Plan On Hunting For Food When SHTF? Think Again!


So your plan is to hunt to provide food for your family in a post collapse scenario?  You may want to reconsider that plan.  Many folks think  they will just step into their back yards and bring home the big haul.  After all, there are wild animals abound on your property, aren’t there?  You may have access to hunting land nearby or may even hunt from your back porch.  You may see a dozen deer every night at dusk traipse by, but this won’t be the case shortly after the grocery store shelves are empty.  Wild game will  become scarce or disappear very quickly in a national grid down scenario.

Most people do not realize is that the population of popular game animals might not be what they think.  In North America it is a rite of passage for many individuals to hunt for White Tailed Deer every fall.  Reports of hundreds of thousands of deer are taken each hunting season in a majority of States in the US.  Behind the scenes is a complex herd management system that carefully controls the populations of these animals.  The surprising fact is there are approximately only 30 million deer living in the United States.  Contrast that with a population of over 300 million people and the issue with relying on hunting for sustenance begins to make sense.

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