Preppers: Protecting Yourself From Ebola


Ebola Virus Protection

Preppers and Ebola: Protecting Yourself

The current Ebola outbreak is the largest in history. It has caused more than 672 deaths and more than 1,200 infections in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, this according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

To control the disease the chain of transmissions must be broken. While highly contagious the disease can be isolated, because you cannot become infected by simply breathing the virus in, it is not airborne, in other words. You have to have contact with an infected person’s bodily fluid, blood, feces, mucus, semen and even sweat.

The mortality rates are high but keep in mind the medical facilities where the patients are now being treated are not as advanced, as they would be in the United States. If people became infected in the U.S. and received prompt medical treatment the mortality rate would likely drop to 50 percent or possibly lower. This is all speculation of course, because there has never been a reported case of one of the four deadly Ebola viruses in the United States.

It is assumed that the medical professionals across the country have plans, and are ready to deal with the problem if it becomes a problem in the United States. However, this again is all speculation.

Assume the Worst

Experts and others claim the disease is just an airplane ride away from being in the United States and most claim it is not in the U.S. yet. Assume it is here however, because to assume otherwise, you would then not take the proper precautions when caring for someone with a high fever, who is vomiting and has severe stomach pains. These are just a few of the symptoms, and keep in mind influenza for example, may have the same symptoms to a certain extent, (refer to a previous article on Ebola symptoms and treatments).

You as an individual should never treat anyone including family members, that you know or suspect has the virus without proper protection. Protection includes medical gloves, gowns, facemasks, shields and protective eyewear.

First responders have to be particularly cautious when treating any victim for any reason, because a person can be a carrier and not show any symptoms. It is important that a travel history be obtained if possible. You must know where family members have traveled too. Even if they have not traveled to Africa, for example, interconnecting flights may have had an infected person on it.

Medical experts claim that a person is not contagious or as contagious until the symptoms are full blown, but there is not a vaccine, which should tell you that the medical experts do not fully understand the virus, so never assume anything.

Wear two pairs of protective gloves when handling needles. You should never reuse needles, but if you find you have to, the procedure for sterilization is to submerse the needles in hot soapy water to remove any obvious contaminates, such as blood mucus and so on. Once the needles have been cleansed of all blood or other fluids rinse well with clean water in a sterilized bowl or other container. Once rinsed draw undiluted chlorine bleach into the needles and let soak for 30 seconds. Expel the bleach safely, repeat the process, and let the needles air dry. This assumes the sodium hypochlorite (liquid chlorine) content is at least between 5.25 and 6 percent or higher.

Elimination of All Microorganisms, Viral, Bacteria, and Fungal Through Sterilization

Sterilization of hard, non-porous items can be accomplished by using high heat, an autoclave or steam sterilizer. Boiling heat-resilient items in water for 20 minutes will kill the Ebola virus as well. You can also use a bleach solution to kill the virus on hard surfaces, clothing and other items using a solution of 1:10 and a solution of 1:100.

A 1:100 bleach solution is used to disinfect:

  • Surfaces
  • Medical equipment
  • Patient bedding
  • Reusable protective clothing before it is laundered.

A 1:10 bleach solution is a strong solution used to disinfect excreta and bodies, and it is best this is left to medical professionals (CDC, 2014).

Washing your hands is always the first line of defense to protect yourself and others. Use bar soap that has been cut into chunks so you can use one piece and dispose of that piece. This prevents contamination of the entire bar of soap.

Use one hand to scrub the hand, forearm of the opposite hand, and then switch using the other hand and then rinse well. Discard the piece of soap safely and always use a disposable one-time use towel or let the hands air dry.

You cannot “catch” the virus by simply being in the same room with an infected person. However, you have to assume that if an infected person sneezes or coughs then micro mucus droplets can be transmitted through the air for short distances. If it is known or suspected a person has the disease use all available protection whenever in the same room.

