The SIRT Training Pistol Review

SIRT Training Pistol

First, What Is Included With the SIRT Training Package

  • 1 SIRT Performer
  • Red Polymer Slide
  • Red Shot Indicating Laser
  • Red Trigger Prep Indicating Laser
  • Functional features of Glock™ 17/22
  • Standard Sights
  • Two weighted training magazines
  • NLT Intro Training DVD
  • NLT Shooting Glasses

Primarily the SIRT Training Pistol is a training and educational tool with safety in mind. You can train under virtually any conditions safely. If anyone claims they do not need additional, training or practice then they are deceiving him or herself.

With the SIRT, you can practice so-called unconventional draws, for example, from your waistband, coat pocket, purse and of course from a traditional belt or shoulder rig. There are some of course that are convinced that carrying a pistol in their pocket or even purse is dangerous, but with the proper training and practice, it is no more dangerous than carrying one in a standard holster.

There are many reasons why someone would carry a pistol in their waistband, pocket or cluttered purse or even in less conventional places. You still need quick access regardless of where it is carried. You can begin now learning how to draw your pistol when wearing a jacket, or from deep in your purse.

It may not seem important now but when you are moving quickly and your jacket is, flapping around it becomes important if you have never experienced it before. Try it and you will understand how something as simple as a jacket can be problematic when there is a need to draw your firearm. You need practice to learn how to overcome this and other obstacles that can interfere with your draw.

You simply cannot purchase a pistol, strap it to your body and assume you are protected. If you cannot draw, aim and fire quickly and accurately then there is no point to having a pistol.

Additionally, you need to practice changing out magazines on the fly. Quick magazine change over’s may not be a tactic you can practice on a traditional firing range, but if you cannot reload faster than your aggressor can, then you have a problem. Practice in the environment you expect to use your self-defense firearm.

Where do you carry your pistol and are you worried, you cannot draw it fast enough in that position. It can be difficult to practice with a real pistol in certain situations. Keep in mind many firing ranges do not allow you to practice certain tactics and you may not want to practice at home with your “real pistol” because of children or various other reasons. Now you can practice virtually anywhere so you can find the best place to carry your pistol for quick access.

Dry firing is a method for practicing when not at the range, but it is simply not the same in most cases, and beside you have damage to the firing pin to consider as well. The SIRT Training Pistol is perfect for dry fire exercises.

The SIRT Pistol is the ideal training tool for instructors. You can now essentially train in any environment safely. After all, you and your pupils will not likely be using your firearms for self-defense at the firing range, so why not train safely in the environment in which the pistol is most likely to be used. At home, in your vehicle, or even on a dark and deserted street are just some of the places.

The SIRT Training Pistol allows you to make mistakes that do not have life altering consequences. When practicing any survival technique you should always practice in a controlled environment so mistakes can be used as a learning experience.

The SIRT Training Pistol comes with two lasers, and they are very important ones. The first laser illuminates when pressure is applied to the trigger. This helps you develop trigger control, (to control the take up of the trigger), but keep in mind the lasers are not aiming tools.

The first laser is designed to help you “prep the trigger” before firing. The draw, the handgrip and bringing the weapon up is important, but if you cannot get a “feel” for the trigger then you will develop bad habits like jerking the trigger. This laser can be turned off at any time.

The second laser illuminates when the trigger breaks. Using the first and second laser correctly lets you know where you are with the trigger at all times. To recap, the first laser indicates when pressure is applied and then the second one illuminates when the trigger breaks.

With practice, you will have complete trigger control and this of course means greater accuracy even when firing in rapid succession. It will take practice and concentration, but once you have developed the right habits, follow up shots will be smooth and effortless.

Included with the package is a trigger adjustment tool so you can make adjustments to make it feel more like your own carry. Practice and more practice with the training pistol will reduce or eliminate your bad shooting habits.

Who Can Benefit From Having the SIRT Training Pistol?

Anyone that carries a pistol, or is considering carrying a pistol can benefit. There is probably no such thing as practicing too much. However, practicing with a real pistol can be problematic in some cases.

Instructors can now train in various environments and present different scenarios safely. Anyone that wants to practice at home, in his or her vehicle or anywhere for that matter can now do so without worry.

So before you spend another dime on ammo, I highly recommend that you take your training to the next level and give a SIRT training pistol a try. You can learn more about the SIRT Training Pistol at