How to Make a Paperclip Safety Pin

Paperclip Safety Pin

Paperclip Safety Pin


Here are a few simple steps to turn a paperclip into a safety pin. It doesn’t work with all paper clips because some are cheaply made, but it could work in a pinch if you needed a safety pin for a bandage.


Step 1:  On the outer piece about 1/2 to 1/3 the way up make a 90 degree bend like the picture below.

Paperclip safety pin first bend.


Step 2:  Next take your multi-tool pliers and make a loop in the section that you made the 90 degree bend on.

Paperclip safety pin bend 2


Step 3: Next take your multi-tool pliers and grab the clip  at the other loop and start to bend your spring.

Paperclip safety pin bend 3

Paperclip safety pin bend 4

Step 4:  You can now straighten out the other loop like so.

Paperclip safety pin bend 5

Step 5: Just twist your catch loop a little and a little upward bend on your pin section and it should be good to go.

Paperclip Safety Pin