Bedding must be destroyed by incineration or proper procedures followed for sterilization and the same applies to the patients clothing. Physical barriers must be erected to isolate patients. This would include protective fencing, to prevent people from entering, or heavy sheets placed over doorways to alert others that a person is isolated. Signs alerting others should be placed were easily seen as well.
Bathrooms used by the infected person must be isolated and not used by anyone else. Never enter a bathroom facility that an infected person has used without all protective clothing/gear in place.

The best protection for individuals is of course isolation. Avoid crowds, do not fly and stay out of airport terminals. Once again, the virus is not floating in the air, so if you have not come in physical contact with an animal or a human that has the disease then you cannot catch the virus.

It is likely but not proven that the virus is in the United States. Remember the mortality rate is directly related to the treatment of patients infected. Because there is no cure, treatment is therapeutic. Hydration levels must be maintained, blood pressure monitored closely and most patients have to be treated for secondary infections caused by the virus.

Excessive internal and external bleeding is common and a common cause of death from the virus. This must be treated promptly by professionals. Do not attempt to treat anyone at home that you suspect has the virus.

The information provided is for informational purposes only and is not to be considered medical advice.

CDC. (2014). Retrieved 2014, from

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Contagion: Is It More Possible Now Than Ever In the United States?

Contagion USA

“Medical Staff Warned Keep Your Mouths Shut About Illegal Immigrants or Face Arrest”.

“A government-contracted security force threatened to arrest doctors and nurses if they divulged any information about the contagion threat at a refugee camp housing illegal alien children at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas” (Starnes, 2014).

This article is not a discussion on immigration policies, but about the possible threats, this country is facing. Unfortunately, the current situation is one that we can only react too. There is no going back and changing the facts. The real world situation is what it is and it has to be dealt with going forward. Everyone of us has to deal with it, and prepare accordingly.

Children and some adults are streaming across the border literally by the thousands right now. Some people are calling them refugees. Many are fleeing violence, oppression and famine.

The facts or the reasons vary depending on who is telling the story, but right now, the reasons are less important than the fact that they are here. The question is now, what deadly diseases have come with the children and what should we all do to prepare.

No one really knows why they are fleeing, other than the conditions from where they came are much worse than in the U.S. Most of the children according to reports are being smuggled from Honduras, Guatemala and other South American countries.

What Diseases Are They Bringing With Them

Other than the financial strain and the burden on law enforcement, there is another reason for concern. Diseases, some that medical professionals had thought were wiped out, may now emerge again.

Many if not most of the children now arriving at the border have never been vaccinated against many of the life threatening diseases in the world. What is most frightening is that the children and others are not being processed through any medical facilities first to determine if they are carrying any contagious diseases.

Tuberculosis, MERES, SARS, polio, swine flu, scabies, chickenpox, smallpox, measles virus, rubella and whooping cough are just a few that can be brought into this country and spread throughout the country in just a matter of days.

It is important to note no one has officially stated any diseases are present that could pose a risk to the country as a whole. It is only a possibility that “diseases can be brought in” no one is suggesting the children have, as of yet, set off an epidemic, but common sense tells you it is just a matter of time.

Many of the children are being bused and flown to other parts of the country, into other states and cities without the knowledge of the local governments or the citizens. Medical professionals are not checking the children for diseases before being flown around the country. If no one is checking then no one really knows.

Stay Informed

Now is not the time for finger pointing, the horse is already out of the barn if you will. You can talk about how this happened later on, now is the time for planning for the “what ifs”.

Make sure you your spouse/partner and all of your children have all of the needed vaccinations. For those that do not believe in vaccinations then you should prepare for isolation at some point to protect yourself and your loved ones when the SHTF. Isolation is really the only option you have if an epidemic gets started and you are not vaccinated.

Quarantines are possible if an epidemic turns into a pandemic so Martial Law is possible in certain areas. Federal troops may very well be called in to enforce the quarantines. If the situation gets out of hand, the President has the authority to impose Martial Law anywhere in the country. National Guard troops can be called up in any state at any time by the governor during an emergency.

