The Mosin Nagant a Great Survival Rifle

 Mosin Nagant Rifle

If asked to describe a Mosin Nagant I would have to say it never gives up, it’s made for war and the rifle is ready for combat when you are. The 7.62mm round is equivalent to the 30-06 caliber so it has stopping power and range. Not only does it have high power for hunting and perimeter defense but many over the years have used it as a sniper rifle, so it is ideal for long-range defense. The Mosin right out of the crate is ready for action and it operates under any environmental conditions.

The Firearm of Choice for Many Preppers

So why is the Mosin an ideal survival rifle for preppers? Because it’s simple to operate, incredibly durable and requires little maintenance, not to mention it’s surprisingly accurate. The Mosin can be used under any conditions and fired by anyone that can work a bolt and pull a trigger. With its manageable recoil just about anyone in your family or group can handle it. This simple rifle can be both useful and deadly with minimal firearms training.  This of course doesn’t mean that training with the weapon is not important, but keep in mind you are not the only one that may have to use it, so all weapons must be suited for all persons and not just you. The Mosin is a weapon that anyone can become trained to use within a very short training period.

The Mosin is a weapon designed to lob rounds downrange whether it has been exposed to mud or freezing waters or has been neglected. The rifle can be field stripped in a matter of seconds. Just depress the trigger, pull out the bolt, and run a bore brush down the barrel. The Mosin right out of the crate has adjustable iron sights that usually require a punch for adjustment, but employing some DIY modern day modifications you can easily improve the guns accuracy. Modern modifications include new triggers, scope mounts, action pillers and if you don’t like the wooden stock, synthetic drop-in replacements are available.

Another thing that makes the Mosin so attractive to preppers is its cost and the availability of ammo. The weapons were massed produced by the millions and are still available today all over the world. If you shop around you can pick one up for around a $130, plus ammunition can be purchased virtually anywhere and is relatively inexpensive. Last I checked 480 rounds was going for about $86. So if the recent shortage of .22 ammo has stopped you from plinking you might want to pick up a Mosin Nagant. The 7.62x54R round of the Mosin is most definitely the cheapest bang for your buck, bar none.

A Little More About The Rifle

The Mosin is bolt a bolt-action internal magazine fed Russian rifle and has seen combat in every major conflict in the world since it was introduced in 1891. Being the standard issue at one time in the Russian army, the Mosin 91/30 was adapted and still is adapted to be a sniper rifle. The Mosin Nagant also has a carbine model, M38, with a shortened barrel and is chambered for the 7.62mm round but has the same capabilities of the 91/30. The carbine was typically issued as a self-defense weapon to non-combat units.

Because of the high demand during wartime, many of the weapons will have tool marks, whereas under normal circumstances you would never see them because of quality control. However, the tools marks are what some collectors look for to verify originality. The tool marks have no effect on the weapons ability to fire.