Do It Yourself Prepper Security

do it yourself prepper security

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“It” happened a while ago now. After the initial panic, the riots, looting, and pandemonium ensued. You stood guard nightly. You had carefully chosen your little slice of Earth, far from any major city. You did so knowing you might avoid the heartbreak, strife, and eventual death that befell many. The survivors left the cities, the low lifes followed. Will the danger ever subside? Who knows. You lay awake each night, each noise echoes through the house. “Was that an animal or intruder” flashes through your mind with each sound.

Security is a very important and overlooked part of prepping. You can spend your entire life preparing, making sure you have enough food, a good clean source of water, medical supplies, etc. only to have it taken by someone who didn’t bother to prep. Security is ensuring that you have the best possible response plan to stop this person. That plan includes knowing they are there as soon as possible, the earlier you detect an intruder, the more time you have to react. What can you do? This article from the Tin Hat Ranch shows you some of the ways you can prepare your property with SHTF friendly security:

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