Preppers look to your supplies and double check to ensure everything is in order. Imagine the things you may need for an extended time away from towns or cities. You may have to isolate yourself regardless of what type of vaccinations you have. There are diseases that can be brought into this country that you cannot be vaccinated against, because vaccines do not exist.

Most of you probably already know what you need, but reminders never hurt. Make sure you have a vehicle that is well maintained and is ready to go at anytime. Trying to bug-out on foot will only bring you in closer contact with other people, which is what you want to avoid. So make sure you can leave in a vehicle if you need to.

Having plenty of food, water, medicines and communication devices of course is understood. Make sure you know how to sanitize your home or camp properly to help stop the spread of any viruses and bacteria.

Sheltering in place usually makes the most sense but you never know until it comes down to it, so have a backup plan. People will panic, but staying informed and planning ahead is the best course.

There is no reason to believe that the power grid would fail unless workers simply abandon their posts if there happens to be a pandemic. Transportation, public or otherwise may be slowed or stopped altogether if the authorities initiate containment procedures.

Politicians, to include local governments, law enforcement, any first responders, medical personnel in hospitals and other public workers will look to their families first during this type of crisis so do not expect any help from the authorities in the beginning.

Starnes, T. (2014, July 1). Retrieved 2014, from

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Civil Unrest

Civil Unrest (Civil War) Is Closer Than You Think

Civil unrest is common in the world, it always has been and always by degrees. Civil unrest can turn into rioting, looting, bombings and marches on governmental buildings. Peaceful protests in many people’s minds can enact changes, and it does on occasion, but sometimes demonstrations cannot enact change. Once failure becomes obvious people become angrier and soon civil unrest boils over and takes it to the next level.

Studies have been conducted throughout history as to the causes of civil unrest. Taxes are too high, taxes for some are to low, jobs are scarce and certain public policies cause people to take to the streets. Now it seems that some people make too much money while others make considerably less, and this causes civil unrest as well.

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Cliven Bundy What is Really Going On


Is the issue about cattle grazing, the desert tortoise, or the failure to pay grazing fees, or is it the family’s religious affiliation or a combination. It is unclear, but what is clear is the fact the federal government seems quite at ease with using overwhelming force in the face of unarmed American citizens. The United States however, seems reluctance at times to show any kind of force to countries that are without a doubt a threat to every American citizen.

Unarmed social workers enter into crack houses almost on a daily basis in some cities with nothing more than a clipboard and a pen where children’s lives are at risk. Yet when a so-called endangered desert tortoise may be in danger it is all hands on deck, to include snipers positioned that are allegedly locked and loaded.

Keep in mind the statements made are based on news accounts and any wrongdoing by any party is alleged only and has not been proven as fact.

Apparently, if you speak your minds as citizens you are considered a threat in today’s country. What will tomorrow’s country look like.

“Federal officials said BLM enforcement agents were dispatched in response to statements Bundy made that the agency perceived as threats” (, 2014).

A cattle rancher who supposedly owes close to or in excess of a million dollars in grazing fees is a national threat, which requires an immediate armed response. Cliven Bundy according to the Bureau of Land management (BLM) made inflammatory statements that prompted the response from the federal government, sounds like someone at the BLM is a bit too sensitive.

Let us see here, Iran has made inflammatory statements directed against the United States, Russia certainly has, and all terrorists’ organizations have, as well as, a host of American citizens walking free today because of freedom of speech and yet Cliven Bundy is a threat, an immediate and direct threat, him and his cattle. A threat so immediate that an armed response is needed and apparently, now there is a standoff.

Obviously, there is more here than meets the eye and unfortunately, ever since 9/11 all the federal government has to state is you are considered a national threat and the tanks start rolling down Main Street.

Failure to act, failure to let the politicians know this is wrong is an acceptance of what is happening. It is a slow progression but whenever citizens fail to act then evil is accepted and it will take over. The slow drip, the slow take over then soon you wake up to a country that is no longer recognizable.

Today it is Cliven Bundy, who tomorrow, and the next day. The people control the government and when the government begins to control the states and the people in each state by trampling states rights then you may as well climb in bed and pull the covers over your head.

