The Perfect Everyday Carry Handcuff Key

Everyday Carry Handcuff Key

With home invasions on the rise knowing how to break free from zip ties and being able to escape from handcuffs could save your life. With THINKs new concealable handcuff key you now won’t ever have to worry about being illegally detained by a criminal. The key is designed to be part of your everyday carry so it’s there when you need it.

You can attach the key to your belt loop, pants pocket, shirt tag, tie, socks or even on the inside of your underwear waistband. Attach it anywhere you can easily access it when you are cuffed. You can purchase this universal handcuff key in a 2-pack for $12.00 at which is affordable enough so you can give one to everyone in your family. Check your local laws before making it a part of your everyday carry.