ISIS Is Beyond Anything That We Have Seen and the U.S. Must Get Ready

ISIS Threat

This from Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel

The terrorist group or army, if you will, has now executed an American citizen. The group also has proclaimed to be coming after America, essentially where we sleep. Our homeland is under constant threat from this group. American soil is a target yet again of some rouge organization that apparently rose from the ashes of another conflict that was not stifled in the early days.

Of course, America has heard this type of proclamation before from other groups and even from countries, but this time things are different, this group is different and we all need to pay attention.

The group is well funded because they control oilfields and now refineries, and they have no problem with robbing banks for a little extra cash half a billion in cash in one bank alone. They now receive millions a day from the sale of oil and they do not shy away from any barbaric act.

The group revels in the fear they instill, there is simply no hesitation in their actions. They are not fearful of anything, and so far, they have gotten away with essentially everything they have done, no one it seems can stop them or are willing to stop them. They are a standalone army of barbarians and they are at the gates.

According to General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff “this is an organization that has an apocalyptic, end-of-days strategic vision”.

What Do We Do

The fear is that members of the group or those sympathetic to the group will carry out attacks here in the United States and in other western countries. Individuals, groups, or even cells could orchestrate attacks here.

The attacks can come from so-called lone wolf operators using suicide vests and hand grenades or homemade explosive devices or they could simply begin mass killings in malls, or on crowded streets using firearms.

The attacks can be more sophisticated and planned, as well, such as were the attacks on 9/11. The group has the desire and the funding and it certainly would have no problem, recruiting individuals or groups to carry out the attacks.

We as individuals do not have the ability in most cases to thwart an attack. All anyone can do is to prepare for the aftermath such as what happened on 9/11. Businesses closed, the stock market crashed, transportation especially air travel and delivery was disrupted and people essentially secluded themselves for a time.

ISIS currently controls a large amount of oil in Iraq, oil every country on the planet needs. This is quite the bargaining chip, and it will have an effect on every one of us if something is not done about it and quickly.

We can talk for days or even weeks on what brought us, brought America to this point. Thousands of articles have been written on the why, and some want to place the blame on various people and policies. The reality is however, they are here and we have to deal with it, fair or unfair, like it or not, this is the cold hard facts. Prepare for it.

A person walks into a crowded mall and detonates a suicide vest. What do you suppose would be the effects, aside from the horrific deaths and trauma to the victims and families? One reaction would be a rapid decline in shoppers at every mall in the country and even in smaller shopping venues. The micro economy especially in the area it happened in would suffer greatly and soon it would have a macro effect on the economy and on you as an individual.

The police would be on high alert, and confrontations with civilians would rise, curfews may be enacted and National Guard troops may be called out once again. People would demand the government do something, anything, just do it. When the government is perceived as dragging their feet however, then people become even more fearful.

This type of an attack would require a military response that most people according to recent surveys do not want. However, those that proclaim to let the groups fight it out over there will have a different perspective once they are over here.

People’s attitudes will change, their buying habits will change and some will fear going outside their homes. The country will suffer from an attack and it will be in part, because of the way people react to terror.

The group can be defeated if the full strength of the U.S. military was brought to bear. However, this cost lives and money, and people back home while they see the need at some point, do not want their sons, daughters and other loved ones going off to war.

You as an individual, as a Prepper must be ready for the fallout from an attack here in the United States. It is no longer a matter of if but a matter of when. When a group has the desire, the means, the funding and the people to do their bidding, then it will happen, and it will be horrific. Are you ready? (2014, August 22). Retrieved 2014, from