“Militias Heading to Nevada to Help, Ready for Armed Conflict”

Not helpful and can only cause more harm than good but heated rhetoric does increase membership for some of these groups. There is certainly nothing wrong with militias as far as that goes but when the mob gets heated up by the instigators the wannabes are always the first ones to shoot first and ask questions later. The amateurs seem to provide the spark that burns down the barn around everyone.

Some people in the groups do not seem to understand that heated rhetoric puts money in the coffers of some of these organizations, but talk is all that some groups are about, but not all are just about talk, some groups not all. Several of the groups have put their money where their mouth is on various occasions but they no longer exist.

Showing you disagree with the federal government by shooting at agents is not the way to get your point across. Voting is one way to show displeasure and writing about it, blogging and making phone calls or writing emails is another way. There are ways and the government does bow to pressure if enough, enough of the right kind of pressure is applied.

The question remains what is really going on with Cliven Bundy and the BLM. Once everyone knows the answer to that then a response can be initiated, but until then a bloody range war benefits no one. (2014, April). Retrieved 2014, from

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The New Cold War?

The New Cold War

Russia and the United States account for approximately 16,700 nuclear weapons in the world today. Supposedly, ready to launch at a moment’s notice. Of course, the number of weapons is only an estimate because you have to consider who is doing the counting. India by last count has roughly 100 nuclear weapons. Iran, well it is anyone’s guess as to whether they actually have one, are close to having one and if they do, how many do they have is always going to be questionable. Israel will not admit to having nuclear weapons, and it is widely known that North Korea has nuclear capabilities, so much for the Nonproliferation treaty.

The chance of Russia and the United States entering into a nuclear war is decidedly slim. There would be nothing to gain by either side, it would be what is called “mutually assured destruction” no winners. However, smaller countries that have nuclear weapons may misinterpret another country’s’ intentions. In other words, a country may believe they are under attack and thus counter attack.

Keep in mind some of the countries that have nuclear weapons or are trying to acquire them would love nothing more than to see the United States turned into a parking lot. Stones turned into glass from the heat.

Misinterpretations do happen, and one of the more serious incidents occurred in 1995 when Norway launched a rocket that was carrying scientific equipment into orbit. The launch was detected by Russia and interpreted wrongly of course as a nuclear attack.

If Boris Yeltsin had been a bit faster on the draw, the world may have entered in to something it might not have come out of whole. Yeltsin and his staff took the time to verify and determined it was a false alarm, but he was presented with the question “should Russia” launch their own nuclear warheads or not. In a nuclear war, reacting quickly saves lives.

Nuclear war can start at anytime, whether there is a reason for it or not, it can happen by accident.

Some of you may be thinking well let some of those countries destroy each other, less trouble for the United States in the future. Once a nuclear weapon is launched against another country, the United States would have to react in some way. How the U.S. would react is open for debate, especially with today’s administration.

The affects would be worldwide regardless of the United State’s actions however. Millions of acres of land would enter into a so-called nuclear winter. Agriculture would cease for eternity in those areas. Animals, crops, water supplies and goods manufactured in the regions, gone forever, well for your lifetime anyways.

Billions of people would die if a nuclear war between India and Pakistan occurred. Many would die from the initial attacks and many more from starvation and diseases, because food would not be available, and safe drinking water and shelters would not be obtainable. The days after can be more devastating that the attack itself in some cases.

Some believe that the turmoil in the Ukraine can lead to a nuclear war. The stakes are not high enough, and Russia knows it can slowly engulf the region in small steps and no one will stop him. The rhetoric is there from the U.S. and other countries but it is all talk and no action.

Right now Europe needs Russia because of its cheap natural gas, natural gas that will be used against Russia’s foes or detractors, so Europe is walking the line between just talk and action. Natural resources are now the weapons of choice. Russia was playing chess for years while the rest of the world was playing checkers.

Russia and the United States may face off from time to time, but each knows a launch against the other assures destruction of both countries.

