Preppers Passing the Baton: Who Can Take Over If You Fall?

Preppers passing the baton

In some families or groups, one person may have more of a desire for, or commitment to prepping than other members may. You may even be dealing with a spouse, partner or children that believe you have slid off the rails.

One-sided prepping is difficult, and it makes the one committed to it feel like they are shouldering the entire burden. You may even resent the fact that no one else is as passionate about it as you are.

Here you are taking on the responsibility for their safety and they do not appreciate it. You grit your teeth and wonder how they cannot see what you see, how is it they do not understand the danger out there.

You may have to change how you approach the situation, because everyone must be onboard when it comes to prepping. If no one but you knows the plan then your family may be left wandering aimlessly during a crisis if you are out of action for whatever reason. However important you may think it is, it may be difficult to convince someone else of the need. This kind of a relationship creates a dilemma in an actual crisis.

Even if your spouse or partner is onboard with your prepping, they may be simply indulging you and they may not be as committed if they are even paying attention at all, to what you are doing. This still leaves you with the problem of what happens if, you are taken out early in the game.

Has Happened Can Happen Is Happening Now

Instead of trying to convince your spouse, partner or even children of the possibility of an EMP caused by a solar flare talk to them about things they can see happening now or things that have happened.

Unemployment is real and a real possibility in anyone’s family. It is likely that you and your family members know of someone that has lost their job, and realizes it is a crisis for that person or family. It is disaster, and one that must be prepared for. Everyone can understand it, and everyone can see the need to prepare for it.

Once the money stops your need for food, water and energy does not stop. Regardless of the disaster the needs for you and your family will always be the same, you will need shelter, food, water, and energy and in most cases a home defense plan. You can prepare for these types of disasters now, and your spouse or partner cannot deny the need if presented this way.

Banks collapse all the time, the one down the street that has your savings and checking can fail at any time. This type of crisis must be prepared for. Everyone can relate to it, and can understand the need to be ready.

Everyone understands natural disasters and the need to prepare for them. What family has not experienced a disruption in utilities? The next natural disaster may cause a power disruption for weeks or months instead of a few hours or days.

The stock market can collapse, it has before, the economy make tank, and some believe it already has. Energy may get so expensive that only the very wealth will have access. Cars may become a luxury that only a few can enjoy. This is something that most people can understand if they stop and think about it.

The situations presented above are not abstract theories conjured up by so-called experts playing with computer models, they are real, they are tangible things. If the financial system in this country collapses, for example, it will lead to an energy shortage, which will lead to power disruptions and water shortages because treatment plants will be shut down and the list goes on.

You can easily show someone how the markets can collapse, and then begin to point out the effects certain disasters will have on the country and on your family more specifically.

This brings it back to the original point. You cannot be the only one that knows the plan. Will your family survive when an EMP does occur, or a massive earthquake takes out half of the country’s power grid or a hacker shuts down the entire system?

Get everyone onboard and understand not everyone thinks like you no matter how long you have lived with him or her. Humans like all mammals mark territorial boundaries. In humans, this is called their comfort zone. Many people essentially live in a protective bubble, they travel the same roads every day, visit the same stores, and see the same people usually. You cannot just burst in one day, start talking about doomsday, and expect to convince people of it happening anytime soon.

What you can do is show them what has happened what can happen and what is happening now to help them understand the need to be prepared. People often times need to arrive at the same conclusions that you have on their own. Essentially ordering everyone to follow you and do what you say is not the answer. They need to know the reasons why it is important to prepare and once they do, they will be a willing participant.

Everyone in the family or group must know what to do in the event of a disaster. Someone besides you must know how to use a firearm. Someone else must know the evacuation routes, where any emergency supplies may be cached and so on. Share what you know with everyone in the family so they have the skills and knowledge to pick up the baton and carry on if you get injured or otherwise cannot make decisions.