What Exactly Is a Tactical Situation?

Tactical Situation

Full Definition of TACTICAL


Of or relating to combat tactics: as

A. (1):  of or occurring at the battlefront <a tactical defense> <a tactical first strike> (2):  using or being weapons or forces employed at the battlefront <tactical missiles>

B. of an air force:  of, relating to, or designed for air attack in close support of friendly ground forces


A:  of or relating to tactics: as (1):  of or relating to small-scale actions serving a larger purpose (2):  made or carried out with only a limited or immediate end in view

B:  adroit in planning or maneuvering to accomplish a purpose

Used In A Sentence:

  • They gained a tactical advantage by joining with one of their competitors.
  • He made a serious tactical error.
  • The planes provided tactical air support for the soldiers on the ground.

Definition and examples courtesy of: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/tactical

The word tactical is used a lot, and is often times used to describe weapons, such as knives, firearms, and survival gear. When manufactures/retailers put the word “tactical” in the same sentence with a knife, firearm or any piece of survival gear they can raise the price and some are happy to pay.

The word conjures up images in your mind, images of SWAT teams, soldiers, and of tattered and gritty men, and women taking the fight to the enemy. This is why many retailers use props to sell their items. Camouflage clothing is big today, and so many retailers use it so certain images pop up in your mind, subliminal advertising.

There you are in a tactical situation covered head to toe in tactical camouflage, teeth barred, and the tactical knife they want to sell you is clutched in your teeth, this of course is the images they want you to see, so they can dip deeper into your purse or wallet.

Articles on survival and even on prepping use the term tactical loosely, how to use a flashlight in a tactical situation, communication in a tactical situation, noise discipline in a tactical situation and the list goes on.

How the word should be used however: “How to gain a tactical advantage over the person or persons who wants to steal your supplies”.

The word tactical in the marketing world is nothing more than a buzz word, a marketing term. A tactical rifle, for example, may cost you more than say a common run of the mill hunting rifle. They both do the same thing. Both can be used to hunt with, defend your home with, and used for target shooting. The so-called tactical one may have a better or perceived better paint job, because it is subdued black, has some fancy looking rail, more magazine capacity or a glow in the dark front sight.

Of course accessories will raise the price, but are they tactical accessories or just, well accessories. Maybe you don’t need tactical but practical.

When retailers market tactical firearms they want you to envision yourself in combat, because what they are saying without saying is that the difference is, one is a combat rifle and the cheaper, oh so pedestrian rifle is not. If you happen to find yourself in a “tactical situation” without a tactical/combat firearm, then you will come out on the losing end, this is what they want you to believe anyway.

Actual combat/military issued weaponry is of course different from civilian versions. If you have great connections, and do not mind violating numerous state and federal laws then you too can have one or two, otherwise, you have to pick from what the retailers call tactical but legal weapons. If you have the proper permits and licenses you can own certain military grade firearms however.

The word tactical sells, plain and simple. There are of course pieces of equipment that can give you the advantage when in a firefight, but training and experience usually carries the day. Without training and skills, you can have a tank parked out front and someone with a .22 bolt action single shot rifle could win the fight.