Nations Run on Just in Time Supplies

Grocery Store

Cities and Towns Run On Just In Time Supplies

It is common knowledge and a very common business practice that virtually all retail stores including grocery stores run on “just in time” deliveries. What this means is that food, water and other essential supplies are many times delivered daily in order to remain fresh. Super markets and other retail stores only have enough inventories to last between 24 and 48 hours. Even worse, when a disaster does occur many people panic and begin to “stock up” even though they may already have a stockpile of food and water.

Food and other vital resources are depleted almost immediately when there is word of a disaster. People panic and begin hoarding items they may never need, and some may not even have any idea of how to use some of the items. The point being is that you need to be able to survive these disastrous situations and learn how to survive without relying on other people for help. Preparing ahead of time is crucial to survival.


Stores Cannot Be Relied On

Once a disaster occurs, you will need to have your own supply of food, water, and survival equipment. Stores will quickly sell out of all supplies or they will be looted. Trying to purchase last minute supplies that you should already have can put you in harm’s way.  The streets and roadways will be clogged with panicked citizens and this can be a crisis in and of itself. In most cases, if you wait until there are warnings or alerts you will probably not be able to obtain all of the vital supplies you need.


Government Aid 

Government aid is not something that you should rely on. It can take the government weeks to provide aid to victims. In some circumstances, disaster relief agencies may close up shop because of inclement weather. During a disaster, you will need to be aware that the government may not be coming or providing any aid whatsoever. When aid does show up, it may be rationed, without enough food and water to supply your family. You need to learn how you can provide food, shelter, and protection to yourself and your family. You need to become self-sufficient and rely only on yourself when disaster strikes.


Have a Plan for Every Situation 

When a disaster does occur, your fight or flight instincts will kick in and your body will naturally be pumping large amounts of adrenaline. It can be difficult for you to act rationally during a disaster, especially if you are trying to locate your friends and family. Having a solid plan in place for any disastrous situation will help resolve this problem.

You and your family need to have multiple plans in case of different disaster scenarios. What happens if a disaster occurs when you are at work and your children are at school? What happens if a disaster strikes on a weekday or weekend?  What are you going to do and how are you going to execute your plan?  Brainstorming different survival plans and educating your family is a great exercise that will ensure you are ready for any disaster that may come your way.