Dutch Bucket Hydroponics

Dutch Bucket Hydroponics: How to Make Your Own Buckets

If you find yourself needing or wanting to provide your own healthy, home grown food but suffer from limited space, you may want to consider hydroponics. Hydroponics can allow for the growing of large volumes of food in a limited space.

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Time to Inventory Your Emergency Preparedness Kits

Most of you realize that you cannot simply pack an emergency bag and then forget about it. Therefore, it is important you pick a time to accomplish the important task of keeping your kits updated. Updates to ensure you are always prepared. Choose a time and it can be every 90 days, every six months or even once a year to inventory, reconsider certain items and add to your kits as threats change.

Emergencies do not occur on schedule, so to be ready for one you have to be ready at all times. One could occur in a few seconds, minutes, hours or days. If you have been thinking about your supplies and wondering if your kits are up to date then it is time to take the guess work out of it and find out for sure by doing a complete inventory of all your emergency supplies.

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Russia Doesn’t Need To Invade the United States


Russia is like the neighbor from hell. You know the kind. The type of neighbor that builds a tool shed 12 inches over your property line, and then dares you to do something about it, or the type that blows all their leaves onto your property and just smiles and says so sorry my mistake and does nothing to fix the mistake.

A neighbor that is always probing, looking for weakness, and waiting for your reaction and a lack of a response from you, is in their mind submission, in other words you are ok with whatever they do, and they will continue.

Russia is good at nibbling away at their neighbor’s property lines, but keep in mind the land Russia wants is accessible by land, where they can drive tanks and armored vehicles right up to the front door. It is a different story when they would have to put their resources for an invasion on aircraft and ships and transport them thousands of miles.

Who exactly would occupy the United States? Would Russia citizens migrate to the new land of milk and honey, because Russia certainly does not have enough soldiers to even hold one state let alone all of them? Russia today is a regional player only, with possible aspirations of going international, but they simply do not have the military capability.

An invasion is not likely, but Russia would taunt us to see if they could pull us, America, into a conflict in Europe possibly by trying to take over a NATO ally, and if the response is weak then that is all Russia needs to see. There are treaties in place that require NATO countries to respond militarily if another NATO ally is invaded militarily.

Treaties however, are like contracts, and so the United States and other NATO allies may choose to ignore the treaty, and if so, what are the repercussions. Russia has considered all this and based on previous actions or lack of action by the Western powers has decided they can essentially nibble away as long as they want.

For the Russian government to work they have to deny and stop the deadly pervasion of western influence in Russia. Perverted things like free speech, free press, private industry and grocery stores where anything is available at a price. When your food, your television, your news, water, housing, wages, and even the vehicles you drive are controlled by the political class there is no advancement, no career moves, there is only pride in the Motherland, which must be kept alive.

In Russia the government dictates what is available to the commoners. For the Russian form of government to survive they need to do the occasional land grab along with some chest thumping to keep nationalism front and center, but an all out invasion of the United States would reveal the weakened underbelly of the Russia government and its military.

The Russian government controls the media, and they control all of the industry and thus control information. If a war was started with the United States Russia would lose control of the information, and once lost there is no going back once the people get a peek behind the curtain.

Russia Is However Extremely Dangerous

Just because they would not invade America in the traditional sense does not mean they could not weaken the U.S. considerably. They play both sides against the middle when it comes to other countries not aligned with the U.S. and Russia may very well shrug if a terrorist organization backed by a Middle Eastern country managed to detonate a nuclear device on American soil.

Russia does not want the United States supplying Europe with oil or gas. Russia’s main income is oil and gas, they have nothing else really. You will not see anything in Wal-Mart that says made in Russia. 

However Russia does manufacture certain things that are sold to other governments to include the United States. and they do have business interests in America. Without all this however, Russia would suffer more than the United States. 

Russia’s game is to keep the U.S. out of the game, so America does not get cute and tell Europe, Ukraine in particular not to worry about natural gas because we in the United States have you covered when it comes to gas, oil, and other materials, mainly military hardware. Russia wants weak neighbors and does not want us; the United States interfering by propping up the weak neighbors of Russia, so that’s the game Russia is playing.

