Hello Is Anyone in Charge in This Country: Time for You to Step Up

US Capital

One hour of watching the news and the anxiety level increases. The talking heads sometimes either act as if they are under or over medicated. Scripts are put out, everyone must follow them, and the scripts never call for telling the truth.

Slowly but surely people however, are coming to the realization that if a crisis does happen the government cannot be counted on. A crisis will happen, it is inevitable, and whether it is a natural or manmade disaster, something will happen that will once again test the spirit of the American citizens.

A rudderless ship however, is not comforting, because no matter whom you may be you always had in the back of your mind that help would come. We all are conditioned to believe that no matter what, help would come, albeit slowly, but it would come. We believe this because it was true, true at one time, but all is in doubt today.

Unlike colonial days where the colonist jumped on a ship and escaped the monarchy, today there is nowhere to go. We have to deal with whatever happens literally in our own front yards. Forget about bugging-out for a minute, because frankly, even though you may believe it true, there really is nowhere to go. The problems would likely follow you, or be there waiting for you. The reality is you have to confront the dangers head on, wherever you currently are. Being prepared means you are prepared to handle the situation in any environment, so prepare to handle it in the environment you currently live in.

Time for You to Step Up

Too many so-called experts are stating that ISIS cannot strike us here in the U.S. right now. What they fail to see however, whether purposely or through sheer incompetence, is the fact that ISIS wants to strike us, they have the motivation, the skills, and the people. The reason why they have not yet, is simply a matter of logistics, and they will no doubt have that problem solved soon enough.

They will strike unless eliminated, not contained, not managed, but eliminated and frankly, that does not look like it will happen, so buckle up and step up, the adventure is just now beginning.

Ebola is out of control and all anyone can say is wash your hands and check your temperature, this does not sound like anyone is in charge. The borders are wide open, so once again, it is simply a matter of logistics before Ebola and other biological contaminates are here along with people that wish us harm.

Once here Ebola can probably be contained, but how many will die in the process. Once something like this happens will you ever send your children back to school, can you ever trust your local hospital, will you ever have trust in your local authorities again.

When leadership fails someone else picks up the baton, carries the mantle if you will. When the failure of leadership is systematic, then it is up to individuals to govern themselves and carry on the fight, in this case, prepare for the inevitable.

A large enough catastrophe will separate those prepared from those not prepared. The body count will be high in the first few days, and as the weeks drag on more and more will die from starvation, dehydration, from assaults by others and by their own foolish actions. Natural selection will come into play and it is not just about the fittest among us but also about the smartest.

What does it mean when you have no one to turn to? It means you have only yourself, your family and friends. You need to be a leader, when others have failed. A leader can inspire, and show the need for actions, when a leader is indecisive, and cannot demonstrate the need for something then nothing is done and we end up as a whole mired in conflict.

A leader needs skill, knowledge and the ability to rally those around them that have much needed skills, skills needed to survive. Are you going to lead, follow or simply get out of the way and let someone else do it for you?