola will arrive here, probably already is here.

As the CDC has stated “it is all hands on deck”. It should be all hands on deck for you as well, not panic but step it up, and pay attention to what is happening around you. Make sure you stay informed. Watch the news and read the papers. You cannot believe all you hear and read about but cull through the conspiracy rants to get to the truth, so you know how to better prepare.

This is by no means a rant or about any conspiracies, because there is no conspiracy. There is incompetency however, and a failure to communicate to the American people what is really going on. When elected officials do not tell you what they are planning to do to help, it means they have no plans for what to do, and this should scare us all. When the government stops talking, is when you had better start listening.

Pay attention to what is not being said by the government. In their silence, you may find some answers.

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Yes Ebola Can be Contained but Only If Experts Know It’s Here

Ebola Contained

What Happens When No One Knows it is here Though

“Federal agents working the Southern Border and their families exposed to lice, scabies, tuberculosis and chicken pox”, report says (Winter, 2014).

Do you suppose that the agents would intentionally expose themselves and ultimately their family, their children to these diseases and ailments, no of course not? This means they did not know they were being exposed. If they cannot figure out someone has chickenpox or tuberculosis, and protect themselves, how can they possibly know someone has Ebola and then take the proper precautions.

When will the Ebola virus come across the Southern Borders is the next question.

On top of all that, Emory Hospital in Atlanta is set to receive an Ebola patient. The medical care is much better here increasing the chances of survival according to most experts. Using this rational then all Ebola patients should be here, which of course would create a crisis that would essentially be uncontrollable.

Let us all hope no one carries this logic forward. The fact is the mortality rate would be lower if the medical facilities were better equipped in the countries where the current outbreak is. Given all this, is there another crisis looming?

Time to Get Serious about Your Preps and keep Your head Straight

Experts tell us that the Ebola virus is not airborne, in other words, you cannot “breathe in” the virus. This makes sense because if it were airborne more people would be infected and it would have been worldwide by now. The virus has been around supposedly since 1976.

This does not mean you take any chances, and take what others tell you at face value, expert or not, precautions must be taken. It is troubling that the two American doctors now fighting for their life contracted the disease given all of their training and preventative measures. You would have to assume they took every precaution, had all of the protective gear on, and yet still became infected this should tell us something.

Stay informed, pay attention to what is around you, and make sure you are prepared for quarantines and possibly even Martial Law (a remote possibility). This means you will not be able to travel, and children will have to be in the home with you at all times. This will take some preparations and now is the time to start.

There are rumors that the virus or this strain of it can be transmitted by air, there are five strains of the Ebola virus, and four of them are deadly to humans but they are not airborne viruses. You have to have contact with body fluids. There is no vaccine, no cure in other words. The disease until this point has been in very remote areas and victims die quickly making it difficult for experts to reach the areas and conduct the necessary studies. Maybe things will change going forward.

The biggest fear is fear of the unknown. You do not know if the virus is here in the United States and you cannot blindly trust anyone these days in particular politicians. As citizens, we are not told everything, and that is to keep some of us from over reacting.

People will panic and create a bigger problem and much of it will have to do with not having information, because the authorities are afraid to tell the citizens the truth.

However, you do not need anyone to tell you this is a problem now, and may turn into a crisis later. Prepare for the crisis, obviously, it is better to be prepared and not need those preparations then it is to wait until there is panic in the streets.

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Ebola Is More than Just a Deadly Virus: It Causes a Primal Fear in People

Ebola fear

Markets and businesses in some parts of Africa are closing down, schools are closing and airline travel is restricted. Fear of the Ebola virus will create a crisis in and of itself, anywhere the virus is, and anywhere it is suspected. This will happen in the United States as well.

Residents may very well panic if they suspect there is an Ebola patient (s) in a local hospital. People will not go to the hospital or to their doctor’s offices for care, and some may suffer as a result, but the fear of the virus is too great to do otherwise.

People will have a fear so deep they cannot think, and some may decide to flee if there is a suspected outbreak in their area. People will flee one crisis only to find themselves in another. People will attempt to bug-out in some cases, and if the local authorities believe there is an outbreak then people may not be allowed to leave, because contaminant of the virus will be a priority.

Keep in mind local law enforcement and first responders along with other local authorities will be fearful for themselves and for their families as well. Some may over react, expect some to over react, and expect your local government to overreact and do things they would not normally do.

Schools may close in the area along with local businesses. Your workplace may also shut down. Children will have to be kept at home, which will disrupt work schedules if your workplace is still open. People in general will fear going to malls, stores and restaurants. Truck, train and other vehicle deliveries may be disrupted or stopped completely because drivers and operators fear the virus.

The community as a whole will suffer. In some cases, whole communities may be quarantined. All this because of a possibility, but everyone should err on the side of caution, because to do otherwise may cost you your life. Life will be disrupted and you need to prepare for these disruptions.

Local authorities will make rash decisions, decisions to prevent the spread of the virus. People today can be court ordered to seek treatment for contagious diseases that pose a public health risk. It is conceivable that local authorities will ramp up efforts to make sure anyone suspected of having the Ebola virus is quarantined or incarcerated, call it what you will.

If you live close to a major airport, you can expect warnings or alerts to possible Ebola carriers entering or passing through your community, this is inevitable. Someone on the aircraft is going to believe someone sweating, coughing or generally looking sick has the virus. Tweets will go out, and panicked Face Book postings will pop up everywhere. People will talk, and soon rumors are everywhere. People will have fear like they never felt before, and this will create problems within the community.

People will be hyper-vigilant and will be reporting anyone they believe to be sick, or is a stranger in the community. Then there are those that believe the virus has been manufactured by man and is being let loose upon humanity. Some people will become dangerous because of their beliefs.

Many of you have been preparing for this type of crisis for the last few years. However, you must also be prepared for the effects created, by just the thought of the virus being in your community. You will have to deal with the reaction of other people, possibly violent reactions.

See previous articles on what the Ebola virus is and how to protect you and your family. However, for now prepare for the panic it will cause. The primal fear in people will be real and it may be deadly as well.

Experts will deal with the outbreak. You have to deal with the repercussions. You may experience shortages of home medical supplies, because people will essentially clean out the stores and pharmacies of their medical supplies.

Emergency essentials are not disaster specific generally, but when dealing with a deadly virus you may need additional supplies or equipment.

To err on the side of caution you want to make sure you have fresh common household bleach for disinfectant, oral thermometers, hand sanitizer and bar soap, paper towels for hand drying, face masks/face shields or glasses, medical gowns and quality medical gloves for your hands as well as medical booties for your feet. Personal cleanliness is as important now as it has ever been.

You should be prepared to shelter in place. There is no point in trying to flee to another town or city, because the same fears and problems will be there as well. Ensure you have enough essentials to survive in your home for an extended period, up to three weeks in some cases, if there is a compulsory quarantine, or some sort of travel restriction in your town or community.

There is absolutely no need to panic, think through the problem, and take the steps you know you need to take to protect you and your family.

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