camouflage netting

Camouflage Netting: Do You Need It

There are two schools of thought when it comes to camouflage. In one camp, you have those that believe that camouflage netting is a red flag, you are hiding something obviously, so further investigation is warranted, which no one wants. No netting means that no one is the wiser, nothing to see here, so move along is the thinking of some.

The second camp scratches their head, however, at this statement, because, you do have something to hide, and the whole concept of netting is to make things appear as if nothing is there.

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Hiking Skills

Hiking Skills: Back To the Basics

Yes, there are some skills required when it comes to trekking around in the backwoods. Well marked hiking trails are one thing, while hiking through thick brush, over loose shale and crossing waterways is something else entirely.

Hiking through an urban environment to escape the chaos, also has its own set of challenges, as well, that you would not encounter on a well defined and well used hiking trail.

Some people, when they hear the term bugging-out, naturally assume they will be hiking out of their predicament, because roads will be shut down and/or gridlocked. This may very well be the case, and if you are not ready to be on your feet in the same clothes for hours or even days at a time with weight in your pack, you will not fare well at all.

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Relocating Before the SHTF

Relocating Before the SHTF

The So-Called Safe Places Are Safe Now But What About When The SHTF

What about when the SHTF, will those so-called safe places the online experts are telling you to head for now be safe once a disaster strikes.

Survival books and articles online are telling everyone who will listen that they need to get out of the cities, get out of dodge, and head for the wilderness now. Find a small community as quickly as possible, and move there quickly is another recommendation you will find. There are lists scattered about the Internet proclaiming the safest places to be once the SHTF, how do they know though. How do you know?

We as humans can somewhat predict what may happen in the future based on events in the past, but this is by no means a guarantee because none of us have ever experienced a 12.0 magnitude earthquake, or lived through a comet strike, or survived an asteroid the size of Rhode Island striking earth.

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Paraffin Wax

4 Survival Uses for Paraffin Wax

Paraffin wax is a white or colorless soft solid derivable from petroleum, coal, or oil shale. The wax is solid at room temperature and begins to melt at around 99 °F (37° C). Its boiling point is plus or minus 698 °F.

The wax was first created in the 1850’s and it wasn’t long after that it began to replace tallow candles and whale oil as lighting for homes. People found that paraffin candles burned much more cleanly than tallow ones, and the wax was readily available and easy to work with.

The most common applications for paraffin wax include lubrication, electrical insulation, and candle making.

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Operational Security

OPSEC: It Is More Important Today Than Ever

If you talk about it, then everyone knows about it. They know about your preps, your habits, your ideas, and your identity. All can be stolen, compromised, or used against you, and it doesn’t take a disaster for it to happen either. People are always looking to cash in on other people’s hard work. It is pervasive in today’s society, stealing what others have accomplished, by simply exploiting your own words. Words better off not spoken when it comes to plans, preparations, firearms, and your family.

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Survival Uses for Bed Sheets

5 Survival Uses for Bed Sheets

A Bed Sheet Scissors and a Sewing Kit

Cotton bed sheets can be used for more than just sleeping on. A big sheet of cotton has survival material written all over it. A tightly folded sheet can fit in any pack, any vehicle or be rolled up and carried like a bedroll, attached to your pack or body.

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Cheesecloth Survival Uses

8 Survival Uses for Cheesecloth

Cheesecloth is available in a number of grades ranging from loose to extra-fine weave. Grades are distinguished by the number of threads per inch in each direction.

The grades range from #10 to #90 with 10 being the loose grade and 90 being a tight weave. The # 10 grade, for example, has 20 vertical and 12 horizontal threads per inch, while, #90 has 44 vertical and 36 horizontal threads per inch. The other grades fall somewhere in between.

The uses are only limited by your imagination. However, this article will concentrate on survival/emergency uses.

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Concealed Carry Gun Free Zone

Concealed Carry in a Gun Free Zone: Violations Have Consequences

First, we here certainly do not condone the violations of any laws. You may not like the laws, they may seem or may actually be unfair on the face of it, and even be stupid laws in some cases, but the law is the law, and violations of the law can cause you to lose your Concealed Carry Permit, possible forfeiture of your firearm, fines and/or prison sentences in some cases.

Most rational gun owners realize that gun free zones in most cases, do not save lives or curb gun violence, and gun free zones may even entice mass shooters to target those areas.

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Handgun Training

Your Handgun Does Not Make You Bulletproof

Your firearm is a tool that requires considerable training to master. The only thing that makes you a skilled shooter is hundreds of hours of practice where you put thousands of rounds downrange. A firearm is an inanimate object. It cannot load its own magazines or cylinder, it cannot rack the slide to chamber a round or cock its own hammer, and it certainly cannot pull its own trigger. The fact you have a firearm on you, or in your home will do nothing to guarantee your safety unless you know how to use it. The fact you have one does not make you bulletproof.

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Animals SHTF

What Happens To the Animals When the SHTF

Most of the meats that reach your table today are raised commercially. Big operations where cattle, chickens and turkeys, are kept confined, and fed special diets, given shots for health then slaughtered, processed and shipped to stores, to be purchased by you.

What would happen to the animals if the SHTF and the human component of the operations ceased? Naturally, Preppers would consider the farms to be a source of food, but others would as well and a wholesale slaughter of these animals may happen quickly, because for the most part the animals raised commercially are not allowed to roam free and graze. They are penned up; fish in a barrel if you will, and even inexperienced hunters could manage to kill a few dairy cows and some beef cattle.

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