Preppers: 5 Things to Ask Your Doctor

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Preppers: Staying Healthy Is Important

If you are not reasonably fit, survival tasks will be more difficult to accomplish during a crisis, if they can be done at all. Our physical activity levels will increase during a disaster, because we all have become accustomed to having power equipment to do many of our tasks for us. Power equipment that will not be operational during a crisis.

Instead of walking and carrying, we have motor vehicles to do the work for us. We have powerboats instead of canoes, which require paddling for fishing. All manner of motor vehicles carry us to the woods to hunt animals and then the fresh kills are carted back by motor vehicles.

Once the country runs out of fuel during a crisis, you will have to get where you are going on foot. Are you up to the task?

It Does Not Happen Over Night

No one but you and your doctor really know or understand your fitness level or overall health. Body shapes and appearances mean nothing when it gets down to the bolt cutting, either you are fit enough for the task ahead or you are not, and if not, you do have time to improve your overall health. However, if you do not have any idea of your overall health, you may be putting your life in jeopardy during a crisis.

Things You Should Ask Your Doctor

1.) Are You Diabetic or Pre Diabetic
This may seem an odd question for some people, because who does not know if they are diabetic or not. Millions in fact do not know they have diabetes or have pre diabetes, according to some studies. Not knowing means, you are not controlling it, which of course has serious health ramifications. Controlling it in most cases requires medications that you will not have during a crisis if you are not aware.

If you find yourself in a survival situation, and you do not know it, then you may very well suffer serious if not fatal complications. Diets will change in a crisis and you may very well consume foods that will exacerbate your condition.

2.) Do You Have High Blood Pressure
High blood pressure is a killer, and you need to control it, but to control it you need to know if it is a problem. Strokes and heart attacks can happen at any age, because of high blood pressure and people are having coronary problems at a much earlier age than one would expect. Know what yours is and treat it. It will be important, because a crisis will increase the stress level of everyone. Certain emergency foods may have a higher amount of sodium or higher amounts than you are accustomed to.

3.) Do You Have Asthma or Some Other Breathing Problem You May Not Be Aware Of
Stress can bring on an asthma attack and if you do not know you have the condition, it is not likely you have the proper medication to treat it. Certain conditions can be fatal if not properly treated. During an emergency is not the time to find out you have a problem that requires medication, oxygen or immediate treatment. Keep in mind emergency medical care during a crisis will be limited if there is any at all.

A simple test by your health care provider can determine if you have any type of breathing problem. If you do find you, have a breathing or lung problem you would need to ensure you have portable oxygen tanks, and medications for emergencies. Obviously, any oxygen generating system for the home that relies on electricity may not be operable during a crisis.

4.) Do You Know if You Are Allergic To Food or Insects
Anaphylactic shock can kill you and if you are not aware of certain food or insect allergies, you may be put into a life-threatening situation that requires an injection of epinephrine. If you do not realize you are allergic to bees for example, again it is not likely you would have the proper medication.

Keep in mind your diet will change and other people may be preparing foods for you at shelters or disaster relief center. Foods you may not be accustomed to or possibly allergic too.

5.) Ask Your Doctor to provide you with At Least a 30-Day Emergency Supply of Medications
If you need medication on a regular basis now, you will need them during a crisis. You may not be able to get to the doctor or pharmacy so it is important you have enough. Maintenance medications often times can be refilled for 90 days at a time if you use Meds by mail. This means you would typically have a supply on hand if you cannot get out of your driveway due to a disaster. Meds by mail may be the solution for you. It is certainly worth looking into.

Have an honest talk with your health care provider and lay out your concerns. Doctors are just like you and they understand the need for everyone to be prepared.