The Emergency Bra – Gas Mask

The emergency bra gas mask

The Emergency Bra is an excellent multi-purpose product for women, your everyday brassiere can now save your life by turning into two life-saving gas masks. The bra was designed by Dr. Elena Bodnar who started her professional career as a medical doctor in the Ukraine, where she participated in the evacuation and treatment of children from Chernobyl. This experience inspired her to design the Emergency Bra, the invention which was awarded the Ig Nobel Prize in Public Health in 2009. In the event of an emergency, the bra can be quickly converted into two face masks without the removal of any clothes. The new Rad Emergency Bra also comes equipped with a radiation sensor located under the front clasps of the brassiere. With new sensor technology rapidly developing, different sensors, such as biological, chemical, and so forth, will be incorporated into the Emergency Bra in the future. The bra is available in sizes from 32B to 40C and can be purchased at for 29.99 for the original or 49.99 for the Rad model.