How To Laser Bore Sight Your Crossbow on the Cheap

Cross Bore Sighting


So I came across a way you can laser bore sight your crossbow on the cheap side. If you already have a laser bore sighter for your favorite rifle you can use that, I used my 5.56 and it worked perfectly. If you don’t have a laser bore sighter you can get a cheap laser pointer pen like the one listed at the end of this article.


Crossbow Laser Bore SightThe steps are fairly easy. First place your laser bore sighter on the arrow guide rail like the picture to the left.







Cheap Crossbow Laser Bore Sighter

The next step is to secure the laser to the rail, I used duct tape any tape will work fine. Yes chalk up another use for duct tape lol. If you use a laser pen and you have to hold the button down to activate the laser make sure you tape it good enough to keep the button pressed and the laser on. Same goes for a laser bore sighter for a rifle, some have the button in the back you would have to tape that first to activate the laser.




The next step is kind of hard to do in bright sunlight so I just did it in my basement. I activated the laser set the crossbow on a bench and aimed the laser at a wall about 20 feet away. Next I adjusted the sights on the scope to be dead center with the laser. Easy as that, and it was very accurate and I didn’t even have to make any further adjustments. Below are some pictures of my backyard range. I would say the first target is at around 25 yards and the second probably around 40 yards. This is my grouping at those distances sighting in my crossbow this way.


Crossbow Shooting Range


Crossbow Target 1Crossbow Target 2