How to Make a Paracord Fishing Lure

Paracord fishing lure

So you need to catch a fish for food to survive, you have a simple fishing kit and some paracord, but you don’t have any bait. Well no worries below I will show you how to make a simple fishing lure with just some paracord and a hook.


Step 1:  Take a piece of paracord and pull about an inch of the inner strands out.

Paracord lure


Step 2: Slide the end of the hook inside the paracord like so.

Paracord Lure step 2


Step 3: Next cut the paracord flush with the end of the hook.

Fishing lure paracord


Step 4: Singe the end of the paracord so it can’t slip off the end of the hook.



Step 5: Unwind the inner strands and drag your nail on them to fluff them up.



Step 6: Take one inner stand from a piece of paracord and tie it around paracord securing it to the hook.

Paracord fishing lure


Here are the instructions on video