The Greenhouse of the Future

Greenhouse of the Future

This is a greenhouse based on the Earthship design. Earthship is a trademark design and it was started by Michael Reynolds of Earthship Biotecture. The company is based in Taos New Mexico.

The walls of an Earthship home are typically made of discarded tires and usually packed with dirt and then covered with adobe, concrete or some other material to seal the tires off from the environment in essence and to provide more stability to the walls.

“Based on 40 years of experience by the Earthship Biotecture enterprise in house construction using tire foundations and, according to scientific researches on the subject, burying tires represent a minimal risk to human health and the environment”.

Things to Consider

Tires can be found virtually anywhere, and often times they can be found and gathered free. It is costly for companies to dispose of tires properly so they generally end up in a pile somewhere waiting for removal. Garages/service shops in some cases, will charge you a disposal fee when selling you new tires if they are the ones that are mounting the new tires, and removing the old ones. With this in mind you can likely gather all of the tires needed for virtually nothing more than the labor and time needed to haul them back home.

Tires are easy to work with and do not require any specific skills to construct a wall with them. Everyone in the family can be involved in the project. Of course gathering tires and utilizing them in an environmentally friendly ways means less tires in landfills and less tires laying around filled with water. Tires are beacons for rodents, and snakes and when filled with water they are breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Once in place people have found that tires are more resilient over time than concrete.

Glass bottles can be incorporated into the walls, and again you can probably find all that you need by asking local vendors, restaurants, and even bars for their empty containers. They have to pay someone to haul off their empty bottles so make sure it is you hauling some away for your greenhouse project. Bottles incorporated in the walls, especially colored ones can add light and color.

The greenhouse is based on passive solar heat which means less glass than a traditional greenhouse, but with the roof being orientated properly and insulation of the north side the greenhouse would better contain the heat that was gathered during the daylight hours. Keep in mind with this design it could be used for more than just a greenhouse. The south side of the greenhouse is constructed totally of glass or some other material typically used for greenhouse construction.

The slanting sun during the winter months shines through the south side glass heating the tire walls, which in turn will radiate the heat back into the structure as the temperature drops at night. You would not need an alternative heat source at night in most cases.

Location will be an important factor because of the design. You will need a location that provides the most direct sunlight to the roof and south wall. Remember when deciding on a location that the leaves on the trees will be gone in the winter months, which would allow more sunlight during the colder months. The proper location cannot be stressed enough, because you want maximum sunlight.

Many of the materials can be salvaged and with a little imagination you can repurpose just about anything for this project. You will need basic construction tools, cement mixer possibly, and some heavier equipment for excavation if it is needed. You will need some helpers of course and you will have to purchase some materials new but they are limited. You will need to know how to follow a basic blueprint designs, but this is your project, so it can essentially look like anything you want it to look like as long as the basic premise of a greenhouse is kept intact.

For those striving toward self-sufficiency this is a perfect project. Living off grid means you will have to salvage materials because nothing can go to waste.

In a grid down situation tires, for example, will be plentiful because cars will likely be abandoned for the most part. You have to remember in some situations you cannot just run to the store for materials or food so to prepare for this type of survival situation you have to have certain infrastructure in place so you can truly be self sufficient.

If you cannot make it or buy then you have to use what is available to you and this is the basic concept behind Earthship construction. By reading this article you are interested in permaculture and possibly with organic food production. Without a doubt many of you are interested in becoming more if not totally self-reliant.

Final Thoughts

You can learn more about sustainable technologies, and save money by growing your own organic foods by following the links listed below.

There are the plans the EBook and a documentary that all describe in detail how to get started and how to finish your project.

The environmental benefits aside, growing your own food is a big step toward self-sufficiency. Not everyone can break the ties completely regardless of their desire, but you can certainly take the first step in the right direction by building your own Greenhouse of The Future by following the very simple design already developed.

Watch the exciting new video trailer (watch here) and visit the website of the developer. The documentary offered will take you through the entire process. The documentary once you watch it will change your mind about a lot of things, and it may very well remove some of the barriers and possible misconceptions that may have prevented you from constructing your own Greenhouse Of The Future.