The rogue nations busy proliferating warheads are the biggest threat in the world today. Some are countries that welcome the chance to die for their cause and mutually assured destruction is considered a blessing.

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Cyber Security Report Finds Agencies Often Fail to Take Basic Preventive Measures

Cyber Security 

The headline reads, “U.S. officials have warned for years that the prospect of a cyber attack is the top threat to the nation and have sharply increased spending for computer security”.

A report released by the Republican staff for the Senate Homeland Security Committee states that federal agencies are ill prepared to defend cyber networks against even the modestly trained hackers. In other words, anyone with a computer and a complaint against the United States could in fact shut us down at anytime.

The report goes on to say that, workers responsible for the systems have failed to install security patches, update anti-virus software and failed to communicating on secure networks. No one is, or was checking the security of passwords used. One common password found to be used often was the word “Password”. Sleep well tonight everyone.

Despite the clamor, warnings and obvious problems with the nation’s cyber security profile, it appears that nothing is being done about the crisis. The security of the country’s infrastructure and lives of American citizens is on the line (Rein, 2014).

Headlines Today 

“U.S. intelligence agencies last week urged the administration to check the new health care network for malicious software. All this after learning that developers linked to the Belarus government (a former Soviet Republic that still has close ties to Russia) helped produce the website. This of course also raises fresh concerns about the security of private data posted by millions of Americans”.

The report goes on to say that officials suspect that programmers in Belarus have inserted malicious code that can be used for cyber attacks against the United States (Gertz, 2014).

It seems that every American today is either a target of a terrorist organization or a target because of governmental incompetency or a target by design. It does make one wonder.

How Are You Affected

Stop and think about how much of what you do on a daily basis is controlled by computers, computers that could at anytime fall into the hands of a terrorist organization bent on our destruction.

Trains, planes and many new automobiles are directly controlled or can be directly controlled by a computer. Internet, cells phones and many other types of communication are controlled by computers somewhere. Water treatment plants, food processing facilities, hospitals and police departments all run by computer. Not to mention the military is highly dependent upon computer systems these days.

How many sick or dying people will need to show up at the hospital before someone realizes the computers have been hacked at the local water treatment plant and someone has been poisoned? The point is once you realize it has happened it may be too late.

A nuclear weapon is launched by a rogue nation, our missile defense shield is activated, and we fire a missile to intercept the warhead only to find out that the intercept missile is way off course and has landed in a suburban neighborhood. The ICBM carrying a nuclear warhead cannot be stopped. It is now too late to realize that the computers have been hacked.

You Never Saw the Need to Begin Prepping Before So How About Now

It seems that no matter how we vote or how much we protests to our Senators and Representatives nothing ever seems to change. In today’s world, no one can afford to have those responsible for cyber security falling asleep at the switch. Do politicians not realize they live here too? Any lapse in security will affect them, maybe more so than other groups of people because Washington D.C. is a prime target and may be the first to be struck by a cyber attack.

You have to assume a crisis will strike the United States and based on real world intelligence gathering the next crisis could be a cyber attack. You will not have time to prepare because once you realize it has happened it will be too late.

Gertz, B. (2014, February 04). Retrieved 2014, from

Rein, C. T. (2014, February). Retrieved 2014, from

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California Water Rationing: Is It Coming to a City or State Near You?


The California state water project has announced that beginning in the spring of 2014 they will no longer send water to local agencies. This move affects the drinking water of 25 million people and affects nearly one million acres of farmland.

This is an unprecedented act by the agency and officials have stated it is the only time in the agency’s 54-year history a move like this has been made.

The move affects 29 different agencies across the state, and it has been noted however that those affected do have other resources, such as federally run reservoirs and canals, but the state is in a severe drought and water is becoming scarcer by the day.

The governor of the state has asked everyone to reduce consumption by at least 20 percent. This drought is considered the worst in a century. Lack of a snow pack and little rain over the last three years has contributed significantly to the problem.

