Survival Fishing – How to Make a Gorge Hook

Gorge Hook

The gorge hook is one of the easiest types of primitive fishing hooks that you can make. It’s basically a small stick or bone sharpened to a point on each end. The theory behind the hook is when the fish takes the bait, the hook goes into the fish’s mouth straight. So when you tug on the line, the hook turns sideways and lodges in its throat. You want to match the size of the hook to the size of the fish you are going to catch, the larger the fish the larger the hook you are going to want to make.


Step 1: Find a stick that is made out of hard wood. I like to start with a larger stick and whittle it down to the size I need, but thats just me.

Gorge Hook Stick


Step 2: Sharpen both ends of the stick to desired diameter and length. You can use a knife or sharpen against a stone if you had to.

Gorge Hook Sharpened

Gorge hook fully sharpened



Step 3: Make a small groove in the center of the hook with your knife. This will help keep your line in place on the hook.

Gorge Hook Grooved


Step 4: Tie on your line, I use a Uni Knot. Next you spear your bait through the hook.

Gorge Hook

Uni Knot