Preppers: Time for a Reality Check

Reality Check

Do not let Your Reactions Create a Crisis in and of Itself

Where to go, where no to go, what to do and what not to do, an information blitz is at full throttle due to recent events around the world and from events right here in The United States.

Information all over the Internet tells you where you should go, and where you should not go in the event of an EMP, nuclear strike, chemical or biological attack and if Yellowstone blows its cork. Well if you are reading it, then possibly millions of others are as well, so imagine you show up at what you thought was a remote safe haven to find a community has sprung up overnight.

Some out there that advocate bugging-out will have you believe they have reinvented the wheel. The places they tell you to evacuate too are not owned by them, in fact, they do not know who owns the land, but one thing is for sure you probably do not own the land. The places they tell you, you should not be in are nothing more than heavily populated areas, but they are populated for a reason, because people live and work there, people want to be there for the most part.

If everyone followed the advice of some about where not to be, then all that is being accomplished is moving one metropolitan area to a new location. Mass migration means the people have to end up somewhere, and that somewhere will end up being a heavily populated area prone to attacks, and with all the troubles heavily populated areas experience. Same stuff different pile only.

If essentially the whole world knows how the American citizens will react to an attack then where does that leave you? Everyone knows, so what value is the information once everyone knows about it, nil is what it is worth. The value of gold would be nothing if everyone had a gold mine in his or her backyard. Common sense should tell us the so-called danger zones have changed location to where everyone is supposedly going to end up, if people follow what some are advocating.

Do you see where this is going here? It is common sense to avoid heavily populated areas during any crisis if you can. Metropolitan areas have always been targets, and will continue to be targets. As a previous article had asked, will people really flee the cities when the SHTF. The answer is anyone’s guess really, but panicked citizens will create a crisis beyond what caused the panic in the first place.

Obviously, you do not want to live in the shadows of a volcano, on a fault line, a few feet from the ocean or in tornado alley if you can avoid it, but where are you going to live where there is zero chance of a disaster happening. An attack could happen in a city hundreds or thousands of miles from where you live, but your community will still suffer from the affects of the attack.

Another obvious fact is that the highways and roads will be congested due to evacuations so this is something that has to be considered, where do you think you can flee to now however, where there is not a road or highway? If you live near one now, there are certain dangers, but does this mean you pack up, and try to find an area without highways and roads, maybe for some but not for most people. The fact is most people will be fleeing one crisis only to find themselves in another. The reactions of people will create a crisis in and of itself and this is something you want to avoid.

Facts That Should be Obvious to Everyone

Heavily populated areas are targets of terrorist, because more people mean more deaths from an attack. These areas have more crime, more diseases and civil unrest is always a possibility. If you live in a heavily populated area then you may be at a higher risk, so does this mean you pick another city, or try to find a remote area to build a cabin and become a hermit, well these are questions that only you can answer. When the SHTF and if people begin to flee there is now another crisis to contend with.

Common sense always prevails along with common sense preparations. Do your threat assessments and do not forget natural disasters.

Given the number of threats out there, everyone, everywhere is essentially at risk. The threats include stolen Jetliners in Libya, which can be used for an attack, to an uncontrollable Ebola outbreak to ISIS terrorist possibly being just miles south of our borders.

Where can you go that you could avoid all threats? You obviously want to avoid any obvious ones, but do not let your fear control your actions, because you will end up jumping from the frying pan into the fire.