The governor was quoted as saying that “all options have to be on the table” when talking about the “toilet to tap” process and other ideas bandied about. The process would take flushed toilet water and filter it back into the drinking water supply. The governor was also quoted as saying, “it is ultimately the home, and every day this drought goes on, we’re going to have to tighten the screws on what people are doing” (Elex Michaelson, 2014).

Those annoying health nuts that insist people drink water everyday is obviously the problem, eight glasses a day indeed they must have not gotten the memo about cutting back. Maybe the politicians that have known of this for years are the problem. Could it be the rich elites that fill their Olympic sized swimming pools every day or the environmentalists that have contributed to the problem?

The population in California has grown about 59 percent since 1980 but no new dams or reservoirs have been added to the state’s water system since then. Projects have been started and money spent but for the most part this seems to be a way of spreading the wealth to those that already have wealth. Tax money has been supplied to real estate developments for landscaping projects designed to conserve water but do nothing for the collection and containment of water. In other words, tax money spent with no results.

Building new reservoirs and dams may have solved the problem before it became one but once again environmentalist have kept many projects from getting off the ground, so all of you that think you need eight glasses of water a day better get over it.

No one has talked about draining the millions of gallons of water in private and public swimming pools. This water could easily be filtered and put back into the water supply. Desalination of seawater is another option that only a handful are talking about and then there are the millions of gallons of water in lakes and streams that could be tapped into.

What Can You Do

If you depend on a municipality for your water supply unfortunately, there is not much you can do but to conserve and begin stockpiling water.  Stockpiling would not get you very far however unless you had the means and the storage space to collect enough to last for a year or more.

The problem is however, you believe you are the only one conserving. You walk outside and see the sprinklers running next-door or they are washing their car and you think, “Why should I if no one else will”.

In some areas it may be illegal to water lawns at certain times or, fill pools and so on, but then you have to take the time to call someone and then there is the fear of the code enforcer pointing to your house when they come out to write the citation. Therefore asking people to conserve on their own does not work well, but soon it may not be voluntary.

You can drill your own well in some cases, but the aquifers according to experts are low as well. You would have to drill deep and this is costly, but there does not appear to be any laws that prohibit you at this time from drilling your own well.

You have to assume that if the problem is not solved then the state of California will have to ration water and each household will only be allowed to consume so much a day, week or by the month. You may even be forced to collect it all at once and then the water to your home is shut off until it is time to draw your next ration. This maybe the extreme but what choices will the state have if the drought continues.

It is not just the fact it has not snowed as much in the mountains or the rains have not filled the reservoirs, it is also policies and politics.

Catastrophes do not always come on sudden. They can creep up on you like the water shortage in California. Much of it is denial by those in charge and then all of a sudden they pronounce disaster is upon us and it is up to the people to sacrifice because those in power will not be denied, government must continue at all cost.

It is important for Preppers and others to stay informed. You cannot wait until the authorities announce a crisis is looming, by then it is too late. Do threat assessments on a continual basis so you can see what may be headed your way. Knowing a head of time gives you options that you do not have once the problem is tossed on your doorstep.

To those that are sitting back and thinking that California is getting what they deserve better be doing their own threat assessments because you maybe next. Wars have been fought over water and a shortage in one state may mean resources from your state are on the list of options. Today it is water, what will it be tomorrow. Propane and oil for heating homes, natural gas, fuel for vehicles, the list goes on and on of the things that you can be denied in the blink of an eye.

Elex Michaelson, D. P. (2014, January). California drought: Gov. Jerry Brown stresses water conservation. Retrieved 2014, from

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Deadly Nightmare Bacteria Super Bugs Run Rampent

Bacteria Super Bugs

Headlines January 10, 2014

A so-called superbug has been found at a suburban hospital in Chicago Illinois. According to the report, Advocate Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge has identified 38 patients, who have tested positive for an emerging strain of carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae, or CRE also known as “nightmare bacteria”.

The bacteria appear to be resistant to a class of antibiotics used to treat seriously ill people and the mortality rate of those affected is close to 50 percent.

