Preppers: Time to Regroup and Make Sure You Have All the Bases Covered

Covering all your bases

“ISIS seizes uranium from a lab; experts downplay ‘dirty bomb’ threat” (Chiaramonte, 2014).

Absorb that bit of information over your morning cup. Low-grade, “un-enriched” uranium was seized from a Mosul University science lab inside of Iraq. This particular heist in and of itself is not dangerous as of yet, but the intentions of the group is what should worry everyone. It is the mindset, of the terror group that is troubling, and it shows where their strategies lay. It is real and it is only a matter of time.

It is obvious that terror groups are looking for nuclear material, and when the occasion presents itself, they will steal it. The current situation in the world today is such that more and more opportunities will present themselves, so it is time to sit up and take notice.

Experts are quick to point out that the material is not deadly enough to be an effective dirty bomb, but it is still uranium after all. If not used or deadly enough for a dirty bomb, the material can certainly be used to contaminate food and water sources.

It is a matter of semantics when experts stress it cannot do much damage. What constitutes “much” only 5,000 die from radioactive poisoning versus 10,000 if a dirty bomb is detonated in a heavily populated area?

One of the problems is that everyone except a handful of high-level individuals close to the matter knows how deadly the uranium really is. Essentially the world is taking the word of just a few people that may have an interest in keeping things low keyed. No one wants to be a chicken little running around screaming the sky is falling, but would we be informed even if the sky were falling.

This is not the time to panic however, and start spending hard-earned money on protective gear that you really have no idea whether it works or not. Double-check your preps, because if an area is contaminated you will not be able to stay in that area, so relocation would be necessary for survival. If you have a protective bunker then you may be in it for an extended period.

Threat analysis shows that the threat of a nuclear detonation inside the country is low right now. However, smugglers carrying radioactive material could conceivably enter this country. This could affect you, because when they are caught with the material, your town or neighborhood would be quarantined. You would be forced to leave, and for how long is anybody’s guess. You may also be quarantined inside your own home as well.

The person (s) carrying the material may not know how to handle it, and this may contaminate an area before anyone is aware of it. They could simply leave the material lying on the street in some scenarios, as well, because they were too scared to handle it any longer.

The materials could be smuggled on a train moving through your community or by vehicle, no one knows, and most of us would not likely find out until the damage is done. You have to maintain a state of readiness. Previous articles have not necessarily advocated the need for bugging-out, and if your town was quarantined because radioactive material was discovered, it would not be a typical bugging-out scenario.

Your level of contamination is determined by distance from the material, time exposed to the material and the type of material. You would have to evacuate, and you will need the means to do so. Shelters may become available at some point, if the crisis is an extended one, but shelters could take several days or even weeks before they would be offered. This is something you would need to be prepared for.

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