Will You Survive When The World Goes Silent?

Todays Technology

You Have Awakened To the Past You Are Now In an Extreme Survival Situation

The world is technology rich, it is everywhere and so common in fact, most people do not give it a second thought. Push a button, throw a switch or even talk into a device and things happen.

However, there are degrees of technology, gaps if you will, between those so-called technology rich users and those that only think they are technologically “savvy”.

Gadgets are expensive and you simply must have the latest model because in a few months the one you have will be obsolete, so you save money and wait in line convinced you are ahead of everyone else.

People wait in line for days in some cases, to get the newest release of a particle product. All those standing in line believe they are on top of technology. They saved money to get the best technology because last year’s model, is well, so last year. Technology is ever evolving and you must evolve with it or, “OMG” you would not survive.

People think they have conquered technology because they can now download even more music, make dinner reservations by simply speaking and wear wireless earpieces that let them listen magically to their phone without the inconvenience of actually putting it up to their ear. You do not even have to swipe the screen to move it anymore; you just have to move your eyes, pure magic.

You can walk 20 blocks in any city and never get lost as long as you can stare at the screen held in your hand. Who needs maps when you have a device that speaks directions to you, technology, it saved your life otherwise you would have become lost and missed that dinner reservation.

The Good Old Days

Some of you that are older may remember the feeling of finally getting a color television set. People coveted their neighbor’s sets because they were too expensive and you their neighbor had to save up. You may have even been envious of those on the block that were able to get one first.

The dependency, the reliance even the demand for technology started decades ago and now many of you are hooked. The masters of technology have woven a web of reliance that is impossible to escape. You are a users and your willingness to stand in line for hours and even days is being used against you.

Delusions: You are Not Even close To being Technologically Advanced but Others Are

According to a New York Times report Tuesday January 15, 2104, the National Security Agency has placed software on nearly 100,000 computers around the world that allows the U.S. to conduct surveillance on those machines using radio frequency technology (FoxNews.com, 2014).

The report goes on to say that the NSA can extract information from computers that are not even connected to the Internet or any type of Intranet system. In the past, those that wanted to remain “off net” simply pulled the cable, or connected directly to another device so the connection could be secured such as with an Intranet system. There is no escaping technology even if you do not have access to most of it.

Do you have technology at your disposal that can do what the report described, not likely, do you know anyone that can, again highly unlikely. This is a large gap. Look at your device in your hand you so coveted. Can it launch a drone from thousands of miles away, can it read your house number or your license plate from space. Can it read your neighbors email because you just know they are conspiring against you. Can it turn on the webcam and microphone of a computer or a smart television from thousands of miles away, no of course not?

You are not the master of technology you are the one reliant upon it, you are the user and the used.

The biggest question you must ask yourself can the device you have in your hand or any device or piece of equipment you have access to save you during a catastrophic event. The answer in most cases will be no. The next question is can you live without your devices and reliance on technology.

Do you even know how to siphon gasoline, change a flat tire, and calculate the number of hours of daylight left in the day? Ask yourself what you can do to help yourself when the world goes silent. You may not have an answer because of technology and your dependency upon it.

Obviously, the gap in technology is quite wide 

There are parts of the world today that do not even have access to clean drinking water and millions are sickened and die each year from drinking contaminated water. 

People, children are dying by the thousands every year, from malaria and some estimates are as high as 670,000 dying every year from malaria transmitted by the very common mosquito. 

Technology cannot defeat a mosquito 

The oldest known mosquito with an anatomy similar to modern species was found in 79-million-year-old Canadian amber from the Cretaceous. There is some evidence that a mosquito similar to modern day ones has been around as long as 150 million years (Eric Calvo Van M Pham, 2009). How old is humanity?

Ten Years Ago an Article like This Would Have Been Considered Science Fiction

However, this information is reality today but what does this all have to do with your survival, everyone knows that technology is available for everyone at anytime, correct?

Therefore, how is it that the NSA can do all these magical things with technology and you cannot? You are actually technology poor and with your dependency, it will always stay that way. The masters of technology will always control those dependent upon that technology.

The gap will get wider to the point where you are literally left out in the cold because your device failed to recognize your home address and you will end up driving around for hours trying to find your own driveway.


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