The strain identified in Illinois is rare and is normally found overseas. The bacterium was present on equipment found in the hospital and leads everyone to speculate improper sanitation procedures caused the bacteria to spread from the equipment to patients and may have spread to any person in contact with the equipment. The hospital suspects that up to 243 patients may have been exposed to the deadly bacteria (Robert McCoppin, 2014).

Hospitals Are Not Safe

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), it may soon be too late to control the spread of the nightmare bacteria unless something is done. Untreatable and often deadly the bacteria are spreading throughout hospitals in the United States. What makes these bacteria even more deadly is that it can spread its resistant gene to other bacteria.

It appears at this time there is no reporting requirements when a hospital treats a patient with the bacteria. Essentially, you do not know if you have been exposed at your local hospital because hospital administrators may (opinion only) quell information to prevent panic in the community.

According to the CDC, at least four percent of the hospitals in the nation have reported at least one case of the nightmare bacteria so that begs the question how many did not report any cases when in fact they have treated people for the bacteria.

The bacteria has been found in 42 states so far. Some doctors may not even be aware they are treating a patient with the bacteria because approximately 50 percent of the patients do recover (CDC, 2013).

Some medical professionals believe it is simply a matter of time before there is a major outbreak and because of the mortality rate, it will be devastating. Imagine millions of people being infected instead of hundreds at this point.

Medical professionals’ state there is little chance of developing a drug in the coming years that would be affective against the CRE Bacteria (CDC, 2013).

Who Needs Enemies with Friends Like This

It is very disturbing to realize that equipment such as an endoscope used for a medical procedure was not sanitized properly after use and then was used on another patient. This is how the deadly strain is passed on not to mention it being on clothing and hands of the medical professionals.

It is amazing with all the technology in the world today a simple thing like washing your hands and equipment can prevent the spread of a deadly disease and yet apparently hands and equipment are not being properly washed. Doctors and staff are relying on technology to much and overlooking the simplest things that save lives, non-technical things.

It appears obvious that unless it cost thousands of dollars and medical degree for a procedure to be performed it is not being done in hospitals. Those accustomed to getting their answers by using advanced technology may tend to overlook the simple things like scrubbing their hands and equipment.

Doctors first learned about washing hands to prevent the spread of disease over 150 years ago. Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis recommended in 1847 that washing hands with chlorinated water and limejuice would stop the spread of fevers. The good doctor was roundly criticized at the time and doctors were offended at the thought of washing their hands. Louis Pasteur was of course the first to confirm the germ theory.

For more on Semmelweis see Etiology, Concept and Prophylaxis of Childbed Fever by Ignaz Semmelweis

It Can Happen

The nightmare bacteria may become a catastrophe of epic proportions and once started it appears to be impossible to stop. The pandemic would be for all practical purpose a doomsday scenario. People would be forced to isolate themselves and only the obviously healthy would be allowed into a community.

People would panic and lack of information and misinformation would cause needless harm and cause many people to be ostracized or outright killed. Imagine a community is isolated and along comes someone with the sniffles. What would the leaders of that group do, would they simply send the sick person on their way or think about not allowing that person to spread the bacteria to other communities?

Proper Sanitation Has Always Been Prudent

A little bleach, water, and/or alcohol can go along ways in keeping bacteria at bay. Once in your system however, the CRS strain would require antibiotics, which do not work. The body’s immune system is what should be fighting the bacteria and because of the overuse of antibiotic, some people’s immune system has been weakened.

The body has the tools to fight bacteria and diseases but in some cases, the body has relied on antibiotics to do all the fighting for them. Now along comes a strain of bacteria that has developed immunity to all the antibiotics. Now it is time for the body to step up and it cannot because up until this point medicines did all the work.

CDC. (2013). Retrieved 2014, from

Robert McCoppin, C. D. (2014, January 10). Retrieved 2014, from

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Google Maps Blurred Out

How To Hide Your House From Google Maps

Many people probably don’t realize it, but Google has vehicles driving around the country taking street view pictures of their homes and placing them on Google Maps. This is a little concerning because these pictures can show strangers a great deal about your home, especially if your garage door was open at the time these pictures were taken. It will also show them what types of cars you drive if your car was in your driveway at the time.