Russia can cause us pain by cyber attacks, and by thumbing their nose at NATO, but Russia needs to trot out the United States to keep nationalism alive, of course Russia needs us for much more than that.

Russia while they may play games is not likely to invade because Russia knows what the United States is capable of, and even under the current administration, the pressure to react would be overwhelming so the U.S. would bite back and hard.

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Rocky S2V Provision Jacket

Rocky S2V Provision Jacket and Pants

Rocky S2VProvision Jacket That Includes the S2V Essentials Kit

As any outdoor enthusiast knows, your clothing is your first line of defense against the elements. Clothing is shelter against the cold, rain and snow and not having the right outer layer can spell disaster.

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15 Uses For Bubble Wrap You Never Thought Of

Bubble Wrap Uses

A knock at the door reveals that package you ordered online a few days ago. You retrieve the package and carefully cut open the packing tape. Inside is a bunch of bubble wrap and your widget. After all of the excitement simmers down from the new widget, you have to do something with the packaging. Sure, your first thought might be to recycle, but as good as it is, recycling materials still requires energy and processing.

Wouldn’t it be better if you could repurpose the bubble wrap? At first glance it may appear as if bubble wrap is a one trick pony, it cushions packages in shipping. A few moments of thought might reveal a few more uses. This article, by shtfpreparedness, actually details 15 different uses for bubble wrap.

Read more at…15 Uses For Bubble Wrap You Never Thought Of

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Led Bulb Comparison

LED Light Bulbs: Cost Effective, Solar Friendly

LED Light Bulbs Really Are Cost Effective Especially If Using Solar Power

While they may seem expensive to some, if not to most people, LED bulbs are however, cost effective, and they will pay for themselves over time. You can also purchase LED grow lights that have an extended bulb life and they do have the same cost effectiveness as regular LED bulbs. Grow lights would typically be on longer than a lamp inside the home for example, so you would save energy even though grow bulbs are usually on in excess of 16 hours a day.

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How To Replace Damaged Roof Shingles

Damaged Roof Shingles

Your roof is the most important part of your house.  You can ignore maintenance on many other home systems for years and probably not suffer serious consequences.  Not so with your roof.  A roof leak will quickly destroy your home and turn it into a rotting decayed moldy mess.  You should not only have spare roofing materials on hand, but know how to make repairs.  Once the stores close, you will be out of luck.  Check out this video and learn how to repair a missing or broken shingle:


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Sunjack Waterproof LightStick

Sunjack Waterproof Lightstick

You cannot have too many lights in an emergency and when something happens you want a light that is charged and ready to go. Regular batteries in devices can leak and they can lose their charge even when the device is not in use.

Worrying about whether your devices have fresh batteries or not is the last thing you need to worry about in an emergency. Fumbling in the dark trying to locate the right size batteries, and then getting them in the device the right way is time consuming and frustrating.

If your vehicle breaks down at night you want a strong light that will provide light for hours, as well as, provide you with an emergency strobe to alert others that you are in distress.

Can you have all this and a light that has an integrated power bank that can charge your Smart phone 3 times over in any emergency. Of course you can, it is Sunjack’s Waterproof LightStick™

Technical Details

  • 350 Lumens On Brightest Setting
  • Integrated Power Bank For Charging USB Devices
  • Waterproof to Six Feet (1.8 Meter)
  • 3 Brightness Levels Including an Emergency Strobe
  • Reaches full Charge in 4-5 Hours
  • Charges via USB Cable Which is Included
  • The 5200mAh Internal Battery Can Charge Up To 3 Smart Phones
  • Provides up To 46 Hours of Light On Lowest Setting
  • Weight is 0.47lbs, and the dimensions are 10.25L x 1.25 x 1.25 inches

The Waterproof LightStick’s™ internal battery bank is charged/recharged using a USB cable, which is included, so this means you can charge the device from your laptop or desktop computer and from your vehicle. Newer vehicles may have a USB port in the console or somewhere on the dash for charging devices and they make USD adapters for your lighter socket.

