UVPaqlite Review

UVPaqlite Review

The UVPaqlite is designed to be an “all night, night light”. This amazing product uses a combination of earth’s rare minerals to produce crystals that allow for the capture of glowing photons. The crystals can be exposed to any light source to recharge them, which then glow all night long. You can purchase various sized packages that can be used anywhere you need a light source.

The amount of area lighting is dependent upon the size package, because the more crystals the more light you have. Purchase various sized packages so you always have the right size for various needs.

No activation is required, no snapping, shaking or cranking. Simply expose the packages to light for a battery free, trouble free light all night long. The crystals last a lifetime there is no expiration date whatsoever. Store them for years, pull the package out, expose to light and then that night you have a convenient and hassle free light source.

The UVPaqlite is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and does not produce a flame, heat or sparks so they are ideal for children’s rooms, bathrooms, garages and kitchens for all night, night-lights.

The packaging has a handy hanger so you can secure the Paqlite on tree branches, doorknobs, inside closets and for hanging inside your tent. Use them on hunting trips, camping trips and make sure you have one when out day hiking because you never know when you may find yourself unexpectedly out after dark.

UVPaqlite Rolled Up

The packagings that contain the crystals are vacuumed sealed making them waterproof and lightweight. They can be rolled up for easy storage and carried in any backpack, or even in your pockets.

The ideal light source is natural light (sunlight) but any light source can be used. It only takes a few minutes of sunlight to re-charge the Paqlite. It recharges even if left inside your tent during the day and will even re-charge on cloudy days. It simply needs light from any source.

If hiking suspend the packages outside your pack so they are ready to use at night. Even exposure to propane lanterns will allow the crystals to absorb light if you failed to expose it to natural light as you were hiking or setting up camp.

The Paqlite is ideal for bug-out-bags, home emergency kits, cars, RVs, boats,  and for general use around the house. Every family should have a few in their emergency disaster kits. No more worrying about dead or leaking batteries, you know by having a Paqlite in your kit that you will always have at least one light source during any emergency.

The Paqlite is not a bright light and you will notice you can see better when using it, if your eyes have adjusted to the dark, which generally can take up to 30 minutes. The light is not projected like a flashlight beam but glows to give you ambient light making it ideal for marking locations for trailheads, campsites, wall switches and for virtually any object or area that you may need to locate in the dark. Their uses are only limited by your imagination. If you are out camping hang them along the trail to the latrine, and remember to place one inside the latrine as well.

Because the packages are waterproof, you can hang them outside to signal rescue personnel if you are stranded on a boat or even in a vehicle. This is a very important aspect because if your home and community is flooded you must have a way to let others know the home, vehicle or boat is occupied and that you need help.

Frankly, it is hard to find anything wrong with this product. The concept is amazing and you are guaranteed to have a light source in virtually any environment you find yourself in, just make sure you take the packages out of the glove compartment for road trips, or suspend outside of your pack while hiking to make sure they are absorbing light so you are never left in the dark.

You can see the full line of UVPaqlite products at UVaqlite.com