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The New Leatherman Signal Survival Multi-Tool

Leatherman Signal Survival Multi-Tool

Photo Credit:

If you become lost or stranded what is your first thought. To get safely back home of course, and in some cases this may mean you have to be rescued. You do not have your cell phone, and if you do, the battery may be dead or there is no signal, so what do you do.

The soon to be released New Leatherman Signal Survivalist Multi-Tool will have an onboard whistle for signaling. The whistle is a signaling device that does not rely on technology, which can fail you when you need it most.

Not only will the Leatherman Signal include a signal whistle it will also include a Ferrocerium fire starter as part of the tool. Fire is a priority in any survival situation, and you will always have the means to create one with the Leatherman Signal.

The Signal will also come complete with traditional Leatherman features Such As:

  • Pliers
  • Knife blade with partially serrated edge
  • Saw
  • Can opener
  • Awl
  • Bit driver
  • Removable pocket clip

Additionally, the New Leatherman Signal will include popular tools like a hammer, replaceable wire cutters, and a diamond-coated knife sharpener along with a bit driver.

The Leatherman Signal Survivalist Multi-Tool will be ideal for survivalists, campers, hunters, hikers and any outdoor enthusiast. The Leatherman Signal will also be ideal for tasks around the home or shop. Carry one on your belt, in your bug-out-bag, survival kit and in your home emergency bag. 

Expected release date is summer of 2015, with an estimated MSRP of $120.00. The release date and pricing are approximate however, so stay tuned. Comes in a black and yellow color scheme, and it will be a full-sized multi-tool. You can learn more about the Leatherman Signal at

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Inexpensive Arched Cabins

Build an Inexpensive Quality Cabin in a Weekend

Lots of us have dreams of owning our own off the grid cabin, yet when adding up the costs we are often dismayed. The costs of new construction can be astronomical. We could go into debt, but that would be against our basic tenants as preppers. Good news, there is a company that can get us well on our way to successfully living off the grid in a cabin that doesn’t break the bank. Arched cabins specializes in economical, durable, and attractive shelters. Their buildings can serve as off grid homes, animal shelters, or even a shop!

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HiLo QR Pet ID Tags

Hi&Lo QR Pet ID Tags: Preppers Let Technology Help save Your Pets

HiLo QR Pet ID Tags

Preppers, when a disaster strikes, your first priority is to make sure that all family members are protected and this of course includes any pets in the home. Your pets will be under stress just as you are and may not follow commands, as they should. If the unthinkable happens, and you and your pet (s) become separated, you want to do all you can do, to reunite with them. The Hi&Lo QR pet ID tags may be just the answer you are looking for when disaster strikes.

What are Hi&Lo pet tags? They are “pet-tags” that the pet wears on its collar. The tag is laser engraved with a Quick Response (QR) Code and a unique alphanumeric ID code. The QR code laser engraved on the tag can be scanned by any Smartphone once a free scanner app is downloaded.

There are free android and iPhone scanner apps available for immediate download.

Each pet tag will have a unique alphanumeric ID and QR code engraved on the tags. The engraving will not wear off or become faded and the tags are coated in epoxy for greater protection.

You have all heard the horror stories about pets lost during a crisis, and in particular, the heart wrenching stories after Hurricane Katrina struck. Thousands of pets separated from their family never to be reunited because the shelters and individuals that had the pets simply did not have any way of contacting the owners. Now individuals can alert you that they have your pet, because they will have access through their Smartphone by simply scanning the barcode on the tag.

When the QR code is scanned by taking a picture of it the app immediately links to your pet’s online profile, so any person anywhere can contact you from their cell phone immediately after coming in contact with your pet, all this without them having to take your pet to a veterinarian or shelter to have a microchip read.

The tag’s QR code is readily apparent when someone looks at the tag and it states, “I’m lost scan or view my profile”. The website is listed on the tag, so someone can simply type in the address to access your pet’s profile without scanning the QR code. Many QR code scanners already installed on many Smartphone’s would work with the tags.