Of course the LightStick can also be charged using a Sunjack solar panel making it ideal for camping and hiking, because the panel can be used for charging devices as you hike if it is secured to the outside of your pack.

Charge the device during the day so it can charge your USB devices at night as well as provide you with light. Keep in mind the charging time may vary when using a solar panel. The size of the panel and the amount of sunlight available may affect the charge time.

It includes two lanyards (one on each end) so the light can be secured overhead so you have both hands free. The light is ideal for working under the hood of your vehicle or for changing tires in the dark and the emergency strobe can be used to alert other motorist or used to alert rescuers if you are lost or stranded.

SunJack LightStick Tire

Is it rugged, and shock proof yes it is? You can literally leave it in a snow bank for hours and it still keeps on lighting. The occasional drops on the garage floor or driveway are no problem, and remember it is waterproof to six feet, so no need to worry if it is raining, snowing, or sleeting out it will continue to light up. However, make sure the end cap is secured when working with the light stick to keep moisture and debris out of the USB ports. Blue LED lights indicate the level of charge, so you know when it is time to recharge.

SunJack LightStick Snow

The Waterproof LightStick™ is shaped like a typical florescent shop light stick, so for some it may seem a bit big or long for a survival kit, but it can be carried in virtually any pack or lashed to the outside if needed.

The light is ideal for vehicle emergency kits, get home bags, home emergency kits and for tasks around the house and garage. Hang it under the kitchen cabinet to work on the plumbing, hang it under the hood of the car, and use it to light up a room whenever the power goes out at home.

What makes the Waterproof LightStick™ stand out from other lights is the fact it can charge your USB devices anywhere you happen to be, and that the light can be charged using various methods, not to mention the rugged and waterproof nature of the light and its three light settings and 350 Lumens on high.

An essential light that provides over 40 hours of continual light if fully charged. Even though it may be a bit big or long for a survival kit consider one for the kit anyway, because as stated earlier you cannot have too many lights, and you will be thankful if you find yourself lost or stranded that you have a waterproof light in your pack.

Final Thoughts

I like this light, and it is more than I expected. I am always looking for very portable battery banks to charge my devices, and a battery bank with a very bright light is the perfect combination. I do have a solar panel that will charge the light stick. I keep the light stick fully charged so I know my cell phone can always be charged during a power outage. Sitting in the dark with a dead cell phone is not the time to wish you had a light and a way to charge your cell phones. Now is the time to get prepared before something does happen. You can purchase the Sunjack Waterproof LightStick for $45 dollars at SunJack.com.

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Prepper Survival Rations

Preppers Making Your Own Survival Rations

You have probably heard of “Hardtack” but do you know what it is made of. It is simply flour, water and sometimes salt. In years past in particular during the Civil War salt was difficult to obtain because of blockades and the fact many people simply lacked the money. Flour however was available because farmers could mill their own or have it milled locally.

Hardtack is often times referred to as pilot bread, ship’s biscuit, shipbiscuit, sea biscuit, cabin bread, and sea bread.

For traditional Hardtack you need four to five cups of flour, 3 teaspoons of salt and enough water to create a dry yet pliable mixture. Once the mixture is ready simply roll out roughly one half inch thick and cut into squares or round biscuits and poke holes in the mixture to prevent puffing, and uneven baking. Then place on an un-greased baking sheet and cook for 30 minutes at 375. For long sea voyages bakers would bake the sea biscuits up to four times, to ensure they held up for months at sea.

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Survival Uses PVC

13 Survival Uses for PVC

PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride is one of the most, if not the most, widely used plastic piping today. It is relatively inexpensive, comes in various diameters, and can be joined together with solvent and PVC cement.

Because of the various diameters, and the fact it is impervious to water and decay, PVC pipe is ideal for storing items, survival items, for example, in the ground. PVC pipe can be made into survival gear as well, and what it can be used for or made into is only limited by your imagination.

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