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Is There an App for When the Lights Go Out

It seems that life is now ruled by apps. You can download a meditation app that reminds you to stop, breathe, and calm down. It has soothing pictures and music to help you unwind because obviously people are too busy to remember to relax these days.

A timer app allows you to focus for 30 minutes, intently mind you, on any task. A buzzer goes off at the end of 30 minutes because you simply cannot break away to glance at a clock. The theory of relativity now makes perfect sense after just 30 minutes of intense focus.

There is an app that reminds you to say sweet things to your significant other. Life is so hectic that people have to be reminded that they even have a significant other and that they must say nice things to them once in awhile. It is an app where you set it and forget it, it automatically sends the messages, because, well because you are simply too busy to do it yourself.

Let us not forget there are apps that allow you to track your significant other as well. Stopping off for bread and milk or working late, really, well the app says different. Is there an app that packs your bags and then tosses them to the curb? Someone needs to get on it then.

Oh Yes There Are Survival Apps Too

Learn how to pack a survival bag, make a fire, land navigate and find water. There are first aid apps as well, which are probably a good idea to have on your phone for everyday accidents, and misfortunes.

Of course, you can download hundreds of survival manuals and store them on your phone for quick reference. Of course, they can only be referenced if you still have a cell phone once the SHTF. There is even an app that shows you how to tie knots to keep your gear lashed to your backpack.

Is it counterintuitive, to depend on technology that is so coupled with the comforts of civilization for survival. Some may think it is and believe reliance on technology will be the eventual downfall of us all. Then there are those that simply do not know of life before cell phones and computers, where an application meant you were applying paint to your walls. A phone was stationary and you had to sit by it to talk, because it was connected to the wall, no wandering aimlessly into walls while chattering away.

The fact that some have to rely on technology or think they have to must then be prepared to power their gadgets when the lights go out. This can become an endless cycle though. Too many people want to live as well after the lights go out as they did before. This is impossible, and it is something that everyone has to face.

It makes sense to have solar power available. You should always be seeking ways to improve the quality of your life regardless of the situation. This is how we all ended up with technology in the first place, by people, wanting to improve the quality of their life, but at some point you will have to learn survive without it.

You have to compromise to survive. You cannot live, as well during a crisis as you did before, that should be apparent. You can however, make life easier by having gadgets but with the knowledge it is only a temporary thing, because during an extended crisis all electronics will eventually cease to operate.

You simply cannot rush to your phone in every situation to look up what you need to do. As much as you rely on technology, technology relies on you even more for its power source, because without it gadgets are only so much clutter underfoot.

This article is not a rant by any means, and it is not meant to give the impression apps are a “bad thing”. Embrace technology, while at the same time learn to survive without it. This article is simply a reminder that we all tend to rely on things that we cannot control and thus are apt to be controlled by them.

In a survival situation, you probably will not be able to access technology or at least not to the extent, you do now. Ask yourself what happens if, I cannot look something up on my Smartphone or computer.

First aid apps are great but do you have first aid skills or can you only follow the instructions on your cell phone, instructions that may not be available one day. Being able to follow an itemized list is not the same as having knowledge.