The Hi&Lo QR pet tags make it easier and affordable for you to reunite with your beloved pets during a crisis or at anytime they become separated from the family. Preppers you can now expand your preparedness plans to include Hi&Lo tags for all of your pets.

Once you receive the tag you can create an online profile unique to your pet (s). Your pet will always have the same tag, any changes to your information is done online, anytime and as often as you need to. This is a lifetime benefit, no expiration dates, and you will never have to purchase new tags unless the tag is lost or damaged.

HiLo QR Pet Tags

You can provide as much or as little information as you want when setting up the online profile. Anyone that finds your pet and scans the QR code or enters the unique ID code online can only see what information you have checked when setting up the profile.

You can change the information and access to the information at anytime, and of course you or anyone else can access your pet’s profile from anywhere in the world where there is access to the Internet.

Anyone that finds your pet can also enter the alphanumeric code embedded on the tags to find your pet’s profile online to gather contact information so you and your pet (s) can be reunited.

Privacy is a big concern of course, so once a “stranger” has accessed your pets’ profile you decide what contact information they see.

For contact information, you can list a cell phone number, home address, what veterinarian your pet’s uses, email address, other phone numbers or all available contact information. You get to decide what someone sees when they access your pet’s profile online.

You can list any maintenance medications, the pet’s name of course, allergies the pet has or particular medications the pet is currently taking and/or any information that may help them care for your pet until you are reunited.

This is an amazing concept because microchips that must be embedded need to be read by specialized scanners that are normally only found at veterinarian’s offices or at certain animal shelters. It may take days or even weeks before your pet finds their way to a veterinarian or shelter so the microchip can be read.

The Hi&Lo QR pet ID tag retails for 19.99 but can be purchased here for $8.99 on Amazon. To learn more about the Hi&Lo QR pet ID tag visit

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ESEE 4 Survival Knife Review

Esee 4 Survival Knive

Before we get started if you are looking for a “Rambo type knife” with sharp curved points with wicked looking Jimping on the back of the blade, and a bug-out-bag sized hollow handle, that houses a tool kit, medical kit, compass, matches, thread, hooks and spearmint gum you probably should stop reading. 

Jimping by the way is the serrations on the blade back that gives your thumb a gripping point when using the knife. On a quality knife, like the ESSE 4 Jimping has a real purpose. Some knives look good, they even look deadly, but looks are all they have going for them. Hollow handled knives with a compass ball and space for survival gear are useless in a survival situation, and useless in any situation for that matter.

Keep the Rambo knives hung over the mantle so you can tell your grandkids some day you used one to fight a grizzly back in 2014, and the fact that you can tell the story obviously means you won.

Esee 4 Full Tang Survival KnifeThe ESEE 4 is full tang meaning the blade and handle are one piece. Full tang means strength. It also means that if the Micarta or G10 handles break, not likely by the way, but if they do, you can wrap Paracord or even duct tape around the handle and get on with surviving. If you break the handle on a blade that is not full tang there is nothing left to wrap with anything.

The ESEE brand screams quality and once you have it in your hand you will see. The ESEE 4 is shorter than the ESEE 6 but that is ok because a shorter blade is ideal for many survival tasks. Use it to skin small game, for example, make wood curls for fire, cut cloth/canvas, cut up food and even repair your gear, cut sewing or suture thread and the list goes on.

Because it is full tang and made with quality carbon or stainless steel, you can use it with a wooden baton to split wood, hack through limbs or chop through ice.

The sheath is quality, which is always a surprise. Usually manufactures put all the effort into the blade, so they tend to treat the sheath as an afterthought, not with the ESEE models though.

You can order the ESEE 4 with the optional MOLLE back, which is ballistic black nylon. Otherwise, you can use Paracord to lash the standard included sheath to a pack or even your belt. The MOLLE back is recommended if you plan to do a lot of jumping from an aircraft or plan other extreme activities, because it comes with additional security to hold the knife in the sheath.

The sheath without the MOLLE back has a place where you can attach cordage for lashing the sheath to whatever you want. The MOLLE sheath can also be used in the inverted as well as the standard mode.

