Do You Really Need That to Survive?

Do you need that to survive

We are starting a series of articles on gear, material, and supplies for survival that you may or may not need. Finances are a big problem when it comes to prepping, and if you are avid readers of survival forums, websites, and blogs then you are inundated with recommendations on gear and supplies, the problem, however, is money.

Many of the sites do a good job of convincing you that you need a certain product or you won’t survive. We here always try to present the pros and con’s, who may benefit the most from a product and in some cases, may state a certain product is not for everyone.

You as a Prepper have to consider all aspects with the financial aspect front and center in most cases. Will a certain piece of gear help you, will it pay for itself, and how easy is it to use all have to be considered when buying gear and products.

Money is not always a consideration when buying a product. Your safety is, as well, along with avoiding cluttering up your survival backpack, with needless items, and not to mention adding weight.

It is easy to get lulled into a sense of security or even accomplishment if you think you have gear that does it all. Gear fails and some products do live up to the hype. You have to know what you need to survive and then make sure you have what you need to meet the basics for survival. The basics for survival in all situations, and given the threats out there today, you may find yourself in one that you never imagined could happen.

You can’t afford financially or from a safety standpoint to buy gear and equipment that doesn’t work or cost you your hard-earned dollars and is not up to the job.

Instead of reaching for your wallet, maybe do some research on the product first, and evaluate whether it is a true piece of survival gear or just a shiny, looks good Rambo knife for example. There will always be reviews online for any gear out there, so check several places and do a careful evaluation before buying.

Reinventing the mousetrap does not necessarily make it better, and yet some of the survival gear out there is just a flashy version of what has been around for years in some cases. You don’t need to buy a Rube Goldberg contraption to crack an egg.

A previous article talked about freeze-dried foods and should you buy one to do your own. You have to decide and don’t take our word for anything, do independent research and then decide.

The next article we will choose a piece of gear or equipment and discuss its survival value.