How to make Vitamin C

How to make Vitamin C

Homemade vitamin C has live enzymes that allow the vitamin C to be 100% absorbed into your body. It has its own natural source of rutin, hesperidin, and bioflavonoids. It’s easy to make, all you need are organic orange or lemon peels and a coffee grinder or magic bullet.


1. Cut the peels into thin strips. Place the peels on a plate and let them dry at room temperature until they are dry and crisp.

 2. place the peel strips into your coffee grinder or magic bullet and grind them into a powder.

 3. Mix 1 rounded teaspoon with your morning smoothie. One rounded teaspoon will supply you with more organic vitamin C complex, rutin, hesperidin, and bioflavonoids than your body needs for the day.

* Make sure you use organic oranges and lemons. You don’t want to consume any chemicals.