The sheath is a quality Kydex sheath, so there is no need to go looking for another sheath because it comes with a high quality one. The standard sheath is friction fit so you do not have to fumble with straps or snaps and it can be drawn from the sheath one handed. The sheath has a detachable clip so it can be moved from one side of the sheath to the other, to accommodate for whichever side of the body you want to wear it.

If you happen to be caught up in your parachute rigging, for example, and hanging exposed to all below, you can extract the blade one handed, from the inverted or standard position, and use the serrated edge model to cut yourself loose. In other words if one hand is occupied or injured you can still draw your blade.


  • Length 9.0inches
  • Length of cutting edge is 4.1 inches
  • Total length of blade is 4.5 inches
  • Blade width 1.25 inches
  • Weight knife only is 8.0 ounces
  • Blade is drop point style
  • The carbon steel model is 1095 carbon steel (carbon blades can and will rust if not cleaned and oiled properly)
  • The stainless steel model is 440C Stainless
  • The ESEE 4 has removable handles (Canvas Micarta or G10)
  • Comes with rounded pommel with lanyard hole
  • Includes ambidextrous molded sheath (MOLLE Back Sheath Is Optional)
  • Made in the USA

There are hundreds, if not thousands of knife companies that all want your business. Flash and bang, smoke and mirrors are all used to get you to buy one of their knives. ESEE knives are made in the USA and they are not cranked out by the hundreds every hour. Each knife is crafted, inspected and tested.

Esee 4 with feather stick

If you want a survival knife that goes to the field with you and comes back in the same shape it left in, then ESEE knives are the way to go. The ESEE 4 is perfect for bug-out-bags, emergency kits, hunters, anglers and for anyone that spends any time in the woods.

Everyone needs a back up knife in their backpack, and if called upon the backup knife needs to be good enough to be the main survival knife. The ESEE 4 fits the bill. You can purchase the ESEE 4 on Top Spec U.S. online for $114.95. 

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The SIRT Training Pistol Review

SIRT Training Pistol

First, What Is Included With the SIRT Training Package

  • 1 SIRT Performer
  • Red Polymer Slide
  • Red Shot Indicating Laser
  • Red Trigger Prep Indicating Laser
  • Functional features of Glock™ 17/22
  • Standard Sights
  • Two weighted training magazines
  • NLT Intro Training DVD
  • NLT Shooting Glasses

Primarily the SIRT Training Pistol is a training and educational tool with safety in mind. You can train under virtually any conditions safely. If anyone claims they do not need additional, training or practice then they are deceiving him or herself.

With the SIRT, you can practice so-called unconventional draws, for example, from your waistband, coat pocket, purse and of course from a traditional belt or shoulder rig. There are some of course that are convinced that carrying a pistol in their pocket or even purse is dangerous, but with the proper training and practice, it is no more dangerous than carrying one in a standard holster.

There are many reasons why someone would carry a pistol in their waistband, pocket or cluttered purse or even in less conventional places. You still need quick access regardless of where it is carried. You can begin now learning how to draw your pistol when wearing a jacket, or from deep in your purse.

It may not seem important now but when you are moving quickly and your jacket is, flapping around it becomes important if you have never experienced it before. Try it and you will understand how something as simple as a jacket can be problematic when there is a need to draw your firearm. You need practice to learn how to overcome this and other obstacles that can interfere with your draw.

You simply cannot purchase a pistol, strap it to your body and assume you are protected. If you cannot draw, aim and fire quickly and accurately then there is no point to having a pistol.

Additionally, you need to practice changing out magazines on the fly. Quick magazine change over’s may not be a tactic you can practice on a traditional firing range, but if you cannot reload faster than your aggressor can, then you have a problem. Practice in the environment you expect to use your self-defense firearm.

Where do you carry your pistol and are you worried, you cannot draw it fast enough in that position. It can be difficult to practice with a real pistol in certain situations. Keep in mind many firing ranges do not allow you to practice certain tactics and you may not want to practice at home with your “real pistol” because of children or various other reasons. Now you can practice virtually anywhere so you can find the best place to carry your pistol for quick access.

