Violence and How it Breaks Down

Riot Violence

Violence How It Breaks Down

You may have heard of the 80-20 rule rule commonly known as the Pareto principle the law of the vital few. Simply stated it essentially means that roughly 80 percent of the effects originate from 20 percent of the causes.

There is a similar rule that applies when a disaster occurs. This rule is adapted and broken down in this manner 80-10-10. It means that roughly 80 percent of the people will do nothing during a disaster. Either people are paralyzed by fear or they are awaiting governmental assistance and leadership. These people will stay put in their homes no matter how bad the situation becomes. The majority of the 80 percent will rely on the authorities for food and shelter and other supplies. They have little or no understanding of survival skills and their chances of survival will depend on others.

Ten percent will resort to violence. Whether they are taking advantage of a lack of law enforcement, or they are just scared and react to their fears with violence, these 10 percent will account for a vast majority of the crimes during a crisis they are the malcontents.

You will see this group rioting and looting immediately after or even sometimes during a disaster. They will be the ones that may group together and conduct organized raids of homes and businesses looking for supplies and other valuables.

The final 10 percent are the leaders and the people who prepared accordingly and are ready for any situation. They will have a stockpile of all the necessary items and information to survive and subsequently will be available to help others to survive. These individuals are responsible for heroic acts and are often at times leading the 80 percent who are paralyzed by fear. They have the knowledge to treat medical issues; they have the supplies to aid others, and have the knowledge to lead individuals. This knowledge can derive from military training, law enforcement knowledge, or an understanding of prepping and survival. The final ten percent are the true heroes and are responsible for saving human lives.


Preppers and Their Philosophy 

You have seen the reality shows that depict individuals and families as they prepare for various disasters whether they might be manmade or natural. Most Preppers realize the effects will be the same regardless of the crisis. The days after any crisis are the hardest of all to survive.

Prepper organizations encourage others to prepare and will even help them because they understand the 80 percent rule and the more people prepared means less chaos during a crisis. Those not prepared will be a burden, and any decent person will want to help but when you are trying to survive, knowing you have limited supplies you have to look to your family and yourself first. Others that have not prepared will cause problems. Friends and neighbors may come to you for help and then you have decisions to make.

Once people realize that you will not or cannot help them willingly then they will resort to stealing and violence in the name of providing for their families, they will justify any action. As part of your preparedness plan, you must think about how you will handle these types of situations. It is not practical to try to stockpile enough extra supplies for friends and neighbors who may be in trouble. You will have to have the knowledge and skills to pass on to them to help them survive without just giving them everything they need. You cannot give up your supplies to them and jeopardize your family’s survival.