Prepping: Knowing The Enemy

 Know your enemy

There are numerous articles on the Internet about so-called prepping strategies that are nothing more than smash and grabs. The plan is straightforward, and according to some they will let others do the heavy lifting, and then when the SHTF the geniuses would swoop in and take what they need.

Is there a new breed of Prepper emerging?

There are criminals today and there will be criminals after a crisis strikes. Many of the ones that are thinking about taking what they need will likely end up in confinement before disaster strikes, or neutralized rather quickly after. Some will be a problem of course, but they may not be as big of a problem as you might imagine.

One threat is the level of incompetency in all levels of government. This is simply an unpleasant fact. During the course of a normal day, you may not have as much interaction, with your local, state or federal government the scope of the problem is less evident. However, during a crisis, you may be forced to deal with it, and it can be a threat to your survival if you come to rely on them for answers.

Threat Evaluation

Frankly, the biggest threat will come from those people that feel they have to turn to crime to survive in the days after a crisis, people that may live next door or those that had taught your children in school and even your friends and acquaintances.

Some advocate keeping all of your prepping strategies to yourself while the prepping community as a whole often times encourages others to participate. In other words, get the word out, because the more people prepared the less burden they will be during a crisis.

The concept of getting everyone involved looks good on paper, but how many of those that you or your group have recruited actually follow through. People sometimes join groups just to be part of a group, any group. Once inside they know the plans, they know the concept but do not have any real intentions of following through, in other words they will never become a Prepper.

In most cases there is not anything nefarious going on, they are just being human. People get excited about something and then lose interest quickly, because they do not believe anything will ever happen, or nothing has happened yet.

Once something does happen however, a new breed of criminals is born, born out of desperation and failure on their part. This will be the real threat in the days after a crisis strikes, because they fit in and know where to go for the things they need.

You May Be Looking In the Wrong Direction

You have heard the term inside job. It simply means someone with information on the inside, information that someone on the outside looking in would not have. Those having information about your plans can and will be a threat to you and your family during a crisis.

There will be marauding bands of criminals of course but your home will look like any other for the most part so the law of averages come into play. Gangs roving about will likely choose randomly unless they have inside information, so if you live in a large community you have the law of averages on your side. On the other hand, if all of your neighbors and those you tried to recruit into the prepping community know of your plans the law of averages means you will be targeted by those that know you.

You have to look inside for the threats, as much, if not more so than outside. Much of course depends upon the crisis so your response has to be proportionate to the threat.

During an extended crisis, for example, you may very well have to worry about redistribution plans concocted by the local authorities and others in the community. This type of threat is quite likely, more so, than armed militia units going door-to-door.

Plans can be as simple as, if you have two of something, and your neighbor has none, you would be expected to give up one, so you both are left with one. However, if the authorities or others do not know that you have two of something then you do not have to give up one. Keeping secrets is important, no matter how much you want to share your expertise and preparations with others.

Prepare, Defend and Respond Sensibly

Use common sense and logic when devising security plans, primarily armed responses to hostile acts. The facts are you cannot as an individual or as a group defend against a well armed and well- trained army. You probably could not defend against a trained military squad. Some of you may have the skills and the will to do so, but you will always be engaging from a defensive position, you would not be the aggressor.

You need weapons and you need to know how to use them, but you also need to know when you are “outgunned”. Your objective as a Prepper is to prepare for all eventualities and not just prepare for the last stand.

You need to concentrate on the threat at hand based on a sensible threat analysis and not some scenario based on some Internet musings. More often than not, those with conspiracy theories do not believe them themselves, nor do they have any facts to back up their statements. They are simply looking to elicit a response for any number of reasons.

The Internet is full of talk, so take everything with a grain of salt, and prepare for the threats you know are coming. Some of those threats are a lot closer than you may think. Anything is possible however, but to prepare and defend sensibly, figure out what is most likely to happen.