Dry firing is a method for practicing when not at the range, but it is simply not the same in most cases, and beside you have damage to the firing pin to consider as well. The SIRT Training Pistol is perfect for dry fire exercises.

The SIRT Pistol is the ideal training tool for instructors. You can now essentially train in any environment safely. After all, you and your pupils will not likely be using your firearms for self-defense at the firing range, so why not train safely in the environment in which the pistol is most likely to be used. At home, in your vehicle, or even on a dark and deserted street are just some of the places.

The SIRT Training Pistol allows you to make mistakes that do not have life altering consequences. When practicing any survival technique you should always practice in a controlled environment so mistakes can be used as a learning experience.

The SIRT Training Pistol comes with two lasers, and they are very important ones. The first laser illuminates when pressure is applied to the trigger. This helps you develop trigger control, (to control the take up of the trigger), but keep in mind the lasers are not aiming tools.

The first laser is designed to help you “prep the trigger” before firing. The draw, the handgrip and bringing the weapon up is important, but if you cannot get a “feel” for the trigger then you will develop bad habits like jerking the trigger. This laser can be turned off at any time.

The second laser illuminates when the trigger breaks. Using the first and second laser correctly lets you know where you are with the trigger at all times. To recap, the first laser indicates when pressure is applied and then the second one illuminates when the trigger breaks.

With practice, you will have complete trigger control and this of course means greater accuracy even when firing in rapid succession. It will take practice and concentration, but once you have developed the right habits, follow up shots will be smooth and effortless.

Included with the package is a trigger adjustment tool so you can make adjustments to make it feel more like your own carry. Practice and more practice with the training pistol will reduce or eliminate your bad shooting habits.

Who Can Benefit From Having the SIRT Training Pistol?

Anyone that carries a pistol, or is considering carrying a pistol can benefit. There is probably no such thing as practicing too much. However, practicing with a real pistol can be problematic in some cases.

Instructors can now train in various environments and present different scenarios safely. Anyone that wants to practice at home, in his or her vehicle or anywhere for that matter can now do so without worry.

So before you spend another dime on ammo, I highly recommend that you take your training to the next level and give a SIRT training pistol a try. You can learn more about the SIRT Training Pistol at

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Rothco Concealed Carry Soft Shell Jacket

Rothco Concealed Carry Jacket

Rothco takes this tactical soft shell jacket to the next level. Not only is the outer shell waterproof the inner layer is breathable fleece making it ideal for cold weather tactical training, hunting or for any outdoor cold weather activity.


  • 2 Interior Mag Pouches
  • 2 Interior Concealed Carry Pockets w/ Hook & Loop Closure
  • Loop Fields on Shoulder
  • Adjustable Wrist Cuffs, Multiple Pockets & Concealed, Detachable Hood
  • Material Specs: Outer Shell is 100% Polyester, Inner shell is Fleece
  • Zippered shoulder pocket
  • Forearm pocket on left sleeve
  • Two front slash pockets,
  • Two back pockets, vented under arm, and a 4″x4″ hook & loop patch attachment on each side
  • Size Ranges: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL

The jacket has a zippered collar with a concealed and detachable hood, which is important. Hoods can create blind spots, interfere with hearing and they certainly can interfere with your frontal vision when operating in windy conditions, because the hood is always blowing around your ears and face. Something as simple as a hood that can be restrained and concealed makes a huge difference. Use it when you need it, but when not needed it tucks away so as not to be in your way.

Now for the best part, the Rothco Concealed Carry Soft Shell Jacket is specifically designed for concealed carry. The jacket has two interior conceal carry pockets, one on each side and two pouches for magazines. Load up, zip up and no one knows you are carrying. Stay unzipped for quick access with either hand and still stay warm because of the soft inner shell.

In the past, you may have carried pistols in your parka’s pocket and you know how awkward it is trying to fumble the weapon out of the pocket. Not only awkward it can be deadly, because the firearm can become tangled up in the material making it very difficult to get it out, and besides all that, your pockets sag with the weight, and then bang against your legs or hips as you walk or run.

