Once Upon An Apocalypse: The Journey Home Review

People in the prepping community struggle all the time with the thought of, “What if I’m away from home, and more importantly, my family, when SHTF?” All of the gear and car emergency kits in the world won’t bring peace of mind about your loved one’s well being. The thought of how your surrounding community is holding up, also looms overhead. Once Upon An Apocalypse The Journey Home, follows two people at different preparedness levels on their perilous trip back to their families, after an Electromagnetic Pulse, or EMP attack.

John Carter and Jill Barnes had the typical big brother/little sister relationship in their younger days. Each went their own way as they grew older, each getting married and raising a family. Chance and possibly luck brings them together after an EMP hits the United States and leaves them stranded away from home. The story is told in a 2nd person point ­of ­view, with each chapter told from one of the main character’s perspectives. Keep that in mind and the story flows much smoother.

Readers will notice a lot of gear and terms commonly used in the preparing community. This makes for a more in depth experience, being able to visualise exactly what they’re using and how they’re using it. One interesting factor in the story is that the main characters are at different levels in being prepared. Without giving too much away, it’s interesting to see how one character views the other when the time comes for action.

Author Jeff Motes started the story out as a series of Facebook posts to engage friends into thinking more about what they would do in an emergency situation. It bloomed into a full fledged novel, full of hard times and even harder decisions. With the perspective in which the story is written, and the author’s knowledge of the preparedness world, Once Upon An Apocalypse makes for a very exciting read, and one that will certainly have you thinking, the next time you take a trip away from home. Get your copy of Once Upon an Apocalypse: The Journey Home on Amazon.

Review By: KYPrepper89