How to Make an EDC Duct Tape Keychain Fob

EDC Duct Tap Keychain Fob

We all know how many uses duct tape has in a survival situation, being able to carry some on you every day could come in pretty handy. So today I’m going to show you how to make this simple (EDC) every day carry duct tape keychain fob. All your going to need for supplies are some duct tape, a small piece of paracord and a standard Bic pen. So lets get started.

Duct tape keychain parts

Step 1.

Dismantle the Bic pen by pulling the top off. Next cut a piece of tube from the pen, making it a little longer than the duct tape on each side.

Duct Tape Keychain Pen

Step 2.

Wrap the tube you just made with the desired amount of duct tape.

Duct tape roll pen

Step 3.

Take about an 8 inch piece of paracord and remove the inner strands and discard. Next fold the outer layer of paracord in half and thread through the pen tube. Once you have a loop coming thought the pen tube attach it to your favorite keychain.

Duct Tape Keychain Paracord

Step 4.

Next just tie a simple overhand knot to secure the roll to the paracord. You can add a decorative bead like I did if you want. Then just cut the remaining paracord to length and seal the two ends using a lighter.

Duct tape keychain bead