Peace Through Strength It Really Does Work

Peace Through Strenght Works

The phrase “peace through strength” has been around for millennia and many have claimed it as their own, or have used it as if it were their own. Roman generals have been known to use the, phrase centuries ago. The American Security Council Foundation owns the trademark for the phrase however, so credit is given to the foundation.

The meaning or interpretation is that strength of arms is a necessary component of peace. The phrase can be applied to many circumstances however. If you are seen as ready for anything, then people or countries are less apt to test your ability.

You can apply this to prepping as well and ultimately to the defense of your home and possessions. Being prepared for war, as many military tacticians would tell you, is in and of itself a deterrent to war. Being prepared means in many cases, you do not need to exercise those preparations.

Will it work for civil unrest however? Subsequently, peace must be wanted, in other words, peace must be sought and sought through strength. How can peace through strength be applied to the turmoil in Ferguson Mo.?

Many claim that the mere presence of armed police and the National Guard is what is causing the turmoil. This is not causing the turmoil but it is being used as an excuse for the turmoil.

When people fear the presence of peacekeepers then one has assume peace is not sought by those making the statements against an armed police force. Those that insist on peace must prepare for war to accomplish their goals.

There is evil, and there are evil doers in the world, even in small communities where you live. It can manifest itself at anytime, and if not stifled it will flourish. Peace does not come about as a natural thing it must be worked for, it takes action by others, and sometimes it requires force to accomplish.

Peace through Prepping

If you are ready, then the crisis or situation is far less daunting, and in some cases, because of your preparedness, it may not be a crisis after all. You must seek peace however, you must want it, in the case of prepping; you must want peace of mind that only comes from being ready.

You can avoid certain situations, just like the concept that to make ready for war may mean you can avoid war. The same with prepping, you make preparations that allow you to avoid certain situations.

You cannot let the situation control you, you have to have control of it and playing catch up with your preparedness means you have lost control. Just like in Ferguson Mo., the authorities lost control from the onset and are now playing catch up, and this may have caused them to overreact. The intent here is to show you that being ready for war, if you will, means different things to different people. A crisis is something that you have to prepare for to avoid the worst of it.