Waterproof Rothco Concealed Carry Jacket

Repels water very well.

You cannot holster a weapon on your belt and expect to get to it quickly with a heavy parka on that hangs below the waist and the same with shoulder rigs, but now you can have quick access to your pistols with the Rothco Concealed Carry Soft Shell Jacket. No sagging from the weight and no bulky material to get in the way as you reach for your weapon and no one knows you are carrying because of the design.

Frankly, the Rothco Concealed Carry Soft Shell Jacket is well worth it without the concealed carry pockets and with them, well the jacket is something you just simply have to experience for yourself to appreciate. Rothco really takes this jacket to the next level. Anyone that has a need to carry concealed will realize the second the jacket is put on how well designed and how clever the jacket really is.

The magazine pouches have Velcro closures and they are mounted sideways and not up and down so you simply slide the mags out instead of trying to pull them out. Open the flap and push the bottom of the Mag with your thumb and it slides out into your hand for quick reloads.

The concealed carry pockets will not sag, so no awkward looking bulges and once loaded up your pistol (s) will not bang against your chest as you walk or even run, and have no fear the pistols will stay in place until needed because of the hook and loop closures.

The jacket is so well designed that even if you only carry a pistol on one side the jacket will not feel off balanced. Actually, it feels perfect, and once you are loaded up, the weight is a comfort that can only come from knowing you are protected.

Like anything new, it will take a bit of practice, but I found the design of the jacket makes it easy to reach in and draw without having to paw around. The pockets are right there ready for the hand. Take the time to practice drawing with or without gloves. Heavy gloves or mittens of course would make it difficult to draw effectively so keep this in mind and practice, practice and then practice some more.

The Rothco concealed carry soft shell jacket retails for $132.99 and can be purchased at

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SunJack 14 Watt Portable Solar Charger Review

Sunjack 14 watt Solar Charger

If the sun is shining, or even if it is not you can be charging your devices. You can charge your mobile phones (compatible with most), iPads or tablets, any USB lighting devices, digital cameras, MP3 players and gaming devices.

The SunJack includes a fast-charge 8,000mah battery that can be fully charged in roughly five hours. From this point, you can charge your devices overnight if needed no need for sun in other words, or you can directly power any USB device from the SunJack when the unit is placed in direct sunlight.

  • The powerful 8,000mah Sunjack battery when fully charged holds enough charge to power up four iPhones.

The SunJack’s battery can also be charged from any standard micro-USB plug. This means you can use your vehicle’s USB port (many newer models have one) or from a laptop computer for example, if you want a full charge before leaving on your adventure. It will take up to five hours for a full charge using this method.

Portable power on the go, you can take the SunJack anywhere with you. Take it camping, hiking, or on survivalist training deep in the backcountry. Have one in your disaster preparedness kit, one in your car, bug-out-bag, hiking backpack and in your camping supplies.


  • Solar panels: 14 watts of high efficiency mono-crystalline
  • Max output voltage/current: Two 5V/2A USB ports
  • Battery: 8,000mAh lithium-polymer battery
  • Size folded: 6.75” x 9.25” x 1.75” (17.15cm x 23.50cm x 4.5cm)
  • Size unfolded: 30.75” x 9.25” x 1.75” (78.11cm x 23.50cm x 4.5cm)
  • Weight: 2lbs (907.19grams)

At 14 watts, you can still charge the battery with indirect sunlight and on cloudy days in some cases. Some other charging panels may only be five watts and they simply will not charge unless in direct sunlight for the specified period.

The Sunjack at 14 watts ensures you can charge the included battery virtually anywhere there is sunlight, and not necessarily direct sunlight. Having 14 watts and two USB ports also allows you to charge more than one item at a time, charge your iPhone and iPad simultaneously.

Sunjack Solar charger with iPhone

At some point, you will be in a situation where you do not have power, so this means you do not have the ability to charge your cell phone. This can happen right in your own home or while camping, hiking or even if you become lost or stranded.

If you have the SunJack with you then you have one less problem to contend with and not having communications during a crisis is a big problem that needs to be addressed before you experience such a situation.

