How to Set a Broken Bone or Treat a Dislocated Joint

Broken Finger

In modern society we seldom think about our proximity to professional help. Even in extreme cases, help is near at hand.  Imagine a worst case scenario, a hiker, miles from the nearest electrical outlet, slips and breaks his leg.  Modern technology can summon help in an instant. Sure, the hiker may have to endure some time before help arrives, and help may arrive via helicopter, but help is on the way. What happens when help is no longer available?

Most of today’s first aid is focused on the small time period between an injury and when the doctors and nurses take over. If the doctors, nurses, medical imagery and the like were to disappear, this would force the entire treatment regimen on the individual. What would you do if a family member breaks a bone in SHTF? Luckily, the Survival Doctor answers this very question. Check out this excellent article on setting a broken bone when no help is available:

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