Raising Chickens 101: Brooder Basics

Chicken brooder basics

Chickens are a great way to move yourself one step closer to self-sufficiency, if you can fill a feeder, a drinker, and dump out some wood shavings, you too can raise some chicks. So if you have been thinking about raising some then now is the time to start, most farm supply stores and even some garden centers will carry baby chicks, especially during the spring. If you wait much longer though you might miss out and your chicks might possibly not start laying until next spring. Before you get your new chicks home you’re going to need to know a few things, our good friends over at TinHatRanch.com took the plunge and are going to walk you through brooder basics  in this excellent video below. So watch the video below and then head on over to your local Tractor Supply and pick up some chicks and take your next step to becoming more self sufficient.