You do need a means of charging your devices during a power outage, if your vehicle breaks down or while out hiking and you find yourself lost. One less worry means you can focus on other tasks needed for survival.

It only weighs two pounds and folds up nicely (similar to an iPad) so you do not need to make special arrangements or leave anything out of your pack to accommodate the SunJack when packing for camping or hiking. Once at your campsite simply unfold where there is plenty of sun for optimum charging and then go about your other duties. You do not have to monitor the device while it charges.

The SunJack 14 watt portable solar charger retails for $150.00 to see a full line of their products visit The optional light weight SunJack 340 lumen USB CampLight (equivalent to a 40W incandescent bulb)  will fully illuminate a tent at night and makes a great addition to this charger.

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Renovo Trio 3 Stage Water Filter Review

Renovo Trio Water Filter

Without clean drinking water, there is nothing else. You can have plenty of food, the latest and best gadgets, but if you do not have clean, safe water to drink, then all is for naught. Stockpiles of water are important but stockpiles run out and usually sooner than you had planned.

You need the means to make possibly contaminated water safe to drink. You need more than just an emergency water supply you need to be able to create your own supply from any surface water source available. You need a reliable water filtration device.

The Renovo Trio 3 Stage Water Filter is one such reliable water filtration device. The Renovo is not just designed to filter out turbidity; it does a great deal more.

There may be surface water sources available such as lakes, ponds, streams and even mud puddles but these sources are not safe to drink from unless properly filtered.

The Renovo has a stage 3-carbon filter, a stage 2 UF filter and then a stage 1 pre-filter. The pre filter is rated at 5 microns and it is designed to remove heavier debris, which means you can use the filter with turbid water sources. Mud puddles would be one example of a turbid water source. Floating insects, pieces of wood, leaves and vegetation particles are removed by the stage 1filter. Once the heavier debris is removed, the filtration system starts to filter out micro-contaminates.


  • UF Filter Pore Size:  .05 Microns
  • Dimensions: 7.1″ x 1.4″
  • Weight is 3.5 oz.
  • Capacity:  1000L
  • Flow rate:= 200 ml/min
Will the Renovo remove protozoa? Yes
Does it remove bacteria? Yes
Will it reduce viruses in the water? Yes
Does it reduce heavy metals in the water? Yes
Will the Renovo reduce chemical compounds in the water? Yes


The Renovo Trio 3 Stage Water Filter is designed for use with hydration bladders, but can be used as a gravity filter or screwed to the top of certain types of bottles. The important thing is however, that the Trio is between you and a contaminated water source filtering out deadly chemicals, viruses, bacteria and protozoa.

Renovo Trio Water Filtered Wrapped

The Renovo comes in a hermetically sealed bag and if left sealed the filter can be stored for 25 years. Once exposed to air the activated carbon used in the filtration will start to degrade somewhat. This of course does not have any effect on water filtration, but it is something to keep in mind when purchasing. If you plan to buy with storage in mind, do not open the packaging, simply store in your emergency kit, bug-out-bag or in your vehicle unopened in the original packaging. Replacement filters (purchased separately) are also packed in a hermetically sealed package.

In years past filtration device simply filtered out sediment, and possibly some bacteria clinging to certain types of sediment. Generally, water was filtered, and then purified using chemicals such as iodine or bleach or boiled if there were a means to do so.

Technology of course has advanced over the years and thus you now have the Renovo Filtration system.

Take it from someone that has in the past drunk from questionable water sources because devices like the Renovo were not available, a quality filtration device can be a lifesaver.

Iodine tablets where always the preferred choice for those traveling in the backcountry but iodine has its drawbacks as does bleach. Of course, filtering and rapid boiling is the preferred choice if available, but in many survival situations, this method is not always available.

The Renovo can be carried and used by anyone. It is not complicated from a user’s standpoint by any means. It can be carried in any pack or even a pocket if needed and it is needed by anyone that may have to deal with natural disasters, a broken water line where a boil order is issued in your community and by any outdoor enthusiast.

