Colloidal Silver: An Alternative to Prescription Antibiotics?

Colloidal Silver

Described as silver particles suspended in liquid, Colloidal Silver (CS) is considered by some people to be an alternative to prescription antibiotics that require a doctor’s prescription. The claim is that CS can destroy certain strains of bacteria that have developed immunity to conventional antibiotics.

This article is merely providing information that is relatively common knowledge in some respects, along with some conjecture as far as the benefits of Colloidal Silver. This article is not an endorsement of Colloidal Silver nor is it attempting to deny claims of its effectiveness. The information is presented so you can begin your own research so you can decide on your own. 

The information provided is not to be considered medical advice, always seek the counsel of a certified and respected medical professional before consuming any product that claims to cure certain diseases.

Experts have determined that CS can in fact destroy certain bacterium in vitro, which is Latin for in glass, in other words, in a laboratory out of the typical environment in which CS would be administered. The results from testing CS in a “test tube” of course are different than testing it on humans.

Common household bleach of course, will destroy certain bacteria and viruses on faucets and countertops, but that does not mean that you can ingest bleach to achieve the same results inside your body. Many chemicals will kill bacteria and viruses but this does not mean you want to consume them.

Colloidal silver can kill certain germs by binding to and destroying proteins, but again this does not mean it will work this way in a multitude of environments. You simply do not know in most cases how effective it may be when ingested or applied directly to the skin. It is important that you consult with a medical professional before consuming any dietary supplement.

Colloidal Silver is a mineral that can come in various forms for topical applications and for oral consumption to treat internal disorders. Silver is not a mineral that the body needs for function, in other words it is not an essential mineral supplement.

Silver does not dissolve in a solution that can be safely ingested so a technique was developed so it could be suspended in a solution safe for consumption. If not suspended the silver would settle to the bottom. If the silver settled then it was reasoned that people would not get the proper dosage. Keep in mind silver does not dissolve in the body either, and it will build up in body tissue.

Claims that the body can become “silver deficient” are unfounded because the body does not require silver. Once again silver is not a mineral supplement the body needs. However, this fact in and of itself, does not mean that CS would not be effective in destroying certain bacteria or viruses.

In 1997, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ruled that CS products were not considered safe or effective.

In 1999, the FDA prohibited the sale of over-the-counter drugs containing colloidal silver or silver salts because they had not been shown to be safe and effective.

Regardless of the disputes on its effectiveness and the safety concerns, Colloidal Silver is commonly used as a dietary supplement and is readily available for purchase on the Internet. People use CS to treat, among other things, tuberculosis, bubonic plaque, syphilis, stomach ulcers, malaria, and ringworm and even for HIV/Aids.

CS can be applied directly to the skin or applied to bandages to treat acne, eye infections, fungal infections, throat and other skin infections. It is also used to treat Staphylococcus infections. CS drops in the ear is said to clear up ear infections when typically prescribed antibiotics have failed to clear up the infection.

CS is known to kill the bacteria that causes certain types of food poisoning, the test were conducted in a laboratory however. Knowing this people consume CS to treat stomach ailments caused by contaminated food and water. The typical dosage is three teaspoons of CS and it is to be taken immediately once you suspect you have consumed contaminated water or foods.

Products containing Colloidal Silver are available around the world and sold as a dietary supplement. Most medical experts agree that CS is not effective in treating any known conditions and can have permanent cosmetic side effects, mainly turning the skin blue (argyria) which will remain blue even when CS is discontinued as a treatment. The condition cannot be treated and it will not reverse itself.

Silver will build up in the body’s tissues, which will eventually cause argyria. It can also negatively interact with certain prescription medications as well.

The human body is not properly equipped to eliminate metals from the body. Metals that can build up in the body in particular as the body ages include lead, silver, iron and mercury. Metals will accumulate in the cells of the body and can cause certain chronic ailments.

Several prescription drugs still sold today do contain silver, such as silver sulfadiazine cream for burns. The drugs that do contain silver are for topical use only. Currently there are simply no drugs containing silver that are taken orally that have FDA approval (NCCAM).

Does Colloidal Silver work, as some claim? There is no definitive answer. Most medical professionals will tell you it does not work and will cause more harm than good. Will it work for you, only you would know the answer to this?

If you are in a survival situation and you have a serious wound infection and you only have Colloidal Silver ointment or liquid, should you use it, absolutely apply it to the wound. In many cases if you believe something will work it can have a positive effect, your mind is the strongest tool you have. Placebo pills have the same effect if you believe, then it can be so.

As far CS curing HIV/AIDS, malaria and other deadly diseases there are no verified cases. People have made claims but no experts have stated yes that CS has cured this disease or that.

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