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Is The Government Shutdown Just a Smokescreen for Something Bigger?

 Government Shutdown 2013

It’s hard not being paranoid these days. With our Government ordering mass quantities of ammunition, MREs, armored vehicles, and with the latest NSA spying scandal, why should I be concerned? For those of you who have been paying close attention, you’ll probably recall having heard something about Senator Sheldon R. Songstads FEMA region 3 alert email which went viral across the internet. If this is the first you’ve heard of it, check out the video below by revmichellehopkins, who first broke the story, as well as a copy of the original email. When this story first broke back in August, I admit I was a little skeptical. However, the retired Senator has just come out publicly, according to the Senator in fear for his life, in an interview on Truenews. In the interview Songstad talks about “the preparations” our Government is making and he goes on to say “if you saw what I was still working on, it would scare the hell out of you.”  All I know is, when our Government decides that it’s time to start stockpiling weapons, ammo, food, water and medical supplies, then it’s probably a good time for us to start doing the same. Hear the entire interview below and decide for yourself.

Trunews Exclusive: Ret. South Dakota State Senator, Sheldon R. Songstad, joins Rick to give an urgent warning concerning the convergence of events taking place on or around the first of October. The bizarre activities he notes range from unusual measures being taken by FEMA, DHS, and the CDC in preparation for an unspecified disaster to an unexplained uptick in military training of both foreign and domestic troops. Senator Songstad poses the question, ‘Is all the hoopla surrounding a government shutdown just a smokescreen for something much bigger?

The copied email alert in full:

Emergency Fema Region 3 Alert!!!

Sent: Tuesday, August 13, 2013 6:43 AM
Subject: National update from Sheldon: Senator Sheldon R. Songstad, Ret. of South Dakota State

A few nights ago Donald Trump was with Greta on Fox News. He told her something BIG was going to happen, most likely starting the first week of October. He could say NOTHING ELSE at this time.

FEMA purchase orders for over $14.2 million for MREs and heater meals to be delivered to Region III by October 1st.
FEMA purchase orders for 22 million pouches of emergency water to be delivered to region III by October 1st.
FEMA purchase orders for $13.6 million for MREs and heater meals to be delivered to Austin by October 1st.

Nine-week training course for UN Peacekeepers in CONUS to learn Urban Warfare, English, and US weapons systems beginning 4th week of July for 386,000 troops to be completed by October 1st.
$11 million in antibiotics to be delivered to FEMA region III by October 1st ordered by CDC.

World Health Organization held second emergency meeting in its history to discuss MERS Coronavirus. Determined a vaccine MUST be in place by October 1st.

2800 MRAPs must be delivered to DHS by October 1st.
No leave will be allowed for US military from September 28th thru November 5th. NORCOMM yearly training for civil unrest suspended until September 27th. To be performed in northeast coastal areas.
Date for release of QE3 report moved to October 16th.

All DHS agents MUST qualify with sidearm, shotgun and AR 15 by September 28th. No mention of yearly less lethal qualification.
Sporadic testing of GPS and Communications satellites is coordinated for the first time with a testing date of September 29th.

POTUS mandates to FEMA and DHS concerning support for metropolitan communities dealing with the extreme climate change MUST be complete by October 1st. These mandates were issued during the last three weeks.
Over 300 school systems in the US have determined they need three-day kits for each school AND three-day kits for each student to take with them. All deliveries are scheduled for the month of September.

All National Guard units will complete riot control and disaster assistance training during this years annual two week training. All units MUST have their training complete by September 30th.
Daily testing of the Emergency Broadcast System to begin on September 25th and run thru October 2nd.

Eastern-based Coast Guard units to perform massive group training, usually performed in the Gulf, in the Virginia and Delaware areas. This is a 10-day training mission to begin September 26th.

Sheldon R. Songstad
Senator Retired: South Dakota State

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