The New Leatherman Signal Survival Multi-Tool

Leatherman Signal Survival Multi-Tool

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If you become lost or stranded what is your first thought. To get safely back home of course, and in some cases this may mean you have to be rescued. You do not have your cell phone, and if you do, the battery may be dead or there is no signal, so what do you do.

The soon to be released New Leatherman Signal Survivalist Multi-Tool will have an onboard whistle for signaling. The whistle is a signaling device that does not rely on technology, which can fail you when you need it most.

Not only will the Leatherman Signal include a signal whistle it will also include a Ferrocerium fire starter as part of the tool. Fire is a priority in any survival situation, and you will always have the means to create one with the Leatherman Signal.

The Signal will also come complete with traditional Leatherman features Such As:

  • Pliers
  • Knife blade with partially serrated edge
  • Saw
  • Can opener
  • Awl
  • Bit driver
  • Removable pocket clip

Additionally, the New Leatherman Signal will include popular tools like a hammer, replaceable wire cutters, and a diamond-coated knife sharpener along with a bit driver.

The Leatherman Signal Survivalist Multi-Tool will be ideal for survivalists, campers, hunters, hikers and any outdoor enthusiast. The Leatherman Signal will also be ideal for tasks around the home or shop. Carry one on your belt, in your bug-out-bag, survival kit and in your home emergency bag. 

Expected release date is summer of 2015, with an estimated MSRP of $120.00. The release date and pricing are approximate however, so stay tuned. Comes in a black and yellow color scheme, and it will be a full-sized multi-tool. You can learn more about the Leatherman Signal at