Volcano Grill 3 Grilled Burgers

Volcano 3™ Collapsible Grill/Stove Review

I wouldn’t necessarily categorize the Volcano 3 as a survival stove, though; it could be used as one. The reason being is the weight. At 25 pounds, it would be difficult to pack in a survival kit and tote around the backwoods. We can call it the perfect Prepper stove however.

This stove is capable of providing you and your family three meals a day for as long as it takes during any crisis or emergency. I like that it collapses to five inches with a quick snap of the wrists. It is ready to pack away in minutes after you have let it cool down, of course, and remember to be responsible when disposing of hot ashes from a wood or charcoal fire, and never use this stove in an enclosed area even if you are cooking with it using propane.

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Cat Tourniquet and Israeli Bandage

Israeli Bandage and the CAT Tourniquet Why They Should Be In Your Medical Kit

In an emergency, you may very well have to administer first aid to others and to yourself. It may be a matter of life and death. Rapid loss of blood from a severed artery is fatal if the bleeding is not stopped within seconds in some cases.

Having the right bandages and the right tourniquet in your field medical kit and knowing how to apply them both can be a lifesaver.

Arteries and Veins

Arteries carry blood from the heart, so if an artery is severed or damaged in some way, the heart is literally pumping blood out of the wound. While on the other hand, veins carry blood from various organs back to the heart, and so the blood is not under as much pressure as it flows through the veins, because it is not being pumped directly from the heart.

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JD Dutra Dark Ages 2020

JD Dutra’s Dark Ages: 2020 Review

It’s not often that when you’re reading a book that you stop for a second and go, “Wait, is this happening right now? In real life!” Well I found myself thinking that one too many times in JD Dutra’s Dark Ages: 2020. This is the tale of a Secret Society that sets out to initiate their plan of a “better world”. We follow a cast of extremely relatable characters in their attempts at keeping a “life” together amidst all that’s going on. There’s also something very dark and disturbing lurking in the shadows of the story that brings an element of mystery into the plot, for a very enjoyable read.

A New World Order has devised a plan: To wipe out majority of the world’s population, which enables them to bring about a new era of their design. This isn’t the first time either, the same group was responsible for The Black Plague. Which in turn resulted in The Renaissance. Their ties are global, their history is ancient, and their power is unmatched. To make matters worse, the president of the United States is starting to have his doubts about the entire plan itself.

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Benefits Fishing Polarized Sunglasses

The Benefits of Fishing with Polarized Sunglasses

First, what do polarized lenses do, and then we will discuss the benefits to anglers.

When light is reflected from a smooth surface such as water it is what is referred to as “horizontally polarized”, which simply means instead of being scattered in all directions, it is more focused in a horizontal direction, which causes intense and sometimes dangerous glare.

Polarized lenses block this type of glare or reflected light. When wearing polarized lenses, even on cloudy days you will notice the haze or halo is reduced or eliminated as well.

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camouflage netting

Camouflage Netting: Do You Need It

There are two schools of thought when it comes to camouflage. In one camp, you have those that believe that camouflage netting is a red flag, you are hiding something obviously, so further investigation is warranted, which no one wants. No netting means that no one is the wiser, nothing to see here, so move along is the thinking of some.

The second camp scratches their head, however, at this statement, because, you do have something to hide, and the whole concept of netting is to make things appear as if nothing is there.

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Peppermint Forty2 Pro+ 1000 Solar Generator

Peppermint Forty2 Pro+ 1000 Solar Generator

During a SHTF scenario, you will run out of gasoline, diesel, propane, and natural gas supplies will be disrupted, but sunshine, well the sun is not going away anytime soon. Some might say a volcano or comet strike can create so much ash and dust that the sun will be blocked, so what good is a solar generator then. Well if you are convinced either of the two will happen soon, then so be it, but for everyone else, you can still rely on sunshine while every other energy source is long been depleted.

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Hiking Skills

Hiking Skills: Back To the Basics

Yes, there are some skills required when it comes to trekking around in the backwoods. Well marked hiking trails are one thing, while hiking through thick brush, over loose shale and crossing waterways is something else entirely.

Hiking through an urban environment to escape the chaos, also has its own set of challenges, as well, that you would not encounter on a well defined and well used hiking trail.

Some people, when they hear the term bugging-out, naturally assume they will be hiking out of their predicament, because roads will be shut down and/or gridlocked. This may very well be the case, and if you are not ready to be on your feet in the same clothes for hours or even days at a time with weight in your pack, you will not fare well at all.

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Relocating Before the SHTF

Relocating Before the SHTF

The So-Called Safe Places Are Safe Now But What About When The SHTF

What about when the SHTF, will those so-called safe places the online experts are telling you to head for now be safe once a disaster strikes.

Survival books and articles online are telling everyone who will listen that they need to get out of the cities, get out of dodge, and head for the wilderness now. Find a small community as quickly as possible, and move there quickly is another recommendation you will find. There are lists scattered about the Internet proclaiming the safest places to be once the SHTF, how do they know though. How do you know?

We as humans can somewhat predict what may happen in the future based on events in the past, but this is by no means a guarantee because none of us have ever experienced a 12.0 magnitude earthquake, or lived through a comet strike, or survived an asteroid the size of Rhode Island striking earth.

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Paraffin Wax

4 Survival Uses for Paraffin Wax

Paraffin wax is a white or colorless soft solid derivable from petroleum, coal, or oil shale. The wax is solid at room temperature and begins to melt at around 99 °F (37° C). Its boiling point is plus or minus 698 °F.

The wax was first created in the 1850’s and it wasn’t long after that it began to replace tallow candles and whale oil as lighting for homes. People found that paraffin candles burned much more cleanly than tallow ones, and the wax was readily available and easy to work with.

The most common applications for paraffin wax include lubrication, electrical insulation, and candle making.

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Chuck Wagon Cooking: When the Power Goes Out

Cooking without electricity for an extended period (months) is not the type of cooking many of us have ever experienced. Of course, we cook over open fires when camping overnight or when the electricity is out for a few days, but when the power is out for weeks or months and the propane bottles run empty cooking becomes much more difficult.

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