Make sure you have one in your bug-out-bag, emergency kit in the home and have one in your vehicle because you simply never know what the day may bring. This device can save your life. The Renovo Trio sells for $33.00 to learn more about the the Renovo Trio 3 visit


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Secur Waterproof Solar/Dynamo Ed Flashlight Review

Secur Solar Dynamo Flashlight

The Waterproof Solar/Dynamo has the best of both worlds, solar and crank power. What is one of the first things an emergency checklist has on it, batteries of course? Batteries are expensive, and they do not last long, or as long as they should relevant to how much they cost. They can corrode in your pack or device and it seems when you need them the most they fail.

Secur Waterproof Solar Dynamo Ed Flashlight Model Number Sp-1002

  • The Solar Dynamo Never Needs Batteries
  • It Charges by Built-in Dynamo or Solar Panel
  • It is Waterproof to 45 feet
  • 3 functions one LED, three LEDs, or three LEDs flashing


  • Flashlight power is up to 8 Lumens
  • Lighting time with a full charge is 4 hours using 3 LEDs, 8 hours with 1 LED
  • Charging time, 1 minute of cranking equals 80 minutes lighting using 1 LED
  • Charging time of 1 hour in direct sunlight gives you 120 minutes lighting using 1 LED
  • Life of LEDs is 50000 hours
  • Battery capacity , 80 mAh, Ni-MH battery
  • 6” x 2.5” x 1.75”

With the Solar/Dynamo flashlight, you can crank for a few minutes and have all the lighting you need for any task or any emergency. During the day, you can simply leave, it in full sunlight, and it will fully charge, no effort, no batteries, and no worries using the built in solar panel. The built in solar panel can fully charge the device with no need for cranking.

Secur waterproof flashlight

Secure the flashlight to the outside of your pack so it receives direct sunlight, and it will be fully charged when ready to make camp for the night.

Waterproof to 45 feet, that is 45 feet underwater that it’s waterproof up to, so it’s not just “water resistant”. This makes it perfect for any task in any emergency use it in a pouring rain, during a flood or any disaster.

Its dark, it is raining hard and your car has slid off the road, you need a light you can depend on. You have enough to worry about so never be in the position again where you have to worry if the batteries are fresh, wonder how long they will last and can anyone see me standing on the side of the road. You need a strong dependable light at this point and you need one that will not fail, in the rain, sleet or snow.

You can use the 3 LEDs flashing mode if you need to signal for help, or to indicate your position in the dark, in any situation.

Why do manufactures sometimes give a depth when describing waterproof devices? It either is waterproof or not, right. There is a difference between “waterproof” and can something be submerged. Water pressure increases the deeper underwater you are, so this means the waterproof seals must be manufactured to hold tight under pressure at certain depths, so to be waterproof at 45 feet means it meets a very high standard of manufacturing.

Some so-called waterproof devices cannot be submerged because they are not manufactured to withstand water pressure. Some device are considered waterproof in a rainstorm but cannot be submerged without permanently damaging the device. Just like a diving watch, some are rated for certain depths while others would fail at that depth, but can be worn when washing hands, in the rain or even when showering without damage.

The Waterproof Solar Dynamo Ed Flashlight is also great for camping and one ideal use is for trail lighting. Imagine trying to stumble to the latrine in the dead of night in the woods. Easy enough to get lost trip or knock your head on a limb, all this just a few yards from camp in the dark.

Why not set a few Solar/Dynamos along the trail. With a full charge at the “1 Lumens” setting, you get eight hours of lighting, which makes it ideal for trail marking. You can leave any trail marked for hours at night to guide others to your campsite, or to help you find your way around camp. The best part is no need to put in fresh batteries in the morning.

The Flashlight has a lanyard slot for attaching cordage or you can use it with a hook. This means the light can be secured to any pack, hung around the neck with a breakaway lanyard, or hung overhead for hands free working at night or even for reading inside your tent.

Have one in your bug-out-bag, home workshop, home emergency kit and certainly have one in every vehicle.

The Secur Waterproof Solar/Dynamo Ed Flashlight can be purchased for $19.99 to see a full line of their products visit

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