Schrade SCAXE2 Extreme Survival Hatchet Review

Schrade Survival Axe with Sheath

Manufactures Specifications and Description

  • Overall length is 1.8″ (30.0cm)
  • Weight 2lbs
  • Length of handle is 5.2″ (13.2cm)
  • Blade length is 3.8″ (9.6cm)
  • Blade material is 3Cr13 stainless steel
  • The head is connected/fused to a solid glass-fiber-filled (PA5.2) handle
  • Ergonomic rubberized handle
  • Includes a thermoplastic sheath with snap for easy access

Schrade has once again come up with a product that makes practical sense. The Schrade SCAXE2 Extreme Survival Hatchet is more than just a camp axe it is a survival hatchet. The Ferro rod in the handle is so simple I am surprised that not all hatchets come so equipped.

The hatchet has a striking pommel that can actually be used for striking nails, wooden stakes or even for some emergency flint knapping or breaking rocks. In an extreme survival situation, you can use the hatchet to make an emergency egress for quick extraction if you find yourself trapped. The blade is made for chopping and splitting and the pommel can be used for blunt force strikes.

Schrade Axe Pommel

The hatchet can be used in any type of extreme weather situation. The blade is stainless steel, which means it corrosion/rust resistant, and the handle is rubberized and impervious to moisture so even when wet you can be assured of a solid grip.

The biggest problem I had always had with camp axes is where to carry one. Should I lash it to my pack, belt or simply slip the handle between my belt and waist. Hatchets always seemed to be in the way but every survival pack should have one and now with the Schrade, you can wear it on your belt just like any piece of survival gear. You can easily access the hatchet by unsnapping the holster and pulling the hatchet free one handed. The sheath has belt loops and grommets for lashing to a pack or even to a four-wheeler or any type of vehicle.

Schrade Axe Sheath

Note the snap on the sheath that has a slot for your fingers so opening the sheath is literally a snap.

Note the blade design and bevel of the edge, the way it is shaped makes the Schrade Hatchet ideal for splitting and chopping. You have all used hatchets in the past and many of you have tried to split wood and the first thing you know the entire hatchet head is buried and jammed between the split pieces, and then you have to work just to free up the hatchet. The Schrade blade strikes and forces the wood apart as it drives down so it helps eliminate getting the head jammed in place. One good strike on seasoned wood and the job is done.

Schrade Survival Hatchet

The handle is shaped for swinging downward with force. A straight handled hatchet is simply not designed for striking and I always felt like my hands where going to get smashed when swinging and striking. Once you pick up the Schrade SCAXE2 Extreme Survival Hatchet, you just know it is made for hard work and you will immediately start looking for something to chop or split with it.

In a survival situation, you need shelter and fire almost right away in most cases and if you have a dependable survival hatchet and a Ferro rod, you have the means to make shelter and fire. With the Schrade Survival hatchet on your belt, you can be assured your chances of survival have dramatically increased.

Schrade Hatchet

To use the Ferro with your Schrade Extreme Survival Hatchet simply drag the rod along the side of the hatchet head, (not along the blade) to remove the coating. Once you see the shiny material underneath then pull the rod along the side of the hatchet, I found the edge of the pommel to be the best place. Pull toward you to direct the spark toward your tinder bundle.

The Schrade SCAXE2 Extreme Survival Hatchet is ideal for bug-out-bags, survival kits and even home disaster kits for work around the home in an emergency. The survival hatchet is also ideal for hunters, campers and other outdoor enthusiasts. You can see a full line of schrade products at